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    Angry Cheaters, And lack of Dev intervention post 2

    Thanks for deleting my post ? Is there a problem pointing out how ppl are cheating and the devs are doing nothing about it ? Can we not be cowards and just delete what people need to see. I pay for this game just like anyone else. People using other peoples accounts or friends to clear land in any game should be banned. Save the integrity of this game!

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    As Senior moderator I should havebeen informed if it got deleted

    Could it be that you just lost the place you posted it in? I would advice you calm down... as this is the 2nd thread on this subject I'll close this one but I have replied in the other one...

    when you're calm please do not take out your anger on the crew as stated int he other thread we enforce the rules changing them is harder but we are working on this. I know you might expect them to disappear but as long as I'm Smod no threads will disappear out of the blue. As I believe the user has the right to complain however they need to remember they in their complaint need to follow the rules. But only thing I'd allow is closing it or rephrasing it not a delete
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