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    RP 1701 *no landshuffle*no discord*good fun*

    It is the year 1701. Europe is a mess of kingdoms, and not one single country is capable enough to call itself a superpower.
    It is a vacuum created after series of bloody wars between interests of kings and ideals. It is a vacuum of unclaimed possessions within Europe and beyond...

    STILL AVAILABLE COUNTRIES (and their starting leader):


    3 SULTANATE OF EGYPT (? up to you)

    5 KINGDOM OF SWEDEN (Charles XII "Carolus Rex")

    7 KINGDOM OF SPAIN (Philip V of Spain)

    8 KINGDOM OF POLAND (Augustus II "the Strong")

    9 UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN (William III of England, Scotland, Ireland)

    10 UNITED KINGDOM OF AUSTRIA-HUNGARY (Leopold I of the Habsburgs)

    Several countries have tried to establish colonies in north America, but none of them actually succeeded.
    This vast land is open for exploration and exploitation.

    Westward of Nile delta there are lands claimed by local chiefs, yet not one has been capable to establish any kind of central government. These lands are united only by the islamic faith and nothing else.

    Fields of Germany, Ukrainian stepes, Portuguese shores, rolling hills of Italy and Greek islands have rulers, yet they lack competence and influence. These lands are ripe to fall under influence of their neighbours or they are
    to become fields where military glory and prestige will be won between contesting powers...

    - no landshuffle
    - no GM use or spamming
    - no annihilating other players
    - Roleplay your country only. No metagaming!
    - RoW with your neighbouring country only!
    - land unit restriction: infantry, cavalry, artillery and baloons ONLY! No cars, tanks, railguns, airplanes
    - naval unit restriction: only cruisers and ONE (1) battleship per country! No subs
    - war regulations: one can take only 2 provinces every 10 years! Same goes for colonies.
    - Coalitions serve only for the purpose of war. When war is over so is coalition
    - If capital city of player is occupied, this player's war is lost
    - time count: 1 year = 1 day
    - no building limits

    Wars in Europe to capture the era of early modern warfare... that of Peter the Great, Frederick the Great, and Napoleon;
    Become colonial power of the age with your powerful navy; Establish a delicate diplomacy and compete for prestige of your country; Create your own version of history; have some fun!

    ***By applying to this game please read all the rules and post a sample article.***

    ***Also, there is no Discord or Skype for this roleplay, as I believe it is much better to do communication only through the game itself.***

    ***less activity is lost opportunity***

    ***Lets hope the community is still alive enough to see some of good old RP***
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    Questions about the game? Have a look at the manual and the FAQ's.
    Need game support? Send a ticket or contact the crew.
    Have an idea for the game? Check the BigList.

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