For starters here the link to

1) the terms & conditions and
2) the forum rules which also apply to ingame behavior.

So what can you do if someone violates these rules?

To make this game fun for everyone: Please report people who violate the rules!


Here in the forum, there are enough moderators reading the posts so it is not really necessary to take any action. We will find and delete inappropriate content very fast.

Daily European Newspaper
Simply perform a right+click on any article (even anonymous) article and select "Report player" from the context menu. State a good reason why you report that article, click send, and you're done.

Personal ingame messages
Go to your communications area and perform a right click on the message in the list of messages on the left. Then commence like in the newspaper.

Government declarations, avatars, or used flags
Go to the "Department of Foreign Affairs" and perform the right click on the table row that will show the profile of the to be reported player. Then do as in the newspaper.