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    thanks to 31Alpha


    requires Factory level 2
    costs: 20,000 £, 5,000 iron ore and 3000 oil
    production time costs: 6 days divided by Factory level

    strength: 4 / 0.5 (water)
    speed: 36 km/h / 21 km/h (water)

    Moral never affects tanks, so they always attack/defend at 4. The more tanks assigned to an army the stronger this base level of attack will be (always, regardless of moral).

    An army of tanks and infantry can move quickly and secure key locations (while waiting for the slower arty/infantry army to catch up)...

    Tanks should be built with a specific plan, build tanks in a ratio (tanks/arty or tanks/infantry) that you believe gives u the best bang for the buck...

    One of the most common arguments made for not using tanks is that they are too expensive and they dont have the range of arty. It is true, building tanks requires building an economy that can support them...

    The key to being successful at fighting in supremacy is building combined unit armies... these are armies that have infantry, tanks and arty in them in ratios that allow for the strength of each unit to be realized

    if your enemy is not building tanks then you will slaughter him or her if you have built enough tanks and added them to a combined unit army...

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    In addition, when armies attack they do not fight with all of their possible strength, as most men could not reach the front in a battle (if the armies are large). Since tanks have far higher strength per unit than infantry, this means that the strength value that your army can fight at is much higher when you include several tanks in your army, even to the point of dealing several times as much damage to a purely infantry(/artillery) army as they deal to you.

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