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    After installing the latest automatic update for java on Mac OS X Leopard (including Java 1.6 and above), the game did not launch anymore from Safari or any other browser. Instead, the .jnlp file was displayed in TextEdit or DashCode (in confusing text of the programmers language, useless to average players :P). As when clicked upon "Play" to commence a supremacy 1914 game to open, you are presented with a pop-up box that asks you:
    What program would you like to use to open index.php?
    The Default is TEXTEDIT, obviously not that right one, to solve this problem

    Go to your Home Folder: Library: Caches: Java
    add in the text up in one of the first lines after it has the date
    (#Aug 10 blah blah)
    add deployment.javapi.jre.1.5.0.args=-Xmx256m -Xms64m
    (numbers are min and max)
    then click close and hit Save!
    now it should run in SAFARI, no other browser will work. only Safari. for more detailed instructions visit:

    you may also check out[action]=list_post&tx_mmforum_pi1[tid]=22265

    as this is also another problem that happens.

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    Thanks for the description, I've moved this to the FAQ forum.

    We are currently redesigning the login process to get rid of the jnlp file so hopefully in a few weeks this will not be a problem any more.
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