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    Us seadogs say that any lookout worth his salt in a balloon stands a better chance of seeing a Submarine than any aircraft pilot buzzing-around at 80 knots! Of course the sub could submerge when it sees the big airship while an aeroplane stands a better chance of surprising a sub on the surface.

    We say this because we are sending some balloons out to sea in hopes of spotting submarines, but the manual only mentions that planes can spot subs. Has anyone had first-hand experience spotting subs with balloons?

    Thanks, mate! Wishing you fair winds and following seas.

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    Balloons dont spot subs they just increase your field of vision, perhaps so that you can see an incoming attack.

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    I second that balloons will not spot submarines.

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    I really think balloons should spot subs because in WWI they had to spend most of their time on the surface, submerging only to attack a target. Their batteries simply weren't advanced enough to last any longer. So if subs are on the surface most of the time there is no reason a balloon shouldn't be able to spot them.

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    Airships were used on anti-submarine duty in WW1, so from an historical point of view this is a valid suggestion. From a game perspective I would be a bit concerned that it might upset unit cost and play balance.

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    If a submarine attacks a balloon and destroys it, will the newspaper report the country of the submarine?

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