Antiquity [300-200 BC] Casual RP. All Welcome!

  • Antiquity [300-200 BC] Casual Roleplay.
    si vis pacem, para bellum -

    I. [Game Description]

    The game is centered around 300-200 BC period, with relative historical accuracy. The map has been set as the Great War format, including thus not only perequisite nations and regions for the Classical Antiquity such as Rome, Greece, North Africa and the Levant, but also, in order to spice things up, America (details to follow), Greenland, Scandinavia and the Russian Vast Plains.

    Players are required to respect a reasonable historical accuracy of the time, to honor their engagements accepted signing up for this game and to bear in mind the Code of Conduct (available on the Forum).

    All players who posses decent roleplaying skills and wish to participate in the game are more than welcome to do so, alongside roleplayers with a higher experience.

    II. [Gameplay]

    The game has several modified aspects whom all the players must respect in its entirety for the sake of roleplay.

    1. Nations are grouped in THREE TIERS. Each Tier will have a certain set of rules. For example, The Roman Republic (which shall be Tier I) will be allowed to have more technological advancements and will posses certain benefits in order to better reflect the historical accuracy. Players are not supposed to begin the game in an equal environement - historical differences must be evidentiated.

    2. No land-swap required. All players begin exactly with their choosed country. As this is a casual RP, I considered it would be optimal to sacrifice a part of the historical accuracy for easier and more confortable gameplay.

    3. After joining the game, players must create an article in order to introduce their ruler and their nation. In the very beggining of the game, players must respect the historical background and name of the country choosed. Nevertheless, on the course, their nations can be morphed and merged into new, creative (but realistic and reasonably historical accurate) nations.

    4. Diplomatical ties and contact is permitted only between the European and African Nations. American Nations may only contact and establish diplomatic ties with other American Nations.

    Diplomacy must be realistic. For example, Hispania cannot establish a coalition or any form of diplomatic contact with the Asian Nomads [Russia] in the beggining of the game as it would make no sense (huge territorial distance, no similar cultural background etc.).

    Nevertheless, the Roman Republic could have diplomatic ties in the beggining with Seleucid Empire as the two were well-known to each other.

    4.1 [Important] Diplomatic ties between DISTANT NATIONS (e.g. Hispania and Asian Nomads) and EUROPEAN/AFRICAN NATIONS with AMERICAN NATIONS can begin once PHYSICAL CONTACT has been made. [Important]

    For example, the Roman Republic can "venture" with an expeditionary force in North America and discover Indian Tribes, thus establishing contact.

    4.2 [Important] The informations circulating on the Daily European cannot be known between American Nations AND European & African Nations until physical contact between the two worlds has been made. [Important]

    For example, if any American Nation makes an announcement regarding the invasion of another bordering nation, it is considered that only the American Nations have acknowledged that. The Roman Republic cannot respond for example - it is presumed absolutely that such information is not known.

    5. Cassus belli. Any invasion of another country must be acknowledged throughout the Daily European with a roleplaying post. You cannot randomly attack another country [including AI] without posting anything.

    It is not required to have a justified reason - simply wanting to be the ruler of the Classical World and to fight for the survival of your nation is sufficient enough. Nevertheless, making up valid reasons are a way to bolster your diplomatical status and trust among other nations.

    SAVAGE NATIONS (Tier III) are allowed to invade even randomly and make random incursions in other nation's territories. Nevertheless, they must still post on the Daily European about this.

    For example: Having received a message from the God of Thunder, the Asian Nomads are on their way to pillage and raid Sarmatian provinces in their path. It is believed that the recent events have been also caused by massive rains, forcing the nomadic people to migrate even west of their known-borders.

    6. Coalitions are permitted. Vassals are permitted. Surrendering is permitted.

    For example, the Roman Republic can form the anti-Carthagian league with other nations willing to fight a common enemy.

    Nations can also agree to become vassal-states or client-states of other, more powerful nations. Dacia, for example, can agree to pay a tribute to Rome (in Iron, Lumber etc.) in order to benefit from protection. Rome can also command other vassal-nations to go into a certain war alongside them.

    Also, if the main army of the capital of a nation has been destroyed or conquered, that specific nation can offer himself to surrender. It is at the mercy of the conqueror if it shall be allowed to stay in the game anymore or if his provinces will be erased and conquered.

    7. Savage Nations [Tier III] are permitted to raid, pillage and attacks at constant rates. They cannot be conquered in their entirety by any other nation. This benefit of un-conquerability is given by the fact that (as you will see) they cannot also have some specific technological advancements and will remain undeveloped.

    Savage Nations also play a huge role in maintaining that feeling of Antiquity, where random barbaric tribes could come any day to crush your plans and to raid your beloved nation.

    To exemplify:

    The Roman Republic will never be able to conquer 100% of Russia (Asian Nomads) provinces. The inverse is available (the Asian Nomads can conquer Rome and their provinces but will still be obliged to maintain their TIER III Inferiority).

    8. Savage Nations [Tier III] cannot fall under 5 provinces if they are attacked by other civilized nations and 3 provinces if they are attacked by other Savage Nations. This is a simple rule - the point is that there must always be savage nations in the game and to be able to do something!

    For example, if the Asian Nomads attack Rome and lose the war, Rome cannot conquer the entire Asian Nomads. They must let them have 5 provinces at least.

    Nevertheless, other Savage Nations can come and grab 2 provinces of that attacked-Savage Nation so it will remain only to three.

    9. Inactive Savage Nations can be entirely conquered by other Savage Nations (so as to do a better and centralized raiding job). For other nations, they still cannot be entirely conquered (as the AI will play and continue to raid your territories) but this time they can be left to only 3 provinces.

    10. As you may have noticed, I put special accent on the Savage Nations. That's because it will give a special flavour to the game. Please respect strictly these rules and do not eliminate Savage Nations.

    11. The AI on this game is ELITE AI. Thus, it gives more realism and will add spiciness when some players might become inactive. Expect lots of raiding!


    The game has STANDARD PACK unit set as default. The following units cannot be made throughout the game under any circumstance by any player.

    a. Railway Gun

    In-game units to their historical correspondent:

    1. Infantry = Man-at-arms / Militiaman / Swordsman
    2. Cavalry = Cavalry
    3. Artillery = Ballista
    4. Tank = Heavy Infantry
    5. Heavy Tank = Elite Infantry / Pretorian Guard / Imperial Guard

    6. Barracks = Barracks
    7. Railway = Stone Roads
    8. Workshop & Factories = Blacksmiths
    9. Harbor = Harbor
    10. Fortress = Fortress

    IV. How to join.

    As mentioned, this game is for all casual roleplayers and also professional ones. Nevertheless, by joining this game you agree to abide by the abovementioned rules in their entirety.

    [PLEASE DO NOT JOIN if you will know you will be inactive or if you will not respect the rules - it breaks the entire game for me and for everyone of us - and we'l be sad :(].

    1. Inactivity is permitted for some days with the condition that you inform the players beforehand
    [You might go on a holiday, that's no issue! But let us know you'l be back!]

    2. Please join if you will play for AT LEAST 10 days in the beggining. If you get tired on the game throughout, no issue! But do a minimal effort of playing, please!

    3. Any issues that might arise will be solved throughout the game (e.g. I might have forgot a specific situation for a rule) not solely by me, but by getting the consensus of the entire community - which I demand you need to accept even if it might not be favorable for your certain situation.

    4. Most importantly, let's have fun together! Cheers!

    [In order to join, please send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE with the choosed country, also assuring me that you have read this thread in its entirety and that you are willing to stay and play :). I shall give you the password and game ID to join!]

    [DISCLAIMER - My research for absolutely every nation mentioned is not entirely accurate and I know that. If you have some modifications to suggest, please do so as I will be entirely happy to discuss and agree where I did mistakes!]

    Discord Server -

  • II. [NATIONS].


    1. Italy = The Roman Republic

    2. France = Gallic Confederation

    3. Great Britain = The Briton Tribal Union

    4. Spain = Hispanic Tribes

    5. German Empire = Germanic Tribes

    6. Austro-Hungary = Dardanian Kingdom

    7. Romania = Dacia

    8. Ukraine = Sarmatian Kingdom [TAKEN - ARMADILOX]

    9. Poland = Vistula Veneti Tribes

    10. Lithuania = Baltic Nomads

    11. Caucasus = Armenian Kingdom

    12. Finland = Karelian Tribes

    13. Norway = Ragnaricii Tribes

    14. Sweden = The Swedes

    15. Russia = Asian Nomads [TAKEN - TheKorrag]

    16. Northern Russia = Polar Nomads

    17. Greenland = Armadilian Nomads

    18. Greece = The Greek States

    Serbia = Ilyrian Kingdom [NON PLAYABLE - BOT]

    Bulgaria = Thracian Tribes [NON PLAYABLE - BOT]

    Switzerland = Alpian Tribes [NON PLAYABLE - BOT]

    Denmark = The Danes [NON PLAYABLE - BOT]

    Belgium = Belgia [NON PLAYABLE - BOT]

    Livonia = Baltic Nomads [NON PLAYABLE - BOT]

    Astrakhan = Asian Nomads [NON PLAYABLE - BOT]

    Perm Krai = Polar Nomads [NON PLAYABLE - BOT]

    Portugal (Europe) = Lusitania [NON PLAYABLE - BOT]


    19. Morroco = Mauritanian Tribes [TAKEN - YAKUZA]

    20. West Algeria = Numidian Kingdom

    21. East Algeria = Carthage

    22. West Libya = African Nomads

    23. East Libya = Bedouin Settlers

    24. Egypt = Ptolemeic Egypt

    25. Arabia = Jewish Tribes

    26. Ottoman Empire = Seleucid Empire [TAKEN - TIGERRR]

    Portugal (Africa) = Phoenician Settlements [NON PLAYABLE - BOT]

    French West Africa = African Nomads [NON PLAYABLE - BOT]

    Syria = Phoenician Kingdom [NON PLAYABLE - BOT]

    [AMERICA] - Terra Incognita

    North Canada [TAKEN - ITZMELAUR]
    South Canada
    Northern USA
    Central USA
    Southern USA

    All Countries from America are Indian Nomads and can be customized by the player himself.

    III. [TIERS]

    The following Tiers must be strictly respected! They are made so as to create realism and give balance to the game.

    [TIER I] - Peak of Civilization Tier

    1. Roman Republic (Italy)

    2. The Greek States (Greece)

    3. Carthage (East Algeria)

    4. Ptolemeic Egypt (Egypt)

    TIER I Countries have no technology restrictions!
    (except units that are UNIVERSALLY NOT ALLOWED as mentioned at GAME RULES).

    [TIER II] - Standard Ancient Nation Tier

    1. All other countries except TIER I and TIER III.

    Tier II Countries cannot build:

    - Barracks until day 5 (so as to allow civilized countries to have an advantage)

    - Artillery until day 12

    [TIER III] Savage Nation Tier

    1. Asian Nomads (Russia)

    2. Polar Nomads (Northern Russia)

    3. Bedouin Settlers (East Libya)

    4. African Settlers (West Libya)

    5. Karelian Tribes (Finland)

    6. Ragnaricii Tribes (Norway)

    7. Swedes (Sweden)

    8. Baltic Nomads (Lithuania)

    9. Vistula Venetii Tribes (Poland)

    Tier III Countries cannot build:

    - They can NEVER make Artillery.

    - They can NEVER make level 4 fort or higher.

    There is absolutely no other restriction.