2. Joining & Creating Games

In Supremacy 1914 you can play up to 50 games at the same time. The following chapter shows you how to find or create the right game.


To create a new game or join an existing one click 'Games' to open the games menu. While 'New Games' shows your currently running games with all important information and the overview of the existing rounds, 'Create Game' is the place to create your own games. When joining an existing game, you can do one of the following:

  1. browse the game list below,
  2. search for game titles or game IDs via the search field on the upper left or
  3. apply a range of filters to the game search by clicking on 'Search options' and adding the respective criteria via the dropdown menus.

If you prefer to create a new game just click on the 'Create Game' button on the upper bar. The different game modes for filtering your search or creating new games are explained under 'Toggle advanced filters'. Games you don't play anymore or that have ended can be moved to the archive. The archive will start to clear out after a few weeks of sending a game there.


To create a game, click on the 'Create Game' button on the upper bar. After choosing a game title (mandatory) and adding a comment (optional), you can select from the following scenario settings.


Simple Settings

Each game of Supremacy 1914 comes with certain simple settings which are shown directly in the list of new games or in the game preview.

Option Description

You can protect your game with a password to make sure that only your friends can play in it. Only people who know the password can enter the game
01daf7015bee81d56e86b0fb2232243e.png Frontline Pioneer's game
Only "Frontline Pioneers" have access to Frontline Pioneer games, which include early updates and yet unpublished features for testing purposes. Our community support from time to time looks for players who like to participate so visit the forum regularly.
452e952a4ddab289ebd2e8197296c5b1.png Country Selection
In a standard game you can choose which country you would like to play. However, if you deactivate Nation Selection, countries will be randomly assigned to every player.
106259e2cc73bf8bde7b71183ebc832a.png Extra Units
There is a fixed set of units available in all games. The Air Pack introduces the Fighter, the Bomber, and the Balloon as additional units. The Air & Naval Pack additionally introduces the Light Cruiser and the Submarine.
20a6d1bb8d42bc9ecb9c214d4043707f.png Coalitions
In most game rounds it is allowed to form temporary in-game alliances (so-called coalitions).

Number of players
How many players are allowed to participate? The max number also depends on the chosen scenario.
82fa60ed8fdb6607a7020ddc9d5d7faf.png Start of Game
Games can either start immediately or when the number of max players have joined the game.

Advanced Settings

Apart from the above settings game rounds can be customized with a wide range of scenario settings as described below.

Option Description
Peace Period
During peace period, it is not possible to declare war, attack any human players, or be attacked by them. It is also impossible to enter their provinces, unless right-of-way, shared map or shared intelligence has been granted. This non-aggression pact cannot be broken. You can set a peace period for up to 14 days.
Peace Period for NPCs
This peace period applies to all computer opponents. It can also span up to 14 days. The same rules as with the human player peace period apply.

The Anti-Cheat System prevents multiple users from logging into the game from the same internet connection. You can deactivate the Anti-Cheat System to allow for family and friends to play together. However, games with deactivated Anti-Cheat will not be ranked, meaning that no points will be awarded on your service record.
Maximum Inactivity
This specifies the days of inactivity after which a human player is taken over by the AI. Inactive players can be replaced by the game creator/game admin. You can enter a value of 2 to 5 days. If you don't set a number of days here the standard value of 5 days will be applied automatically.
Minimum Rank
Some game rounds can only be joined by players of a certain rank (account level). If you rise in rank, you will have more types of maps to choose from.

896803f986bec21d3e687a779e407bbf.pngGold Features

Some game options are so-called gold features, which add additional customization options and strategic variety to your games rounds. If either combination of gold features is selected (one or many), the creation will subtract 5,000 Goldmark from your account. The same amount will be subtracted from all players who are joining this game round. Joining and creating gold feature rounds is free for Premium Account owners (see Chapter 8 'Goldmark and Premium').

Option Description
f337e5aa56fa4fcd8999c110aa5746e8.png Anonymous Round
If the game is set to be an Anonymous Round it will not be visible which character in the game is played by which user until the game ends.
232fd38dc9f9ffe2682ce9317e22cbbe.png Team Settings
You can choose whether players are supposed to play individually or as teams. Choose 'Free Teams' to decide on the composition of your teams yourselves and to choose the number of teams playing in the game. Choose 'Scenario Teams' for teams with a preset historic situation depending on the chosen map. Betrayal among team members is not possible, because they cannot attack each other. Members of the same team always have at least right of way.

04f21720b9d7f4223e462cb2b65b49c3.png Victory Conditions
Here you can decide how the gold round should end. In the standard mode, a game ends when the first player has reached 50% of all available points in the game, i.e. 1,000 points. 'Domination' means, the game ends when the first player has reached 75% of all available points, i.e. 1,500 points. The 'Supremacy' mode only ends if one player conquers the complete map. That way he/she will earn 100% of all available points, i.e. 2,000 points.


When joining or creating a game of Supremacy 1914 you can choose between over a dozen different historical scenarios which vary in map size, player count, resource balancing and victory condition.

Map Preview Description

Europe 1914
This scenario can fit upto 10 players and also includes 3 scenario alliances if you wish to have this option on.

The Great War
This scenario fits up to 30 players. With countries ranging from Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

Europe 1910 Historic
This is a scenario which is solely available as a gold round. Other scenarios automatically become a gold round once you choose one or more gold features. This map displays the original borders and strengths of each country before WW1.

Balanced South-East Asian scenario for up to 15 players. Winning entry of the Supremacy Map Contest, created by Special-D.

South America 1914
This scenario can only be played by players which have the rank of Staff Sergeant. (1600 Points)

Middle East 1914
This scenario can only be played by players which have the rank of Lieutenant. (25000 Points)

Battle for Western Europe
This scenario can only be played by players which have the rank of Warrant Officer Class One. (9000 points)

Mexico and USA 1914
This scenario is a 1v1 map. There is two playable countries and three AI countries.

World In Flames
This scenario can fit 85 players in it. However players can't create them but there are always new ones been made.

Battle Of The Balkans
This scenario can fit 6 players in it with 2 set teams.
The Great War - 500 players
This is the ultimate test of skill! In this epic battle scenario all nations are fighting for Supremacy. Be the first to conquer the whole world!
Tournament Island
On this 5vs5 tournament map two teams are fighting on a symmetrical island. Both teams are perfectly balanced and have the same conditions.
[Dominion] Mesopotamia - 40 players
In this special game mode player starting areas cannot be conquered. Be the first General to conquer the valuable oil refineries to achieve victory!