8. Espionage

560eab3c60471b140bb7f83d51b51e6f.pngSometimes even cunning diplomats and skilled tacticions will find themselves in situations that call for more subtle strategies. This is where Espionage comes in. In Supremacy 1914 you can gather intelligence or sabotage your opponent with a range of different espionage options. They can be accessed from the Espionage Headquarters (accessible through the main menu).


The Espionage Headquarters informs you about the number of spies you have recruited and their daily costs. Spies don't work like regular units but are recruited and deployed directly via the Espionage panel.

  • Spies need to be recruited. Click on the province you want to send the spy to and select recruit. This will cost you £20,000.
  • Spies need to be assigned to a mission. Click on the ✚ next to one of the three missions Intelligence, Economic Sabotage, and Military Sabotage to assign one or more spies.
  • Spies don't perform their mission right away but will try to do so once per day.
  • Spies get a daily salary between £500 and £4,000 per spy per day (depending on the mission). These are charged at day change.

You can check the results of your daily spy actions in the Reports tab of your Espionage Headquarters.

Note: If the other player runs a Counter Espionage on the province, your own spy might get caught. Both players will be noticed and the spy destroyed. Thus, if you notice strange occurances in your provinces (like dropping resource production or morale), consider deploying a counter spy to investigate and (maybe) expel enemy spies.



The spies collect information on the diplomatic and economic activities of the opponent. Information includes:

  • positions and missions of enemy spies
  • In and outbound communication
  • Information about local armies
  • Resource production information and trade Manufacturing

Intelligence missions cost £2000 per spy and day.

7721bfe46be4c3acc77a16df942f31b4.pngEconomic Sabotage

Spies with the sabotage mission try to damage the opponent's production and morale in the target province. These missions include:

  • The destruction of resources
  • Theft of tax revenue
  • Decrease of morality
  • Deactivation of the Recruiting building to increase demand for resources

Industrial espionage costs £4000 per spy and day.

432b88d9154b61bc1fac6308ce6538c1.pngMilitary Sabotage

Military saboteurs try to disturb the strategic plans and the infrastructure of the enemy. Missions include:

  • The uncovering of all enemy armies
  • The damage of the buildings
  • The prolonging of the production
  • Deactivated recruitment buildings

Military Sabotage costs £4000 per spy and day.

95e7dd45b7e05701ff31b1680e7066c4.pngCounter Intelligence

Defense spies defend against counter intelligence and unmask enemy spies.

Counter Intelligence costs £1000 per day.


Spies are always exposed to the danger of being caught in their missions if they are stationed on foreign territory. The risk of exposure is different for each spy mission and is vastly increased if an enemy counter intelligence spy is deployed in the same province.

Hint: Spies, which are currently not in use cost you £500 per day. Therefore, it is often useful to dismiss no longer needed spies from your service. You can do this with the "discharge" button in the Espionage window.


Goldmark can be used to trigger Instant Espionage Actions. For these actions you do not have to recruit spies and the spy reports will immediately be displayed.

The following instant actions are available:

d06625cc90e8d0034628f774748d9187.pngReveal Local Armies

Reveals armies in and around the selected province.

Cost: 1,950 5b6bc6c91d1788b888c80a025ad038ed.png

8baf8777503d99a2d5afc631899ff957.pngCountry Information

Discloses the player's resources, diplomatic relations spy positions and factory productions.

Cost: 1,950 5b6bc6c91d1788b888c80a025ad038ed.png

01c972952a0e0c872607cca02b3da668.pngDecrease Morale

Decreases morale in the selected province by 10%.

Cost: 3,950 5b6bc6c91d1788b888c80a025ad038ed.png

3118216c143a05f2058359453b4f824e.pngDisrupt Economy

Destroys parts of today's resource production of this province.

Cost: 3,950 5b6bc6c91d1788b888c80a025ad038ed.png

3ff9c7f3f57cc762e76450674146a68b.pngSabotage Building

Damage a building in this province, but never the capital.

Cost: 3,950 5b6bc6c91d1788b888c80a025ad038ed.png

e8817d5ac9c31ed88981d3bab06561a5.pngReveal Contry's Armies

Reveals all of the player's armies.

Cost: 7,950 5b6bc6c91d1788b888c80a025ad038ed.png

As Instant Espionage Actions have an immediate effect you can chain multiple ones for added effect. However, be careful with sabotage missions: It won't take your opponent long to figure out who is messing with their provinces and they might be ready to retaliate.