4. Economy

Growing your economy through resource management is key to supporting your military endeavors. Read this chapter to learn about how to increase resource production, how to avoid negative effects of lacking resources, and how to trade them on the stock market.


In Supremacy 1914 everything revolves around 7 different resources: grain, fish, iron ore, lumber, coal, oil, and gas. Those resources fall into 3 different resource categories which are used for specific purposes.

If you want to increase basic resource production look for buildings that increase resource production (e.g., Railroad, Factory, Harbor). Resource production is also affected by province morale (see chapter 3 'Governing your Country'). Shortages of any resource may lead to morale loss and may even affect units' effectiveness in battle. Production and consumption values change depending on a positive or negative value, which will determine the production of resources. Thus, your resource balance is constantly increasing/decreasing.

Hint: If you hover over a resource, you can see how much you have in stock, the amount you produce per day and the total amount used for upkeep. Watch out for resource rates turning negative – an indication that you are consuming more than you can produce. Prevent this by conquering provinces, constructing buildings that boost resource production, or deactivating unused buildings.


b9a172c80b5d484de9c941610c3fcf37.pngNext to these three resource categories, your provinces are producing tax revenue (or money), which won’t get exhausted by the population.

896803f986bec21d3e687a779e407bbf.pngGoldmark is a premium currency, which can be obtained by completing the tutorial, by winning game rounds, and by purchasing it via the in-game shop. See chapter 8 'Goldmark & Premium' for details.


In Supremacy 1914, three different resource categories determine the success of your economy: food, building materials, and energy. Each category consists of multiple resource types - meaning that you can meet the upkeep requirements of each category with any of resource type from that category. This allows you to fine-tune your resource consumption within each category to fit your needs.

The following table provides an overview of the factors that determine resource consumption as well as the consequences of shortages within each resource category.


Minimum Daily Need Usage Consequences of Shortage
FOOD 800 tons per province
c265a8d6c08de67c063c641439ae44bd.png Fish 10 tons per Cavalry basic needs severe drop in morale
86096bea47e59bc88823204b285dcb3f.png Grain 20 tons per unit
1,000 tons per Barracks
unit upkeep
building upkeep
drop in unit morale
disabled Barracks
MATERIAL 800 tons per province
551a0694866e7bc2c8b7de25f3ba4bb4.png Iron ore building construction
unit production
severe drop in morale
490c5920993b11d680f00801be320aad.png Lumber building construction
unit production
severe drop in morale
ENERGY 800 tons per province
71aab7216deaedd76c0dd555dff8a117.png Coal 500 tons per Railway
Railway upkeep drop in unit morale
disabled Railway
8b31cff66ae1fa55e69fc080b59e9b52.png Gas drop in unit morale
f9ceb94b5e691b5fcfb571743527c0dc.png Oil 5 tons per military unit unit upkeep drop in unit morale
loss of travel speed
loss of army fighting strength



Apart from personal trades via the Diplomacy screen (see chapter 6, 'Diplomacy') you can also anonymously trade resources on the Stock Market. Here you can either turn your spare resources into money or buy resources that you are lacking.


There are 3 different types of offers available on the Stock Market:

  • Top Offers lists the 4 least expensive offers - both for buying and selling.
  • All Offers lists all offers available on the Stock Market.
  • My Trades shows the history of all your past trades.

In order to decide which offer to choose, check the quotient after the @ symbol. A quotient of @ 3.0 means that you buy 1,000 of a resource for 3,000 money. The smaller the quotient, the better the offer. You can always buy resources for Goldmark at @ 0.5, that is 5,000 of a resource for 2,500 Goldmark.


If you want to offer some of your own resources, click on Add Sell Offer. After selecting the resource you want to sell, choose a quantity and determine the price. As soon as you have published the offer, the selected amount of resources will be subtracted from your resource balance. The offer will be displayed as "active" until somebody responds to it or you delete it in 'My Trades'.

Hint: You can take advantage of the stock market dynamics by buying resources for a low price and selling it for a higher price. Embargoing another country or being at war will prevent them from buying from your offers or you buying from theirs.


Upgrades in the provinces are an important and fundamental way to affect the moral of a province. At the same time they allow you to train specific units. The following list gives you an overview over the costs and benefits of single upgrades.

Building Build Cost Daily Upkeep Build Time HP Properties
Recruiting Office

low 250 1c55c08d887697a8096b1979516c3883.png very low low - enables recruiting of infantry units
- can be deactivated
- automatically produces infantry units

low free very low low - max level: 2
- enables construction of armored cars, balloons and cavalry

medium Lvl 1:
500 1c55c08d887697a8096b1979516c3883.png
1000 3807ff7b2cb4ba92a4f96d2ea17efa3f.png
Lvl 2:
1000 1c55c08d887697a8096b1979516c3883.png
2000 3807ff7b2cb4ba92a4f96d2ea17efa3f.png
medium high - Infantry recruiting speed: +50% (Lvl 1) / +100% (Lvl 2)
- can be deactivated

medium free medium medium - max level: 5
- damage reduction for armies: 67% - 91%
- morale increase: 5% per level
- level 3,5 and above: hides units from enemy vision

high free very high very high - available on day 2
- morale increase: 10%
- production increase: 25%
- reduces time to embark/disembark in provinces by 50%
- enables the production of ships

high 500 0284a46c371abeea0186c25d7d7ef1a3.png very high very high - available on day 5
- morale increase
- production increase
- army speed increase
- can be deactivated

high free high high - builds from workshop level 2
- available on day 8
- morale increase
- production increase
- enables the construction of mechanical weapons


free high high - makes province a capital city
- build limit: 1

Name:  a9.pngViews: 31843Size:  8.5 KB
medium free medium high - available on day 10
- enables the use of aircraft


  • Productivity increase refers to the percentage of improvement that is added to the province's base production. Increases are not cumulative so the percentage is always applied to the base production and then added to the overall production.
  • Not all building types are available from the beginning. The prerequisites are listed above.
  • Each building can only be built once per province, but some buildings are available on multiple levels.
  • In some provinces, harbors can be built at different locations. As only one harbor can be built per province, you should select a location that fits your logistic and military needs.