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    If one artillery fires, and after it attacked a halt order is given. the arriving 28 artillary (still to fire) joins the halted artillery and loses its attack chance. This should be fixed!

    You have to keep it seperate from the arti yet to fire, if you want them to get their legit shot.

    This is just a way to prevent abuse where delay command can be used to join an attack every 2 mins, there by attacking every 2 mins.

    By placing them at a distance of each other, they are different armies, and so they risk themselves being closer to the enemy.

    Another thing I noticed now was the new AI War behaviour. I'd like to appreciate the team for the new configuration.

    Now AI is annoying as hell, camping in their forts till death. If they do charge, its quite random. I am still learning this pattern. I am more used to emptying whole nation using range units, speed and like a pack of wolves - thus disappearing whole nation's armies. I can see why some might want this changed. Although, I felt the older Ai behaviour of chasing a range unit with melee units made sense as the other alternative was to accept death slowly, only a few took advantage of this?

    Personally, I still feel the new AI becomes wasteful - one destroys all the resource buildings by the time they capture the province. Also additional capture damage to buildings. Forces scorched earth upon you for the most part - not my choice.

    Its like, my wars are with the armies and the government - the people and their economies are better left unharmed if possible.

    Suggestion: No suggestions at the moment. Just feel scorched earth conquest is way too cumbersome along with expansion, distance penalties and new conquest-low-morale build penalties.

    While I really appreciate the lack of war pressure (-5 Morale per war), I thought it was "no -5 if you formally declare war". I later realized it was no war pressure at all. I thought one would still suffer war pressure, if they were declared upon, or were invaded or surprise attacked.

    That's good and bad.

    now some of the historic maps will be easier to play, like where germany gets declared war by 5-7 countries, previously would struggle for resources - now is on even footing.

    On the other hand, you have no geopolitical punishment except trade embargo. Previously, In world map games, we could change the tide of a war by uniting against them. Now, its only neighbours who can do anything at all. This weakens diplomatic options and flavour in the game.

    I would suggest: if someone have wars with more than, say 3 nations, they can start having war pressure like before.

    2ndly, more often than not, you have one person pulling the weight of the coalition. Its rare that you have 3 player coalition contributing 33% each. Most will try to get themselves carried So, while you believe expansion penalty curtails further Dominationists, it also delays the game unnecessarily.

    Also, the argument of Factories in core provinces alone, I feel is not fair. a) having factories closer to borderlines helps your war machine nation move faster, especially if you are on island and expanded into a mainland - your supply chain becomes very vulnerable, again not fair to those who start at disadvantages, and are unable to go further. Remember, pure defense nations do not win games, they just allows you to barely survive.

    Lastly, every time we expand by even a single province, our resource requirement to feed the population (non-combatants, citizens) remains the same, but the yield per population keeps falling, further it is. You just said

    "you only need 30% morale to keep a province", That's a very militaristic way of thinking. What about Economic Strategy?

    What is the point of expansion then? Not just to gain provinces, but to gain resource, fund your war machine.

    Well it is basically not intended that your far away provinces reach 100% morale, so it is not needed to have morale boosting buildings completely negate the maximum possible penalty. It is enough if you can keep the morale above 30% so they don't revolt. But the morale boosting buildings should be enough to at least keep your core territory at 100%. In your core you only need to negate the expansion penalty and you are helped in that by your neighbor province morale influence.

    The province at 30% still eats similar amount of daily food, consumes materials, and energy. So, just to feed that sustainability demand, we need to build production buildings just so you can keep them fed, and then build a stockpile.

    Please remember, economic success also contributes to your total points - as the score formula was based at 104 morale average points, unless this also changed.

    While military sense dictates, solo player needs >50% of the map, and coalition needs >75% of the map, when you factor in economics - solo player would need about 60-65%, 80-85% for coalition of the map due to low morale pulling points down.

    unless all the resulting effects of these changes were also addressed, it makes things more difficult to comprehend.

    Actually no.

    If you isolate all your troops and don't get them killed, and if they disappear upon all province conquest, it does not affect your K/D.

    I have done it so many many times before update, else my K/D would be 3-5 times higher, cos I've emptied entire nations and disappeared their troops.

    This cant be done with AI anymore. in the update, the troops camp - so I am guessing my K/D against AI will now rise.

    With the recent changes, I believe there is a requirement for units to have differentiated range damage and melee damage.

    They can be termed differently, "Artillary damage" and "Assualt damage" or whatever.

    A mixed team may have 700+ damage, but at range, only the artillary in the team is doing damage, rest is from tanks, Cavs, AC, Manpower, etc.

    This is clearly better than players splitting armies to see how much each of them are doing - or opening a calculator.

    Suprise attack is when someone quitely captures your undefended territory, or if a stealth unit (Submarine) attacks your units.

    More often than not, if a sub attacks a sea-wandering soildier, the soildier is dead, you don't see the submarine and so you cant see what triggered the war.

    What if someone does not want to loose their stats, and are on the verge of being defeated - If It were me, Id say "take my provinces, and let my soildiers live. They'll disappear at the end, but atleast I will retain my K/D ratio"

    Just curious.

    That is how the countries and their resource distribution are usually designed. You will have a derth of some resource or the other - which you have to either trade regularly, or annex provinces for the missing resources.