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    Take a look at these screenshots of the unit icon on each version of the game:

    Old version U.I:


    New version zoomed-in U.I:


    New Version zoomed-out U.I:


    What I want to ask is, that is it possible to implement the same unit icon design of the old version (legacy mode) to the new version of the game? If not, then how come we cannot have that implemented?

    Looking at the screenshots, we can see how simple and easier it is to identify a huge stack of units in the legacy mode compared with the new version of the game. The huge troop/unit design in the new version is too flashy and often is confusing to look at compared to the more simpler design of the legacy mode troop/unit design. The graphics of the land and the ocean is alright, I fancy that, but the troop/unit design is really what turns me off.

    I am a legacy mode user, and I heard that legacy mode won't be staying for too long because it will be soon outdated. When the revamp update came, the legacy mode wasn't available yet and many of the old users were turned off on playing the game because of its too much flashiness. As a result, Bytro listened to the voices of the veteran users' who complained about this issue and implemented the legacy mode as an alternative. But for how long will it last?

    I would like to hear what the community thinks about this. Please feel free to share your honest opinion about this topic.

    Fighter rush is pretty effective and the most efficient way to conquer provinces quickly in the late game of a 500p map -- if you are against inactive players or AI controlled nations, that is.

    The problem is that if you encounter a player who does the exact same thing, but is more active, then you'll eventually realize that investing 100% of your resources alone on fighter planes was all for nothing because you found a match or better than you.

    You still need the inf units, mechanized units, and a navy to do most of the work IMO..

    Most of the intense battles happen on land, and the most deciding factor who wins on those late game battles is who can pump out the most units a day and who can stay active the most on every battle.

    i believe is intended

    who would need a log-out if you can only have 1 account? :/

    The same could be said with the PC/Desktop version, yet that platform still has a log-out feature.

    It's essential to have log-out feature whatever game, app, or site you're on. It doesn't make sense why you would put a log-in feature, but not a log-out feature.

    Furthermore, like Narmer mentioned, I too have had accidentally confused the log-in and play as the same thing the first time playing the game in the app version and I made a new account accidentally. I couldn't log-out so I had to just re-download the app after I marked that accidental newly made account.

    I am not sure if it was designed on purpose or not by the developers, but the mobile version of this game has no log-out button. Which kind of does not make any sense, since in the browser version both log-in and log-out buttons are available, but in the mobile version only the log-in button is available. :|

    Please feel free to correct me if I am mistaken.

    Sounds chaotic. ?(

    I detect submarines via:

    1. Spies -- reveal armies and then use ranged units to attack 'em from afar.

    2. Aeroplanes -- set them on patrol over an area where you think a sub is lurking by. If you detect them, send in your bombers or any other ranged units to destroy them while they are detected.

    3. Infantry bait -- use a certain amount of inf. units as sacrifice to detect lurking subs under water. If enemy subs attacks the bait, use that time to attack 'em with your ranged units.

    4. Counter-submarines -- send submarines as well. If possible, more than what the enemy have.