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    Now, I am no community hero like my Boyfreind marshal, master creator like magnum, or an organizer like Turk.

    However, I agree that this latest update destroyed the RP community who has the most experience players in the community, highest pay to non paying ratio of any group in the community, and whose spending habits enhance the experience of other players instead of destroying it.

    I find it amazing how the staff can so readily belittle the community that has people like marshal who works 60 hours+ a week and still finds time to help out this community as one of the very few things he enjoy. Its not uncommon for me to roll over in the middle of the night, and see him tinkering on a bot, or looking for new RPers to bring in, and it honestly rejuvenates him to see that his work is making other people happy.

    I strongly believe that the staff need to sit down and honestly talk to the RP community. After all, they at least spend enough to pay for half a Community Manager so wouldnt it be wise to at least talk to them before always making decisions that harm their community?

    If the Staff does not reverse this decision and create an open discussion with our community, I will stop spending and move on along with Marshal. After all, we work harder then any other group in the community and are always treated like crap. there are plenty of other games that would bend over backwards for the amount of money we spend in a year.

    (I would highly advise talking to marshal, his been the master book keeper for the past 5 years for the community)