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    They Ruined the RP and Everything. The New Graphics maybe good For Beginners, but the Old Map was Better. Maybe the Legacy mode was a Decent Addition, but it's Kinda Autistic to Actually engage and get into. Bytro has ruined the Game Completely. If you've Tried to Start and RP or anything you GOTTA PAY MONEY to actually CREATE A SIMPLE GAME. What happened the Old days. They even did the Same to CoW, The Only Good and Safe Game FOR RPers is CoN AND NWE. There's no Point in playing a Game Where everything is in game Purchases and where the Game Devs Don't listen to the Community. Honestly in all I'm About to just quit all Bytro Games as they are now giving me a Headache because Bytro won't listen to the Community and Fix the stuff they broke, and Fix the stuff they Ruined. Honestly I am Sick and Tired of it, and I am done. Bytro Needs a Change in Policy, and Needs it fast.


    The guy was 111 regions big and donated 60 to regions to an 80 regions guy and the rest to a 30 region addition to that other player that spied him told me that he was donating huge armies and huge amounts of resources in the days prior to this, probably because if he gave them the regions first the resources would have been lost.

    He gave up and decided to show me the middle finger one last time

    I think there is enough evidence to prove the fair play rules breach

    That's where you're wrong. It's called Unconditional surrender, and he wanted to give others a Chance to win. In this case, the Sides can go both ways.

    Hello And to Prove I'm a real person, dsbhkyu4ynwcmkcdagusieac dgvebunyevfu. I am Currently enlisted to play the Australasian Union or the Australian Syndicalist Union. We're all waiting for this RP, because after around 3-7 Months Turk has been "Dead/Missing". So we just hope you can give us this match, so we can get roleplaying. До свидания