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    Everything you described is normal behavior for all players. When you capture a province there is a large building damage applied that is independent of stack that captures the province. Whatever time is left in the building construction will continue and result in HP proportional to the amount of construction time left. However, it's often desirable to cancel the construction and get some resources back.

    You may want to double-check the 'independent of stack' part.

    I think right now that attack force that conquers a province applies its attack number to the buildings in the province. I've had success allowing small advance force capture an empty province and preserving the buildings inside of it. For instance, breaking off one infantry of a 20 inf stack seems to just do that 1 infantry unit in damage to the buildings (i.e. minimal) and then the province is won and the other 19 can move in. . As opposed to conquering with all 20 and the full attack damage od the 20 stack is inflicted on the buildings, destroying much of the infrastructure. I've not tested this theory thoroughly, but through casual observation I have noted this to be the case to the point that I regularly conquer empty provinces with a small vanguard and allow the main body to meet in the province shortly after conquering. Hope this helps. Sorry for the long-windedness.

    Forts and armored cars are your best bet. Armored cars are very strong when defending and forts reduce damage dramatically. At the same time reach out to all neighbors surrounding the two you're fighting. Let them know that the two countries you are fighting are very vulnerable since they are committing so many forces to attacking you.

    Good luck. That's a tough situation.

    With the new update, units that are splintered off from main stacks disappear save for a small header that indicates that they exist. These units are inaccessible on mobile and Mac versions of the game. How soon until players get their lost units back under their control? Is there a workaround in the meantime?

    Raise the morale in your provinces and your recruitment cycle time will reduce. Also, you can build barracks. Double resource provinces recruit twice as fast as single resource provinces, so building barracks in double resource provinces is a smart move.

    Since the last update, many units are invisible save for a snap triangular head above them which is th4 only indicator of their position. Moreover, you cannot click on the header nor the implied position of the units in order to access them. They have essentially disappeared from the game. I'm playing on a Mac so I cannot right click and draw a circle around the unit and access them that way either. They are, as far as I can tell, completely inaccessible on mobile and Mac. Any ETA on fixing this bug? Are the developers aware of the bug?

    I'm in a 500p game and a player with 300 provinces and 3100 units who went AI a week ago is being invaded by a couple of human players. The icon in the capital shows the man with suitcases, indicating the the player is still AI, yet he is making almost no reaction against the invading force. He is making a few small, ineffective movements.

    This is entirely different from all other AI reactions I have seen in the past. What is going on?

    b78//+by fixing the broken XP and awards system

    This is a rather delicate topic, as you can imagine. Stats are important. We don't want to risk losing anything and do this properly. This means this will not only be a general bug fix, but a change in how the stats are handled compared to the past to make the stats update more reliable. This is why it takes so long.

    We thought we were almost done, only to find some issues during the last test before the release, which put the topic back into development. This is a high-priority issue on our end, and the team is working for quite some time on this.

    Thank you for the update. We appreciate the specificity and support you.

    It would be great to have a map that shows distance to capital analogous to the way the morale map shows morale with high morale being green and lower morale shifting to yellow than red. This would greatly aid building out your railway network so one can see which provinces are left connected by rail to the capital. Alternatively, there could be a map that shows which provinces have working railways and which do not. It's a bit tedious to look at the map to see where your existing railways run and where they have not been built out.

    Either map seems like it would be relatively easy to code up as a bonus. Thank you for considering.

    b78//+by fixing the broken XP system

    Hi Everyone,

    I am expanding in my current game and received a message about my morale being low the farther I get from my capital. Should I be building new capitals in the existing territory where the opponent capital was or should I pick my own territory based on my providences to build capitals? Should I be building new capitals or other buildings to increase morale? Thank you.

    Sounds like your still early in the game so you just need to make sure your resources are at 100%, maybe build some forts or other upgrades that raise morale and give your provinces time to rise in morale., Also, capturing capitals of enemies rates your province morale instantly.

    Later in the game, when you have a large expansion penalty, it's a good idea to move your capital to a more central location. Hope this helps!

    Yes you can. You may have to time their arrival so that the enemy army is not attacking while your reinforcements are within melee range, but not joined to the garrison in the fort. Usually that is not the case and you can delay their arrival so that they will only enter melee range after the attacking army has attacked for that round (if needed). Also, make sure you send them an order to move to the fort, not attack the enemy there.

    What will happen is they will slip into the fort between attacking rounds and join the garrison force.