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    kinda boring just seeing a color land, Maybe add in some custom terrains zones?

    Mountains (Steel provinces) can be just a stack of ^^^^ design = reduces movement speed both parties traveling through.
    Flatland (wheat provinces) = bonus movement speed both parties
    Forestry (wood provinces) can be stack of trees = accuracy hits or miss from enemies on owners land.

    I have mention something similar to color skin. like what ever your color nation is would add color to your army. As for Flags you can customize but its only done by PC. you basically just change the flag but it has to be done every game.


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    Idk if this has happen to others but after awhile of Highlighting (pc) right clicking when selecting amount of groups... later down the line they start to not sure number counts... my army is hidden to have me not even notice if I even have an army there... I have to zoom out to see a little black stick figure to notify me theres something there... Same with the enemy... sometimes their troops is hidden as you can see in battle can even tell theres a fight going on.

    any way to like refresh the map to make things go back to normal...? its a pain to fight like this.

    A way to have Trading passively with players without having to worry about when they're online to actually trade with one another. and also who are being neutral and are far out reach from any war.

    Example: Apply trade agreement with the player> You will only get 5% bonus to your resource amount making yet lose 5% of the resource making they want from you.

    your making 350 steel and making 100 wood > you want wood
    they making 600 wood and making 50 steel.>they want steel
    Apply trade on resource type agreement
    5% bonus apply (from your own income)
    your gaining 18 extra to wood>making 118 wood but also losing 18 from steel making it 332 income from trade.
    They gain 30 extra to steel >making 80 steel> losing 30 from wood making they're income 570.

    Well for a test run, Ideally the Ai will just have to start attacking everyone once they are spawned in (war with everyone) and attack the closes Human Province to them instead of sitting waiting to be attacked and aim for empty provinces/lower troops then AI does. Because you will get 1 after another for awhile for easy kills for a few days. but the ones in the back further away will start to stack up as they get closer.

    I can see the bug popping in with either the AI doesn't move or are not spawning at all.

    This shouldn't be a game where gold is needed to be spent. But once the scenario actually works, surviving players will be rewarded gold (small amount). Its just a fun scenario to play as co-op for once.

    as for the spawning time AI can be x4 while players are x1 or x2.

    but with the timing for building. either lower the resources to build/ lower CD for the building or actually have to trade with players from across the map and lower the cd on building.

    -100 or 500 map. Half Players vs Half AI (Zombies)<X<X<X>>> there are no zombies in AI provinces until peace day is over, giving the chance for players to expand.

    -For zombies 2 options..
    Option 1: Either the spawn rate starts at x1 then goes faster every 10 days, on the 20th day, (when clock strikes half time) there's be peace for 5 days, then will start again with x3 after 10 days goes x4 (spawn rate for players is x2) until time runs out.
    -Option 2: zombies spawn 2 troops instead of one per province. every 5 days, they increase to 3.. then 4, then 5.... (when clock strikes half time) you have peace for another 5 days. then begin with 6 and so on until max cap 10. until time runs out. (spawn rate is x4 speed for players.) until time runs out..

    ====(when clock strikes half time)= zombies stop spawning for 5 days

    optional: When zombies are in battle with players... If the player were to lose their group of troops. 1/4 of those troops become zombies. Example. 20 troops vs 25 zombies. zombie wins, They gain 5 zombies from the 20 troops that died.

    -Zombies well automatically start spawning and start attacking players after peace is over, but can only attack (no building)
    2 options for Players:

    Option 1: If they want to have an all fought out war, then all building cost nothing or cost 80%/90% less resources to build... But still has their same timing to build. (unless you want a challenge no vehicles)
    Option 2: normal game play and everyone has to trade to stay alive.

    -having peace in between the waves to recover= zombies will stop spawning and you have 5 days to quickly rebuild your defense or regain lost land or expand again. Because more will be coming.

    -Zombies movement has no slowness side effects. Overseas: zombies has no slowness side effect... (think your safe on your island? Think again!)

    WIN: Players have to survive until time runs out to win or Clean out the zombies.
    -gameplay timeline 2 or 3 months.

    Lose: All players provinces are gone

    (I think 5 days of peace is a good start) To give players enough time to build your defense or expand quickly in order to recruit more troops, before the horde comes. Once peace time is up! Zombies will start attacking everyone.

    players you decide: make a wall? expand for more recruits? Work together? or be the only survival?

    Not sure which would be better, to have everyone scattered across the map or close to one another at start of game.

    (Personally) I think It'll be fun to have players scatter, when your over run. Its your ideal to retreat to a safer location to other players and work together. fight together or die alone. Then again being close to one another working together makes it fun as well.

    (Special request to have a model for the zombies!) :D

    Its already unfair as it is, Players who played longer knows where the best spot on the map to grab resources to have a better advantage..

    I'm sure the developers can program a way to have a single province with a double stock resource in each nation.

    With having randomized resources, every game will have a different playout.. Play the nation you want to play, not because of the resources.

    I know having custom troops for each country region will take work to make it if its possible and would be exciting to have.

    But to change up the game a little is to add some color to our troops. If your playing on your phone you have a setting to set "Show Nation Color" What ever the nation color you have is the color of your troops. (clothing)
    just wanting to add a bit of color or something so everything isn't all dull. as for planes/tanks/cars/ships... can keep they're regional model but by adding a color stripe of your nations color.

    Planes>stripe on the wings
    ship> stripe off the side (as shown in the pics when building a battleship)

    Tanks> stripe or two off the side

    you get the picture

    But if ppl want to stick to the regional/default setting they can

    This goes for being able to select all provinces: It's only for PC game play but if you hold down left>CTRL and hold down rightclick you get a green shaded area when you move your mouse around> thatll select all provinces.. same thing if you hold right click itll be Blue for all troops within the shaded area

    But its like What if I wanna play France, Example: yea I know from previous games they have high stock in food. but I need to invade Spain for Steel... its almost a same repeat. but if the resources are randomized you don't know what your getting and what your surroundings will have, so it totally changes the gameplay. Having a repeated game gets kinda ehh... boring no challenge

    lets say your someone in asia and fighting europe.. yea you battle for the middle east for higher amount of oil, we all know that. again its the same repeated process...

    now give us a challenge if it was randomized. lets say Austrailia had the higher source in oil.. we either have to trade them or fight them..

    Having resources randomized, allows us to change our game play. so instead of europe vs Asia over and over... the fight for the oil, its now Asia vs N/S. america for oil from austrailia.. either fight or trade them.

    I've notice that the more games you play either its small maps, 100/500 map, you start to have a feel which country to choose or grab quick from starting a new game for the good amount of resources... For what im saying is that every new game should reshuffle/randomize the resources.

    idk if its already in game and I'm not seeing it or I just think it would be awesome to be able to add friends. That we've made in game to play together in future games instead of keeping in contact by message because message do get deleted after sometime.

    It has happen a few couple times, thought it was my imagination thought to myself did I sell my resources instead? no I watch myself "BUY" the resources but instead it sold my resources and took my silvercoins... So bug report is please fix the stock market resources.... When you buy the amount you end up selling your resources and it takes your silvercoins.:(