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    ☄️ Attention, all Supremacy 1914 enthusiasts! Get ready for the 2024 500p Community Event! ☄️

    *This is our second 500p no gold community event.

    Prepare for an epic game of strategy, blood and tactical prowess. Save the date and gear up for an unforgettable experience in the world of Supremacy 1914!

    Starting date isn't known yet but like last year with the first one, it will start around May-June.


    - No goldmark or cards

    - Minimum rank: 10 (Liutenant)

    - Selection: RANDOM

    - Multiaccounting is not allowed

    - Sitting is not allowed

    - Account pushing is not allowed

    - Players per alliance limit: 16 players per alliance

    - Normal speed (1x)

    - 1 day AI peace period, 2 day player peace period

    You can register in our Discord server:

    Also, the rules and everything will be explained better in there.

    We'll be expecting you!

    Will there be another of these games? What do you need to get in? And please have random countries then! : D


    Yes, there will be more of these games.

    And the next one will almost certainly be random... learned from past experience haha

    Join our server. We organize other no gold events too starting from 31p to 500p. Keep checking it. It's still too early for a 500p announcement but we'll see.

    I am very sorry that the country selection is free.

    I enter this map because the entrance is free otherwise I would not enter. Because players like me, who don't have an alliance, are at a great disadvantage. If the country selection was random, the disadvantage would be MUCH LESS. Also, I think the game would be much more interesting because the players would not have the initial protection of the rest of the alliance and would have to show what they are worth solo. And it would also save the staff work because from what I saw they will supervise if the alliances don't have several coalitions helping each other.

    (Translated from Portuguese by an automatic translator)

    we took a poll a month ago and free selection was chosen by the players themselves. You can still check the poll results in the #polls channel in our server. It's too late to change now.

    This player Field marshal Model :userID=29408323 is Civilian rank player, he might have missed Rule #2

    2. Minimum rank: 11(captain). We do this to stop every kind of player from joining. That way, only good players who won’t go AI can join.

    stats were not updated when I tried to check so his profile did not appear. Thinking it could be bugged, I wanted to ask him to confirm and send me a screenshot of his profile on Discord but I see now.

    Thanks Hastings!

    Bytro is working on it. We don’t know when they’ll be updated but we have been waiting for more than a month. You will just have to wait too. They are working on a new stats update system.

    I know. What I meant was, to call it inevitable death, you have to lose most of your troops without a choice to get out. You can’t just move troops out. Thats why, your K/D will probably get a hit anyway.

    What if someone does not want to loose their stats, and are on the verge of being defeated - If It were me, Id say "take my provinces, and let my soildiers live. They'll disappear at the end, but atleast I will retain my K/D ratio"

    Just curious.

    same logic as before. Inevitable death. You need to have lost a big amount of troops already to call it inevitable tho. So your K/D would get a hit anyway.

    Account Pushing clarification:

    1: Every player must join with a sole first goal:

    to win the game.

    2: If they can’t win, so, if they are to be defeated definetly, without a solution to get out, there could be a solid secondary goal: don’t allow the enemy to win.

    -any deviation from these goals, its Account-Pushing.

    For it to not count as pushing tho, the provinces gifted musn’t be of a big number( bigger than starting provinces~8 )

    -It will be in the GOs’ and organisers’ hand to decide it depending on the circumstances.

    It is really hard to draw a straight line to account pushing. We cannot write straight rules like “no goldmark at all” but we will do our best to understand which is pushing and which is not.

    A fun 500p map, where only the most experienced and the most trusted players will partecipate.

    Starting date: 4 June, 5pm GMT.

    Game Creation time: 48 hours before start.


    1. Goldmark usage is strictly PROHIBITED. There are no accidents, there is no sorry. Make sure you have goldmark usage confirmation on. Even if you use 1 Goldmark, you will be removed from the map to avoid polemics.

    2. Minimum rank: 11(captain). We do this to stop every kind of player from joining. That way, only good players who won’t go AI can join.

    3. Anonymous-> NO

    4. Account pushing is prohibited! That includes players joining this map with the intention of helping another player, not winning the game themselves. Everyone must join to win the game

    5. Country selection-> FREE

    6. Normal speed

    7. Normal coalition capacity

    8. 1 day AI peace period, 2 days player peace period.

    9. Multiaccounts, of course, are not allowed.

    10. Sitters are not allowed.

    •The round will start around June, when AT ends. That way, every alliance and player can participate without being held back by the AT finals.

    It will be just a game to have fun and learn from each-other.

    To sign up, contact on Discord:

    Bloody Juli#5344 or

    Binnsy#8678 or


    -Volunteers who will be helping with organization and keeping the map under control until now:

    - Demonaire

    - Rocky1071

    - Binnsy

    - Yoee79

    - Capitalista8

    - BaptisedInVodka

    - Giulietta27

    We’ll be expecting you! :)

    P.S. If you do not have a Discord, leave your player name in the comments. But being on Discord would be appreciated.

    This round is a Staff supported event and the no-gold setting is genuine.

    Supremacy1914 has been getting closer to the other Bytro games more and more with each update. Mabye because its easier for the devs to administer and upkeep all if they have the same code and are more similar? Idk…

    For some time now, I’ve been hearing that the devs want more diversity on the game. Mabye more units, more buildings, more possibilities to fight.

    What I’ve also heard is that the units research could be added sooner or later too.

    I dont think units research would be the best course to take for S1914 as a game or for the players in the foreseeable future. I want to express this before it becomes a thing, before it gets decided. I would say it will ruin the game as we know it.

    Supremacy1914 is a simple strategy game and upgrading factories to build more advanced units is absolutely the thing that makes me play S1914 over the other games.

    The simple idea of just having to think about strategy and not about the people who will “speed it up” and get the best and more diverse units while you are still struggling with time to get the first ones. I dont want S1914 to be too complicated. I don’t want S1914 to be beautiful. I simply want to enjoy it.

    If you are hell-bent on adding it, please, just keep it simple. Make only 3 levels of research instead of making 10 levels or more like in the other games.

    I am sure a lot of players, especially the veterans will concord with this post. In the end, devs will do what they think is wiser but I’m here, expressing my concerns and opinion as a player and as a part of the community.

    King Regards, Bloody Juli.