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    I think however that there is a second reason why you'd want to somehow wouldn't want to change it. What if Germany starts calling himself france and uses the french flag. Then it becomes hard to have a distinction between who wrote that newspaper article that he'd destroy spain (if you get my point here)

    Perhaps,nations would not be able to call themselves names that have already been taken by other nations?

    I think it's a great idea, though I wonder if perhaps it isn't quite possible because they reference the names of the countries as constants in the code somewhere? If that were the case, I'd suggest making two names, one which would be displayed as the current one is, and another that would serve to identify the country internally. If the current source code isn't a total god forsaken mess, I don't see it being a very hard task.

    I mean,when you change the flag,even when choosing games in the game list,it still shows the original flag of the country. Lets say,for example,you are Russia and you change your flag to a Soviet flag. Ingame,it is shown has the red Soviet one,but in the game list,it still shows the yellow flag with the crest.

    We already have the option to change the country flag,name of the ruler,picture of the ruler,and the title of the ruler. However,I would like for an option to change the Country's names too. Because,for example,if you are Austria Hungary and conquer Germany,would it be appropriate to keep calling the country 'Austria-Hungary'?. I think not. Besides,it will help roleplaying too. We could have nations called 'Central European Federation' or 'North African Empire' or 'Republic of North America',etc.

    I just hope people do not start calling their country stupid random names like 'potato' or 'gringoland'.

    it is about marking borders in one fashion, that way that no matter the color they will be visible

    maybe white and red strips

    That is a good idea. I think the borders between provinces inside one country should remain black,while borders between countries should be another colour. Alternatively,we can make the borders between countries more visible by making the black borderline much wider.

    So,I do not know whether to post this on the General Discussion part or as an Offtopic thread. If this is supposed to be in Offtopic,can the mods please move it there?

    So,anyway,this thread is for posting,you know,S1914 related memes.

    Oh yeah,and I forgot to mention,before my computer started to utterly lag,I also had Need for Speed Most Wanted (both 2005 and 2012 versions),Need for Speed Undercover,and Need for Speed Underground 2.

    What other games do you peeps play,if any?

    Right now,I can only play Internet games,as my computer sucks (Even on the lowest settings,my games lag) . However,I still have a bunch of my favourite games on my computer (Which cannot be played without horrible lag). They include:



    -Dragon Ball Xenoverse


    -Universe Sandbox

    -Need for Speed Carbon

    -Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (2010)

    -Running with Rifles

    -Grid 2 (Never liked it though)

    -Plague Inc

    -Civilisation V

    -Powder Toy (Actually,it is one of the few non-internet based games I can play without lag)

    Well,different games have different effects,and most games are only made to tailor to a niche audience.

    Eg: Strategy games like S1914, EU4, Hoi4,etc,are most often played by either Strategy enthusiasts or casual gamers (Who are present in almost every type of game)

    So,different games require,and give you,different skills.

    Since I am too lazy to write a large list of benefits,I will simply quote this list from the OP,since I agree with this.

    Most people seem to have stereotypes that games are only bad for children,that they are useless and are harmful.

    The only harms games will do is if you get too addicted to it and spend too much time on them,so much that your other obligations (School,Friends,Family) are ignored.