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    War drums sound fine, but War economy doesn't seem catchy to me. <X

    If you look at it closely, it's not a huge boost, but it should be more than enough. Can't the developers do something about the cap'd damage then?

    Maybe have the cap'd damage change when you have the boost so that it doesn't affect players who do not have the boost? I think it's not such a big deal implementing these kinds of changes.

    *This new premium feature will be separate, meaning that it won't be bundled into the current premium HC membership.*

    This feature will cost about 49.99 dollars. [PERMANENT]

    Warcry boost :evil:

    Description: A shouted word or sound used by fighters in battle to give each other courage or to frighten their enemy. All your units will now have:


    Damage buff: 50%+

    Speed buff: 100%+

    Area of Effect: 50%+

    Range: 25%+

    HP: 50%+

    Critical chance: 50% [Critical chance will do double the dmg of the original attk dmg]

    Hephaestus' Blessing :saint:

    Description: God of fire and forging, Hephaestus, has given you a blessing. Your buildings now do the following:


    Recruitment time decreased: -50%

    Building time decreased: -25%

    Defense increased: 5%+


    Now, I know some of guys are upset that this is a premium feature idea, but don't worry here's an alternative how you can get this bonus/boost/buff for free:

    Balanced Idea:

    We can host a special event every month that will reward players the following boosts/buffs/bonuses after the completion of the task.

    The rewards will be determined by tier. The tiers as follows (highest to lowest):

    Platinum - 1 month warcry boost + hephaestus' blessing + 1 month HC membership + 30,000 GM

    Diamond- 15 days warcry boost + hephaestus' blessing + 15 days HC membership + 15, 000 GM

    Gold - 7 days warcry boost + hephaestus' blessing + 7 days + HC membership + 7,000 GM

    Bronze - 3 days warcry boost + hephaestus' blessing + HC membership + 3,000 GM

    NOTE: If the player has already bought the premium boost in the cash shop, then he/she will only receive the HC membership and GM reward.


    Some of you might think that the numbers I used above might not be fair/balanced, so feel free to make some changes and/or add your own ideas. :)