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    With that in mind, what are the mechanics of $ being exchanged on the stock market between players then? Like, if I'm posting the ore at 5.9, and my buddy buys the 3.5, and the other 2 offers listed, then refreshes, will he see my ore at 5.9 or just other randomly generated offers? If I'm reading that correctly, when you're buying on the stock market, the offers you see aren't materials being sold by another country, they're just being generated by the market. Is money only being exchanged by players when someone posts that they want to buy that specific resource and you choose to fulfill their order?

    Or do you mean that at the very beginning of the game, those orders are created that aren't related to a country, and once everyone individually buys these, it's only actual offers from real countries?

    So what determines who sees what I post on the stock market? I.e, my friend has ore at 3.5 because he hasn't bought any, while mine is at 6. if I decide to sell some iron at 5.9, because as far as I'm aware the price of iron is 6, who sees my offer of 5.9 per and what determines how long it takes to sell?

    All of the games I'm playing in have some new friends who I introduced to the game, yet while comparing stock market prices, we constantly have different prices, even if one person buys out the market. How does the stock market actually work in this game, especially at the higher player #s