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    I will not be forced to use several hundreds of in one single game to stand up against one single player, who has really deep pockets. When I spot one in a game, I have decided to abandon that game.

    So from now I can expect to finish only a very few game. UNLESS.

    A solution could be found, that would attrac those kind of players like blood in the water attrac sharks.

    Suggestion: Make some 31p games to special gold-rounds. Make the game 2x speed.

    Players who join those special rounds should pay a considerable fee say 50.000-100.000 goldmarks ( or higher - I do not know how many GMs a medium/heavy GM player uses on a game, but the fee should be 'round that number + "something" to make the fee high enough).

    The fee is deducted from the account when the game starts and transferred to a "special account", that the player is allowed to use from during the game.

    When the fee is used, then no more use of GMs for that player. It should not be possible to buy extra, the fee should be the maximum (but the develops might be able to add some victoryprovinces, that could add 5.000/10.000GMs to the first player, who is able to hold that province for say 10 days - just a semi-suggestion).

    If a player is killed any unused GMs on the special account are lost.

    If a player goes inactive, a elite-AI takes over until the player returns or the game is ended. A player can not be kicked due to inactivity. Any unused GMs on the special account are lost when the game ends.

    If a player is kicked due to violation of the common rules, any unused GMs on the special account are lost.

    GoldMarks on the special account can not be traded.

    Last but not least: Give the winner(s) a considerable reward to make it worth fight for - say 5 times the fee to the winner (4 for the 2nd seat and and 2 times for the 3rd seat).

    I don't think there will be many loosers by this.

    The gamers that want action will get action.

    The owners will get their GMs sold.

    All the other players, who do not use GMs or like me, only uses GM in smaller quatities, might with some luck get some more games with less heavy GM-users.

    Same here. But they are working on it.

    Got this answer from Boris (main administrator and super game operator)

    Thank you for your report

    This is a known issue and is currently being worked on by the developers.

    Circling around the unit (press the right mouse button and move the mouse pointer around the unit) should always select the correct unit (it doesn't..... my comment, not a part of the answer).

    We do understand your frustration. Bugs can be difficult to correct, but please know we are doing our best to make the game bug free.

    Was this done from the section of the spy-page "perform instant actions" - and if the action performed from this page always would succed - then I support Golden. Something has to be changed.

    However, if that happend due to massive use of the "military sabotage" then I'm not sure how to handle it. I have not played this game long enough.

    Agree with Golden. The 500p map is slow enough as it is (even the World in Flames can be a little slow now-and-then). And I'm running the game on a fairly new pc with fiber-connection.

    As for when the slider is stuck. I have posted a work-a-round in the bugsection.

    Once again I have war against a player, that think victories are something you buy in the candystore.

    I "invest" quite some time in this game and I'm somewhat tired of being by such people. So I suggest the gameowners put a little stone in each of the boots of General GoldMark and his men.

    Goldmark is part of the game I know. Needed to develop it and keep the game in the air. So the use of goldmarks are to stay. But please wait to use them until the game is up running.

    Using GM's to buy ressources when the stockexchange is empty or the price ridiculous high. Or reduce buildingtime with 12-24 hours or so when it becomes too "hard" to wait..... that's quite "ok" with me.

    Situations where I find the use lousy are when players rushbuy buildings already from the start (as nation "xxxx" did in game "yyyy" (dont think I'm allowed to write the name of the player) - building fortress and barracks in the same city at day 1 - and continued to do so with more advanced building during the whole upstart of the game. And now he also rushbuy units.... That is too much - that ruins the game for all the other players.

    I know very well we (the other players) can declare war on that person or make a trade-embargo, hoping the price for a bought victory might become too high. We are 6 nations at war with him now - but how much that will help..... I'm not sure.

    Therefore I suggest:

    The use of Goldmarks is suspended the first 2 weeks of a game.


    The use of Goldmarks is limited to the Stockmarket the first 2 weeks of a game.


    The use of Goldmarks is limited to one usage per province per day (units OR buildings) the first 2 weeks of a game.

    Last alternative is too much I would say, but still better than it is today.

    I have just had same kind of problem in a Colonial Upsing game, running more than 45 days (it run 68 days).

    I also made a ticket and Boris answered me this:

    until day 120 all battles will count. If a player got inactive you won't get any points for these battles but the results will influence the "versus AI"-stats.

    I have not asked him (yet) if that goes for every battle made including those that were fought while the enemy still was "human" so to say.

    But what is worse: Even the battles I fought the last 3 weeks against humans (3 of my 4 enemies fought to the last) wasn't added to the servicerecord - at least not with a number I could recon. And even-more-worse: I checked one of my enemies, where I knew for sure he lost fighters and bombers (and I did too). On his service-record there were a big round Zero for both unit-types in kills and looses. And that is 100% a fault.

    Funny? Well I don't think so.