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    I would love to be able to select a group of units, probably along my border, and set active AI assistance so that if my border is attacked while im at work or asleep it wont be the end of me.

    The ai assistance would work like the defensive ai, maybe you would have to select an area for them to protect or they protect the area they are on collectively.


    So instead of moving 50 inf and tank i was being hesitant, first i sent tank and some inf, then some inf, then the rest.

    The result? a nice train lookinng thing where the inf where marshing side by side and the tank was in the column. It looked really great, and maybe this way you can have all the corps represented when it turns into an army or army group


    I would love to see a transport unit, that speeds up embarked units or helps them disembark faster if that doesn't break the game.

    Similarly a transport on land that could speed up artillery or units in enemy lands. I talked in a previous thread about a medic tent that would increase the amount of wounded (part of the thread, not the game as of today) that also could lower the morale damage taken when an army is in a newly annexed province with low morale.


    it is not bad as it stops you from doing a lot on mindless tricks related to aactivity like Hnr or splitting units - I use lag agaisnt my opponents to have an honest fight with them :-)

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    What I am ultimately suggesting is that 5%(arbitrary number) of infantry that died in a battle have a chance to be slotted in one of the buildings.
    The hospital would slowly recruit the wounded...

    edit/:: no so maybe the wounded are just a dying unit haha, that will die soon unless you move them to a city with good morale or hospital haha so brutal /eidt/

    .., but i like what you barely mentioned Edwylm/EN Moderator that spies could retrieve PoWs. I see now that storing all the individual nations units would get complicated, and it would almost require a way of moving PoWs, so making them a unit is sensibly a better idea.

    Many times i would like to modify existing trade deals i've made. If this was possible, a player could have on-going trade deals where he or she could add more money to the deal and change the price:huh::huh:
    so chill it would be no more hassle and refreshing when the slider is stuck 8|<X

    do something about upkeep of prisoners as someone has to pay for it ( units on the map cost upkeep) and you will find out it would be better option to kill all prissoners

    Maybe if the hospitals works like the barracks, and recruits units over time with upkeep based on level.
    This way the Wounded would be part of the Stockpile.
    Prisoner camps however would have to store the enemy wounded, so that they can be recaptured. Maybe prisoners can eat fish since its not that useful late game?

    I'm sure it could be a static number, like 5%, and perhaps a medic unit which moves really slow and looks like a tent with the + symbol that increases said number.
    ------- (Second edit: maybe this tent can reduce morale loss in provinces when you just capture them and you're freshly assembled army has to live in a gritty 25% morale province)-------

    Secondly I think if the buildings themselves have upkeep and the wounded/prisoners wouldn't be a unit, just a number without morale, it wouldn't be a big hassle.
    (Edit: i dont mean to say ur job is easy or im ungrataeful im havaing a really good time with the game)

    What I'm imagining is that hospitals are a late game building, from day 10 or 12 which seems fair; That way it's still not an option to declare early and nuke someone without consequence and it gets a little more historical value (:

    I'll give you a brief summary of what i've imagined and then some reasoning after.

    After a battle, the winner places his wounded troops in available hospital space, and enemy troops in prisoner camps. These two parties can then release prisoners in exchange for cease-fire or peace deal!

    I don't think it will require much effort, one problem is how to tell which troops become wounded and which die, but i would love to see large and long wars ending in stalemate so that the released prisoner troops can be put on new fronts, maybe with the former enemies ("oh shit, we both have 500 prisoners? you know..."). It kinda allows players to win losing wars and troops become less of a number (maybe the last is a bad thing considering the aesthetic:/)