Posts by Sword Bearer

    The arc for the airplanes attack moves with the enemy unit but the airplane icon continues to the original location and the timer continues for that location, not an updated location or time.

    When attacking an enemy unit with air power as it is traveling towards you it gets closer but your target destination and time remains the same. The airplane greatly overflies the target for an excessive amount of time before the attack is completed.

    The attack timer and attack destination of airplanes needs to be synchronized with the movement of the targeted enemy so that the planes are not flying uselessly forever.

    I believe a solution to the problem is we need the ability to attack AI's when in their protected bridgehead. Once an AI takes over for a player that has gone inactive the bridgehead security needs to be removed. In this way we can eliminate threats instead of being at war with no resolution.

    It has become impossible to defeat AI's in Dominion Mesopotamia. When a player goes AFK and is taken over by the AI it uses the bridgehead safe zone to continually attack you but you can not attack them. They are allowed to build and use rail guns that are safe within the zone but can reach out and destroy your troops and then send out forces to capture the bordering province. You can beat them back but can't attack their base or destroy the rail gun. I now have a large portion of my total forces just trying to contain several AI's and it is not going well as I can't eliminate the threat permanently. I agree with the advanced AI in regular games but in Dominion the advanced AI has an unfair advantage that can not be stopped.

    Again in game #2848332 I am being attacked by an AI from within its protected bridgehead. He is using a rail gun to attack me but because of the protected nature of the bridgehead I can not counter attack. This is terribly unfair. WE NEED THE ABILITY TO ATTACK AN AI WITHIN THE BRIDGEHEAD. The protection feature when used by AI's is ruining the game!

    Elite AI is incredibly hard but the Dominion Map is meant to be hard. This is definitely a game for experienced players. However I suggest that the restrictions on attacking a bridgehead be removed when a player has been inactive for a period beyond the 3 day mark that activates the AI. Perhaps 3 days for initial inactivity and an additional 3 days and then remove restrictions on attacking bridgehead. This allows you to eliminate an AI that is attacking you. It would also allow you to capture an additional industrial base. With more resources and factories you may be able to speed up your conquest. As it is now the game can take 3 to 4 months to complete, mostly due to the constant attacks by AI's that force you to defend against them but you can not stop them.

    The icons for many units (tanks, armored cars, ships, howitzers, etc.) are too large and obscure the map. Especially hiding roads and points where you want to direct multiple units to meet. Although the art work is great these icons need to be smaller so as to not cover the map with clutter.