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    Okay, I see there's been a game added called "Supremacy 1" since I've been away, which is presumably the game we are all playing now as Supremacy 1914?

    Anyhow, it looks like I last played near the end of 2016, so I've been away for probably about three years. And certainly the combat results look a lot more random than I remember, I'm simply asking if the combat results have been altered since I've been away?

    in Supremacy 1 the combat goes every 30 minutes, just as the other games units have X/X health, and deal X amount of damage to whatever unit class: Infantry, Armored, Heavy, Air, Naval, etc. There's terrain benefits like the other games but it's a bit more prominent in this one, such as Calvary dealing more damage on plains and armored cars defending better on plains and such. But overall the combat is the same basis