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    Although it isn't a very strong aspect of the game at the moment, I did notice that medals for the Veterans Front (before removed to just Flanders) is counted by wins towards the Great War. Just something I noticed was all, small importance.

    Many more users showing up here, since the pop-ups started appearing on CoW.

    Actually had a full house starting a 10v10 game.

    Unfortunately, half the players have done nothing! No buildings, no recruiting units,

    no responses on either the team message board or chat.

    Most of them don't know the game yet. Not everyone will understand the tutorial, and not everyone will stay to figure it out, but a good amount will stay, it'll just take time

    I'm already loving this update. The research UI does feel better now that you can visually see the structures in a better manner. I saw the retreat mechanism and I can't wait to see how that is in battle. I noticed however that the Victory conditions screen still has the old percentages for winning, besides that I'm liking the first update of 2020!


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    Okay, I see there's been a game added called "Supremacy 1" since I've been away, which is presumably the game we are all playing now as Supremacy 1914?

    Anyhow, it looks like I last played near the end of 2016, so I've been away for probably about three years. And certainly the combat results look a lot more random than I remember, I'm simply asking if the combat results have been altered since I've been away?

    in Supremacy 1 the combat goes every 30 minutes, just as the other games units have X/X health, and deal X amount of damage to whatever unit class: Infantry, Armored, Heavy, Air, Naval, etc. There's terrain benefits like the other games but it's a bit more prominent in this one, such as Calvary dealing more damage on plains and armored cars defending better on plains and such. But overall the combat is the same basis

    Personally I love the new update adding in Sound and Music. I checked it out with Call of War, but S1 has kept me fresher and the sounds here seem a bit better to me than there. I also think moving the MGs to the Heavy Armor tier and having them on Day 1 is a good idea. Haven't tested it out yet, but having it as Heavy Armor seems more appropriate to me, and the current stats for it seem applicable for usage. So far so good S1 Dev Team!

    Also, I'm excited for this pretty packed game I just joined

    Jeez what did you do? You're screwed

    Honestly I hadn't expanded that much or that rapidly. Stared as Bavaria, took back Insurgent provinces, then took out Wurttemberg over like 4 days or so slowly, and then Rhineland declared war, the next day was Switzerland, then Belgium, Ile de France, the next day was Bohemia, Saxony and Oldenberg, then last night was Liechtenstein

    I know recently the AI was changed to be less aggressive in the aspect of declaring wars, and to act smarter to go for the frontlines, I didn't have any issue with that. I had Switzerland declare war on me, it seemed alright. But then came Belgium, then Ile De France, Saxony, Bohemia, and Grand Dutchy all within the next day. I feel like either the AI is smart enough to make a UN against me, or they've got some flips being switched

    Watching the amounts of update and bugfixes how long u predict the game is ready for marketing (we need more active people badly) and the time limit in 84 p maps is really bad bad bad bad just bad does not let u take fun of late game like I want to wage war on day 30 with player across the other end of the map with massive fleet / air raids will help to pay off the boredom of mid 20 days of preparing massive epic unit armies at least make it to 40 pls or it would really hurt my experience

    You can cap off what most of your armies will end up like probably around day 14 like on research and production, and then the rest is just continuing to expand. If it were just 3 players left trying to take over everything for 20 days it'd be a bit of a slog, unless that's your thing.

    @Oktan: Yes, with Elite AI it poses quite a challenge to know that you will be at war with the entire AI world regardless what you do.

    Further, the game lacks tools to improve your reputation. In the old stand alone 'Making History', you could do a bunch of things to improve relations, like send gifts (goods or troops or provinces to the AI. I mentioned the old 'Making History; , bc this game and the other Bytro war games are much alike.

    I wouldn't mind that option of giving gifts for AI. I don't know if the game tracks the AI's resources or not, but it'd be cool if say the game detects they're low on this resource, you could gift them something for better relations, or gift units for their wars against humans. I usually don't take that kinda stuff far cause it's a lot of work to do, but I agree that there should be something to help Popularity and make it more vital in the game

    I can feel you on the Mortar Infantry and Grenadiers. I like the idea of there being a variety of units to have, but grenadiers seem kinda pointless if you think about it. Calvary are strong fast attack units, and Infantry are good defense units, both Infantry. Grenadiers are meant more against Light Armored units, but I think most people later in the game shift to Artillery or Howitzers, which do a lot against Light Armored units but at a range. It's more of an early-game unit I suppose. I'm completely for more units, but I don't think Grenadiers are at the point of use

    CoW has terrain influences on the units too

    It does, but I mean having more to it. I like the aspect of vision, I also wanted the diverse terrain to be in CoW especially, Jungle, Tundra, and Deserts since it would definitely made a lot more parts of the game more in-depth

    I feel the same. I used to play a bunch of CoW back in the day, and NWE for a small bit when it had a few updates, but S1 has really got me back into the groove. I like how it has terrain stats (Like in NWE, that I've wanted for CoW), it's got a wide variety of units, although some I don't see as much of point in using, but I'm excited for the future of this

    terrible generalities. Can you give exact changes to the units?

    Plus, in my opinion, the game is losing momentum due to inactive players. Expansion is really fast thanks to the road. The attack is every 30 minutes, not an hour (as in the old supre, CoW), which also speeds up the game.

    The game is still in early stages, it'll take a bit of time before more people join