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    As a long time player who has only just recently come back to the game, I hate this update. Here is why Summarized:

    1. We should be allowed to trade resources with whomever we want.

    2. We should be allowed to trade units.

    Elaborated reasons:

    1. We should be allowed to trade resources with whomever we want. By restricting this, you are making interacting between players harder. You are restricting interactions to only 3 players in a coalition or whomever you trust with share the map. Who I am willing to trade with and who I am willing to show my troop movements to are 2 very different things. Also, trading on the stock market isn't the same because you can't control who buys your product. If you are in an arms race with your neighbor and need steel but don't want it from them because you would be giving them money, you send trades to specific people. In the current update, if you don't have share the map with anyone or none of the players you have it with have steel, you are out of luck.

    2. Concerning the trade of units, I see why they took it away to prevent cheating with multiple accounts ect, but you could place a restriction on it so that you can only do it after day 8 or something. If i am late in the game and want a railgun but don't want to spend the time to make one or I need it immediately, I should be allowed to trade units for said rail gun.

    A lot of the restrictions being places limits player interactions and team building and I don't like it one bit.