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    I think that the music is fine. Could they have done something else? Yes, they could have, but it does not bother me and I think other players do not mind it at all. Could have been worse, they could have made the soundtrack without a place to deactivate it in the settings.

    Affect and Effect.

    These two words have given me so much trouble when I write. I am a native English speaker and I really cannot tell you which one is which. I believe that affect is to influence and effect is a result of something.

    I would agree with Golden Frieeza on this, but to a lesser extent. I think that the level 5 would be good. It is right now at level 3, so going two levels would stop some of the newer players, while keeping enough players that can play it in. 500 players are a lot, and it can take up to 5 days for it to fill up. So rising it up to level 5 would help stop the newbies from getting in, but keep enough of them to have 500 players in the game.

    I know, and at least have it so that if people on inactive they can rejoin the coalition they were in. For example, in the 4 times speed match I am in, a person can go inactive by not being online for one day, which is 4 days in game. Yet if you return to the game, you cannot get back in a coalition for 3 real days.

    Is "leaving a coalition" the same as going inactive? No, it is not.

    While we are on the subject of 4 times speed matches, I think it would be nice if players would not be marked as inactive for missing a day.

    Some may say that this thread does not belong here, but I think that it does. While I was playing a 4 times speed map, I fell inactive, and my coalition fell apart. When I tried to make a new coalition, it said that I have to wait 2 and half more real days. Which, on a 4 times map, it is 10 days in game. Now because all trading can only be done through coalitions, I have allies that need things that I have and they have things that I need, but we cannot trade because we are not in a coalition.

    What I would suggest is that, on 4 times speed maps, shorten the time to which you can join or rejoin a coalition. If it could just be shortened to one day, it would be very nice. I am not saying shorten all coalition cool down times, just in the 4 times speed maps.

    Players, tell me what you think. Have you been in a 4 times speed map and have the same thing happen to you?

    Supremacy 1914, Supremacy1, Call of War 1942, Conflict of Nations World War 3, and New World Empires. Basically all of Bytro Lab's games. Although, I have not tried Mars Tomorrow.

    I also play Rule the Waves 2. It is a game where you are an admiral of a nations navy. I like it because you can create your own ships in it.

    That is about it.

    Well if that is the case, then I think that the people who do not mind paying would probably would like to see something like that happen.

    It is a good idea for the players who pay in small amounts and do not like the "big spenders". You would get support from those type of players. I think that it is a good idea if, like you said, it is a separate mode of the game. If it is like that, I have no objections. Good luck.