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    But the reward payout said 3250 for first place coalition and 1500 for the second place. And the person who got the single player payout got the same as the first place coalition.

    I just ended a game where I was in the 2nd place coalition and got nothing in the way of a reward, but a single player not in a coalition collected a reward. Could someone help me to understand how this can be?:(

    How do I activate the area around the balloon to see further out? When I hover on an artillery piece, it shows the are it encompasses. I don't see that with the balloon.

    game #3289550

    New York is listed as having 1 province left. However, there is no province showing on the map. Could someone please investigate this. Thank you.

    Thank you for the explanation. I will get my members together as soon as possible. I am really excited to get this together, especially against such a respected adversary as yourself. Your idea of the start time is a brilliant idea and i'm sure my members will agree. Win or lose it will be a tremendous learning experience for us.

    With great appreciation, Inxs1

    Leader Storm Legion

    could you please explain 'exploits'? as this would be our first alliance match, i would like to inform my members as to what we are getting into. i agree with no gold use, since i prefer to use my knowledge instead of just buying a win. we just started a created game to work on team work and communication skills, so we may be just a bit before we are ready. thank you for responding, i was afraid that after putting this alliance together that it was all for nothing.:thumbup:


    thanks for the invite but i dont think 4 on 1 is very fair. i know your probably better than myself and anyone i could get to play. maybe in the future we could meet on the field of battle.

    what a shame. i have been working on building a team to compete against other alliances, and now find out it's been in vain.