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    game #3289550

    New York is listed as having 1 province left. However, there is no province showing on the map. Could someone please investigate this. Thank you.

    game 3173727 day 7 1st place with 376 points. had 12 builds, 1 trade embargo and wiped out a nation. german empire built 1 fortress.

    day 8 i'm 2nd with 378 points and german empire has 438 points. Something doesn't add up.:cursing:

    Thank you for the explanation. I will get my members together as soon as possible. I am really excited to get this together, especially against such a respected adversary as yourself. Your idea of the start time is a brilliant idea and i'm sure my members will agree. Win or lose it will be a tremendous learning experience for us.

    With great appreciation, Inxs1

    Leader Storm Legion

    could you please explain 'exploits'? as this would be our first alliance match, i would like to inform my members as to what we are getting into. i agree with no gold use, since i prefer to use my knowledge instead of just buying a win. we just started a created game to work on team work and communication skills, so we may be just a bit before we are ready. thank you for responding, i was afraid that after putting this alliance together that it was all for nothing.:thumbup:


    thanks for the invite but i dont think 4 on 1 is very fair. i know your probably better than myself and anyone i could get to play. maybe in the future we could meet on the field of battle.

    what a shame. i have been working on building a team to compete against other alliances, and now find out it's been in vain.