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    i think almost all of you have been very constructive with your suggestions and comments which i highly appreciate!

    all of these will surely be noted and will affect how we improve in the future to give you guys a better gaming experience

    I'm very sorry but most suggestions and comments are already been told from the moment they came out with the revamp, so in about 2 years not many changes have been done. All of the sudden they will do that? Pretty sure you'll have more luck in believing in fairy tales.

    it's easy to say by bytro that most players are playing the new UI, as the new players never had the choice and were forced to play the new UI. Perfect way to finally kick out the legacy mode indeed xD

    Second thing, they just let the game get killed by allowing nonsense flower tactics which used to be exploits but as they couldn't fix it just allowing it as a poor tactic.

    played and helped out as an admin for this game with a lot of passion for many years but last +/- last year it just went from bad to worse unfortunately.

    As I know that there is already a restriction on joining normal speed games between 7 and 14 days, I think it would be good that Bytro adjusts this to their speed games too as I've seen in a speed game that someone just joins on day 52 and randomly declaring war on quite some countries.

    So please make sure that you adapt this to the speedgames please as it is just ridiculous that you can join a map on day 52. this was brought in to prevent these kind of things but clearly haven't thought it completely through.

    It's ok, Even if we would have 100 relevant replies here, there is this one guy that made up his mind by doing this without first thinking it through. His only concern is do everthing as it is in CoW. he doesn't give a (well you know) about supremacy1914 and certainly not for it's community.

    his will is law xD

    But I do want to thank everybody for their reaction.

    My dear friend South Paw,

    that's exactly the point, in stead of first trying to work on something like the surrender button and implement this, they just just decide, it's going to be like this, we're forbidding to end these kind of games, which just shows how they stand towards the community. You and I both know how long (and if we are actually that lucky that they will implement this of course) it might take before they will do this. this has 0% importance for them. The best way for as well the community as for Bytro would have been the first point that I've made. But unfortunately It shows just yet again how they think, which I really regret.

    yes because it is such a joy to play inactive and AI countries to gather 1500 points, If you are so hanged on to your K/D than you don't play ally battle. it is a useless matter without considering the community, yet again unfortunately and very sadly :(

    If they just implement that surrender button immediately than we wouldn't have to make us this concern, but first make a bad policy and destroy alliance games and if we are lucky, maybe in a few years the surrender button will be there.

    The one and only issue is that this was done without really considering the Supremacy community.

    Also the only maps that are closed are 10 player maps, 500 maps have never been closed. there is no need to draw a line as there never was a line, at least not till last though.

    This is concerned to all that love playing alliance battles!!!

    I’m asking for your support as they once more are trying to kill alliances and their battles.

    As most of you know alliance battles are almost always decided long before 1 team reaches 1500 points and there one team or the other gives up and we were able to let these games closed so we wouldn’t have to waste our time fighting inactive players.

    Last week all of the sudden the decision has been made that these games can’t be closed anymore, a decision which has not much use in my opinion as it is absolutely not much work to do ( I can tell as I have been a former admin )

    I’m calling out to all those lovely players in the Supremacy1914 community to react on this that they need to change this back for the sake of the community and the players that love playing these alliance battles.

    If you do agree with my opinion, please react to this thread and let them see how think of this decision they made clearly without thinking about the community.

    Every opinion is welcome, I’m just trying to reach as many players as I can.

    Kind regards,