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    It looks like you answered somebody else's question.

    How can you invite new members from discord?

    Why would you go to discord to challenge other alliances? Then jump back to se where they are on ranking check their members hope to find their members on discord?

    "basically you have all of this with Discord" what do you mean? only thing I get is newsletter what is completely different from one pinned page. Ok you could pin things in discord but for sake of one page its not worth it especially have chat here already.

    Giving people ranks in discord is meaningless. There would be no connection to what they can or cant do in game.

    In game there are only 2 ranks "no one" and "I can do everything guy"

    you know how many alliances are there? I can challenge 1000 without knowing if any is still active.

    or am I missing something?

    I meant internal pages like there is page about alliance that everyone can read and there used to be one board-like that only I could write and only members could read.

    Officer and moderator are fine but imagine you could create

    -Recruitment officer and give him power of INVITING, ACCEPTING and KICKING

    -News man? who could update everyone SEND group mail WRITE stuff on internal board

    -Then one could create something like scout to find and CHALLENGE other alliances

    -Or something like training sergeant for CREATING INTERNAL games and so on pick and choose tick boxes or something.

    That would give roles to members keep them engaged and aspire to be promoted to.

    How there aren't any threads here?

    There should be list of alliances with there challenges posted so we can approach them easier.

    There should be more alliance positions In alliances so I can reward and promote people for activity.

    Like accepting applications, inviting, kicking people, creating internal games, challenging others and so on.

    I should be allowed to mix and match them to create positions like in for example in Ogame.

    Alliances that haven't fight challenges for more than 2 months should have their elo graduately deteriorate to 1100 to give others chance to compete.

    There should me more alliance related medals and badges. like kill 200 on your ally's territory.

    And happened to internal pages?