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    Being the giant showboat I am I'd love the chance to play as France. I'm going to do my best to maintain historical accuracy while everyone else goes out and does wild. Examples.. In 1702 was when France first sent an ambassador to Russia.. France will no longer do this out of fear of the consequences a new Russia could have.. With Finland, it sounds like a similar uprising will occur.. Around which time I'll offer Asylum to the Prussian Royal Family, Eventually leading to Fredrick the Great being made very French. With Great Britain should they Remain Protestant I'll continue to view them in less than friendly terms.. Etc etc. In short I'll make my country react as the country would react in such situations. This should help keep things a bit grounded. An example of my work.

    French Troops Arrive in Spanish Netherlands

    In the pursuit of proper and full recognition of newly crowned King Philip the V, upon his subjects in the Spanish Netherlands, His Majesty King Louis XIV has dispatched troops to expel Dutch Garrisons and further Solidify Dutch Recognition of the new Sovereign of Spain.

    This action of his Majesty further tightens the bond between Grandfather and Grandson, leading to the potential of further trade and proper treaty between the two. While this may outrage Greater Britain, and it's Shipping Merchants, France and it's King openly Scoffs at the Heretical nation and it's discontent cries.

    "The cries of rage that flow across that channel concern me little before that of the cries of God Almighty and his dismay at Englands forgetting of him. And need I remind the world that while the sun may never set on the English Empire, I am the Sun King!"