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    Precision strike

    (How to use ranged units to the maximum)

    most of you noticed situations where 50+ arts, Lcs, Rgs or BSes is not able to kill 1-2 infs.

    This is due to a battle engine randomness which can give you dmg 0. We call it factor X tho everyone in Bytro refuses to acknowledge existence of that. Nevertheless 0 dmg is possible and you do not want your 50 Bses to waste a shot. So waht do we do?

    We use Last Stand Mechanic which allows smaller units to deal more dmg and at the same time take less dmg. You move your BS' stack forward and divide from it single BS every couple of seconds shooting at enemy. Eventually one of your first 5 BSes will kill those 1-2 infs or whatever is there. This will leave you with 45+ BSes ready to shoot something else. To make sure nothing will merge you keep all troops swimming but swimming to different directions or at different speeds ( you can add infs to slow down those 1 BS). Anyway - when you destroy obstacle it is good idea to merge all units which used shoot but keep them separate from the main stack that is still ready to fire.

    Goal here is to save salvo of most of units for more interesting/ more juicy target that lie behind obstacle. Using precision strike can allow us to destroy multiple obstacle which are left by running away enemy stack. You need some skills, calculations, time, patience and mouse to do precision strike but it is worth it. Is it shown in use in one of my videos and how much it can help to destroy enemy plan of retreat.

    I hope this was informative to you

    see you in the next one topic

    The feature has been suggested. the main issues are how to implement the idea and how to balance/prevent exploiting.

    However one must consider that making a full retreat can cause greater loses because your enemy can cut off and retreats or keep your force fighting preventing such a full retreat. its all neat in theory but chaos rules the battlefield which the players can't control battlefield tactics. There are many outcomes. So to prevent such complex coding it be best just to leave the units kill each other till one survives.

    copy solution which bytro used while creating CON. There is possibility to escape with big casualties . Bytro has code, 5+ years of watching that feature in use millions of times. Simple.

    sorry i had moved more to job related projects.

    I will add summary of 1-4 alliance game and RP map.

    We also have summary of the Calabrian map with probably biggest army ever assembled.

    And we follow skynet wars agaisnt 30 bots- this one is terrible. it is enough to go afk for 25 horus an bytro elite bot takes over and kills hundreds of your tanks and arts in mindless charges... But yesterday we went on the walk so stay tuned.

    Not far from now there we would be following alliance game but from obvious reasons I will upload it after the map is concluded. the way how you play alliance game is different, tbh - completely different so it need separate playlist to explain those things properly.

    at the same time number of bytro updates i patches is huge lately so it is possible that some of mechanics have changed. We will explore that topic in alliance game.

    Do not be afraid of fighting wars and loosing- this is a normal way to learn how not to play. I have fought around 2000 wars and lost many of them, I lost 500 games and I am not ashamed of that. In my book experience outranks everything.

    Same with allies - I supported them and preffered to lose than to betray them. I do believe that I havent betrayed any real ally ( I ofc exclude multiaccounts and traitors selling your maps)

    with years you finish with concise but trusthworthy white list of people who you can trust on maps.

    GL HF

    yeah about that

    10 players map, choosing countries between leaders , 3 day peace, no gms , players can choose countries picked by a leader

    I do not prefer random countries as good commanders know which countries to choose and where to put his players. This is also a hallmark of a good and organized team. All advanced strategies allowed excluding long range teleport (more than 60 minutes jumps)

    when- around mid November. english server only.

    First side to break no-gm rule and confirmed by GO to do that will be offender here. It would be publicly announced, with consent of both sides, that offender is not a worthy opponent and he will be condemned for breaking gentlemen's agreement between both parties. Offender could be refused rematch due to lack of confidence in his good intentions.

    GL HF

    not sure how you guys play but with legacy mode and mouse it is very easy to do multum of tricks including withdrawal from the fight or getting into melee fight and still not attacking melee opponent.

    in short- everything is possible if you are precise enough to pull off maneuvers.

    I would suggest running alliance tournament like it was back in 2011-2013 AC

    Maps without gold, teams of 7, europe map,changes in flight when someone droops due to afk

    we cannot do to much about GMs in maps but there is nothing stopping us from playing gold-free maps in the alliance tournament once a year.

    there should be build of the game from 2013 lying somewhere around with a whole setup for tournament.

    Give a like if you support idea

    Back to Money and Devs. I am on a good 6 core raid graphics PC with fibre connextion and since the mobile access became active i am experiencing a posativley ANNOYING FRAME LAG. Is this that the cause ? i hear from my coalition patrners that the mobile screen actions are in many cases too small to the point of being useless especially in a 500 game. Can Bytro not separate the mobile / PC versions to different games and servers ???? it may also seem that targets of opporunity wandering into range of ARTY and BG's are ignored, what is this a retrograde step or deliberate restriction.

    I am asking freezy for a response or is he too lazy, oops sorry too busy. probably unpaid anyhow.

    decrease number of shared maps and seen provinces

    decrease number of troops moving on the map ( try to talk to others)

    if this does not help switch off unit visibility and at least try to do some economy

    never use spy mode with units visible!

    Alright I just have finished uploading materials from Arms Race event that have finished 2 weeks ago.

    give me some constructive feedback, as negtive one is not needed. This is my first playlist on ytube and I am sure most of things are terrible, but at least I have full series :-)

    Enjoy and wait for another series from Gold Rush event come to the end tomorrow if I will not be busy with friends.. No spoilers but it was good fun showing how to fight much bigger opponents.

    not the best as I do not have good mic and time to edit but at least it is something.

    I figured that if you play , you can stream a little bit those maps

    I will move eventually to live streaming as creating vid and moving it to ytube takes to much time

    first I will read how to do it

    do not mind my babies and wife in the background. sometimes there is nothing I can do about that :-)


    As I play less and less I thought it would be good to record some of more interesting maps and explain what happened there , what is happening and what will happen. Have a look, like, subscribe, comment

    Just do not judge quality as I seriously do not have time to play and edit content

    I hope you will enjoy watching maps with some comments.

    How is it possible that I have a an ally in italy who is top 3 and goes afk. Same moment he goes afk after 31 inmap days, he is replaced in 2-3 hours by some random dude who joined supremacy 9 days ago and is doing only maps which give him enough rank to join 500 map

    Dude has not won anything, stats terrible yet he is somehow replacing regular player on 3rd top afked country? I wonder if this is some strange bytro mechanic introduced and never explained or just another cheater.

    Can someone explain how is it possible and how to do it?

    Thank you