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    How is it possible that I have a an ally in italy who is top 3 and goes afk. Same moment he goes afk after 31 inmap days, he is replaced in 2-3 hours by some random dude who joined supremacy 9 days ago and is doing only maps which give him enough rank to join 500 map

    Dude has not won anything, stats terrible yet he is somehow replacing regular player on 3rd top afked country? I wonder if this is some strange bytro mechanic introduced and never explained or just another cheater.

    Can someone explain how is it possible and how to do it?

    Thank you


    I have banned pusher myself

    I do not want to sound too harsh but:

    why players are forced to clean that mess themselves? shouldn't we be protected from cheaters instead of being forced to remove them ourselves?

    it is impossible to ask mods a question on chat, they are not around somehow

    what other solution do I have?

    they will not respond to me in reports too...

    i just want to know if it is a push or not and if it is banable

    if not then everyone should be able to use it

    if it is forbidden- then that guy should not get a medal

    500 rush map, last days. guy A is kamikazzing everything that he has into his neighbor Z to help his ally B who is taking all A's resources, all his provs without a fight, taking also capital and then following with the attack against weakened enemy Z - is it push?

    anyone knows answer to this simple question? map will last for only 2 days more and there is no time to wait for 72 h for moderators interventions so what is real answer to that question?

    ok I am asking mods to create separate topic so original topic is not related to motives behind our work

    I would also advice not to put in my mouth things I have never said - if Fury keeps things for her alliance it does not mean I do the same. My alliance is a test object and I never shared a single thing with them as most of them except one do not play game since years.You can easily check by looking on our last alliance game where I fight alone against enemy alliance.

    But there are things that will stay with me and I will gate-keep them from Unbalanced Group. I met such a guy lately on Dominium speed map. He was spreading everywhere, intimidating everyone. Account active 25h per day so we know what is happening there. No thinking- just HNR 25 times per day. So I destroyed him using lvl 2 strategies that way he escaped from the map to save his stats. This is why we share lvl 2 strategies- so you can defend from anyone who may be avoiding game rules. We are giving you fighting chance to stay on the map long enough for a team to make their decision. You can also always give opponent hard ban with your army if you decide there is no reason to let him stay on map.

    Your best weapons against anyone from the Unbalanced Group are knowledge, skills and experience. That way you can influence faith of 500 maps even with 10 provinces.

    GL & HF

    ps. I have no intent of going into any discussion in that topic any further, Topic is only about basic concept of Defense Flower. It works, needs some adjustments after last nerf . More info can be gathered after more testing. For now use your creativeness to update basic concept.

    Can we add troops trade like it was for HQ?

    so if we have a players who had spent 124 GMs into building 50 LCs lets say but the cannot continue a game - it would be shame to lose all those $.

    1. having HC on both ends


    2. being in a same coalition

    should allow him to transfer 10% of troops per day to his coalition who is also HC player.

    Frost, I completely understand where you're coming from, the only slight disagreement I have with that is we have Alliances so we can train teams of us to win games. This means we have some tactics and strategies that we will NEVER share outside of our Alliance and we impress on our members to keep some items in the "Top Secret" file.


    this is another topic that is not related to flowers and probably everything related to judging if sharing information is good or not should go to separate topic where we can develop that discussion. If everyone is happy with that I will ask moderators to move discussion to another topic.

    adding to that: things that Fury is talking about were true for over a decade and it caused alliance games to be very competitive but also very bad for the rest of community. Gate-keeping information frustrated a lot of newbie and regular players and we lost thousands of players because of that.

    I believe Bytro realized that this is why alliances are dead. Now Gate-keeping is used to help friends from alliance to win maps . As it was with gate-keeping related to alliances - it has nothing to do with skills , or planning, or strategy - it is winning based solely on tricks and exploits. Add to that Unbalanced Group (activity 25h/day on some accounts , friendpacks , cheaters abusing restrictions ) and you will have answer why regular players need to learn at least lvl 1 and lvl 2 strategies to have possibility to counter all of them.

    I can assure you that regular players do not want to fight Unbalanced Group of accounts which are operating lvl 3 and lvl 4 strategies. We are taking responsibility for what we do and what we do not do and based on that we decide what to share.

    And as you see mostly petruz, alex lucien and buddha are sharing info about the game and mechanics with others. We shared all strategies that Bold group is using to make it even in fights. Maybe not even, but make it possible for regular players to win against groups of couple of people playing together or against account which never sleeps. We give regular players fighting chance against unbalanced situations within a game while not supporting , hopefully, those unbalanced situations ( bold group).

    there are people demanding to know everything and to get it know. otherwise they will use pejorative and destructive rhetoric to undermine your effort. From 20 years of playing MMO games I can say firmly that those people are types from the Unbalanced Group. I am not really interested in destroying my community by helping Unbalanced Group. Just have a look at forum and try to find any topics where they help other players, regular players.

    IN the end I think it is bytro team who should be responsible for writing articles and explaining game an mechanics to others. They did a great job with Tutorial and lvl 0 strategies. They should develop that trend and go into more complicated mechanics from a simple reason- to make it accessible for everyone. That will benefit everyone.

    only thing that saves you from declaring war against anyone is to have coalition with that person when you are fighting on that person territory

    I lost over thousand planes due to that bug . It makes you start a war against people with whom you have ROWs and Map, Peace or Embargo when you are fighting on their territory and applying dmg to enemy units. Even killing scout in an AI province could trigger war with that AI.

    huge mess up which should have been fixed after it was reported. I reported it already in 2018 and still nothing.

    you cannot kill planes if they are operated by someone who knows how to fly them

    ofc you can destroy airfields with gms but even destroying 150 airfields could be easily countered by rebuilding them, sometimes with GMs. in general to destroy an airfield in minimal provinces you need around 8 -16 k Gms per one airfield

    to survive your opponent needs to rebuild one airfield for 850 Gms

    that is one of best ways to drain GMs rom your opponent

    there were guys willing to pay 8-10 mln GMs in 5 days and they still have lost

    you do not do flips against air marshals