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    can fire icon be placed on the right side of the unit so it doesn't hide delay icon on the left side?

    also i have noticed that it F11 full screen ode pressing top right X button in Spies menu does not allow you to leave

    i noticed too that many times server did not pick up my order to split units and go to different town. Seems like refresh button in-map is completely dead and only refresh button of the browser works and allows to refresh GUI and separate units.

    generation of players who craved skills and outwitting opponent is long gone

    for people who are interested in winning by any means necessary no special tournament or rules are needed

    get two teams together and teams which wants o win more- will win :-)

    i had a guy who claimed he can influence my spies

    and to be honest for 3 days in a row my 100 offensive spies did nothing

    not a single report, dmg , nothing

    same with defensive spies i had 80 and they could not catch a single enemy spy while enemy bombarded me with hundreds of spies......

    i talked to bytro- they said it is impossible to use such an exploit , yet it happened. 3 days straight, maybe even 5 but i am sure 3 at least. so you know - hit appens or not

    because you cannot share your GMs to winners without hepg of GO and approval from Bytro

    in the past, when peopel gathered for a tournament it was said who will supply GMs from heir acocutns. So if organizing team had 1 000 000 GMs and bytro approved to traser those gms from their accouns to winners accounts- everyone was happy. I ma not sure why it is sucha problem now.

    SLYX, before he went quiet in december 2021 said he will not approve any tournament without a volunteer to run it. e made it clear that rules have to be checked by volunteer, not a players


    it happened to 2 members of my team today that withot our interaction our artilleries on the offensive mode where switched to default regular mode

    now my qquesiton is simple- if bytro guys enter yoru account looking for any traces or cheatign or breaking the rules, does their visit on yoru account reset fire modes o all range units to default?

    I would be glad for serius answer , otherwise we wil lahve to assume our oppoonents have a exploit allowing tem to switch our fire mods

    Thank you


    I believe our friend saw with spies that country in question gave row to all countries on the map so it looks AIs gave rows too which is not the case

    you need to scan every AI to see whom hey gave ROWs

    1. It is enough to hav barracks to produce infantry but offices are better choice

    2. 6 infs is enough for morale 25 , you cna check how many untis you need looking at province description and checkign rebelion chance. Deduct 1 infantry at the tim to lower garrison and check how this will influence the outcome

    3. there is strategy that says to go full red bar to maximize ie iron production on the expense of wood. It is good strategy at the beggining when you have a small country and morale is easy to fix.

    4. But watch out - givign maps to everyone means that yoru opponents can have access to screenshots

    5. level 1.5 forts hide units so if you just want to hide troops - stop production when you reach that stage

    6. learn waht is flwoer, tercios, hwo dmg is spread and applied and what are cap limits on every unit. Ie 40 infantry has exactly same dmg as 10 000 000 infantry. Learn about dmg delimiters.

    7. Fots can also increase resources produciton as they rise morale of province. The mroe morale you have- the more you produce adn the bigger bonuses ports, ailways and factories give you.

    8. Yeha no poin atatckign first. Wait for other to weaken Ais or other nations and join 3rd or 4th to be safe. Small Ais will be useful laetr whe nyou need morale boost for yoru 1000 provinces and you will need AI capitals for that.

    9. Read al lstrategy topics, especially those from top fghting players as you have confirmation they know how to use them on the battlefield. You ccna check also ytube resoruces from Zolokin ( basics adand medium) , DruzusNero (me - advanced) and coupel of other guys.

    10. Learn to fight . The more you fight - the betetr you get with it. Rise challenge by fightign withotu freinds, support, GMs. later make it even harder attakcign bigegr players and limittign yoru activity. This way you will peerfect yoru own style.

    GL HF

    may the Golden Path be with you

    Yes flowering is still possible in general, this includes planes. I do not regard flowering as identical to the previously described immelman exploit though. It had a different underlying mechanic. For me it is important to give the same name only to the same mechanic, so that we don't get confused in discussions.

    The flowering issue will only be fixed once we switch to the newer combat system sometime in the future.

    mechanic different but tricks works exactly the same:

    - flower planes

    - move them within enemy patrol area never setting up patrol or attacking ( we do nto want to cause our attack tick)

    - move them around for some time till you shoot everything

    - then come back to airfield and look for another patrol to shoot

    - you will take some mnimal losses but will shoot way more enemy planes

    Alliance Name : Bounty Hunters Guild

    Alliance Leader : Druzus

    Country : International

    Language : eng

    Year Founded : 2016

    Recruitment : No

    Match Ready : Yes

    We play only game 1 vs 4 or 5

    So I am going there ad fight 4 or 5 of you

    no gold, no sitters, no toxic behaviors

    do nto worry- you get ELO poitns for wins , it simply works

    I say it does not work anymore since planes are supposed to deal attack damage and receive defense damage with each tick. So pulling them back at certain times would not give any benefit anymore. If it appears to be working in some cases then this is just due to the high random factor in S1914 combat results right now (which can result in sometimes no damage being dealt, but it cannot be controlled which side is affected), which can only be fixed by switching to the CoW combat system.

    it works because in original immelmman you wantd to avoid attacking opponent's planes with flwoer was never good idea, but defending with flower- now that this completely different thing which makes whole battle mechanic go south

    so we fly in flower and redirect our planes makign sure they are flyign withotu settign up a patrol anywhere. we want to defend ourselves in flwoer formation without a need to attack. that decimated GO gumba on plane's test map that much he had to ask whole map to help him after he lost all planes.

    so as such basic idea behind immelmman - use flower defense to cause dmg still works but ofc you will take some dmg now. losses should be 10-1 in your favor so I ma completely fine with that.

    well it doesnt work as it used to

    planes are now weaker and kill enemeis slower than before

    in general : you can use mechanics used in immelmman 1 and immlemman2 in innovative way and cause serious dmg to enemy, but you will always take some casualties