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    flower is still evolving so you need to keep your eyes open

    lately - offensive flower works as expected

    defensive flower- works us expected against range units

    defensive flower vs melee units- not so great because delay units go to attack mode at some point

    there would be more articles once we finish AWT and have more data collected about newest flowers and bastions.

    and issue is- what happens when someone take ocver such a province? does is stay with strange name?

    it is betetr as it is as everyone knwos where is paris o london.

    search option would have been bugegd with 25 londons on map.

    much better idea is to allow name changes for armies , planes and ships so you know where army group india is and do not mistaken it with army group africa

    first idea of cavs came in 2013 i guess but it soon lost to planes

    there are many simple solutions that can be added but it seems it is hard to navigate their game code

    it would be better is we had system that allows other players take care of our accounts while we are afk: some limited actions like moving ( not attacking) maybe some building and trade options but no diplomacy ones

    this will allow everyone to have 24 h activity and no one will have time advantage... everyone will have exactly 24h per day

    just a thought proposed to bytro for 12 years

    he who doesnt not think- losses

    how you can be sure that sleeping person is not pretending and at the same time is luring you into a trap?

    i killed many GOs,SGOs and MAs and good HNR players that way

    HNR for unskillful players who have no idea how to play game, are too lazy to think about strategy and tactics . The only thing they can do is to attack opponents when they are AFK and cannot respond using exploit which cannot be answered while afk

    you are talking about HNR my friend

    Hit and Run

    this is lvl 1 strategy used by people who have no idea how to ply that game but they have activity

    idea is: you shoot and escape. if opponent does not manually target you automatic bytro system will respond in 1-8 minutes..... depending on the server clock

    so you either do not fight when you are afk or you push with planes or tercios

    have a look:

    should be 10* so you can finish it in weekend

    when we tested them back in 2014 it was taking roughly 6 -12 hours to win alliance game Europe10 with 10* speed


    I see that many people enjoy fast rounds

    what about creating a quite fast round with preassigned forts ,railways , ports, airfields and troops.

    round will last 6-24 h with 4 -10 * speed but you are not able to build any new troops, just buildings if you need them.

    I would love to get rid of building anything but you cannot use planes without airfields....

    so idea is to have very fast map for players who are only focused on fighting. Two equal teams in europe 10 for start.

    It will look more like a MOBA Fight with units able to heal on a day change

    maybe we can introduce control points which heal faster - this is for further testing

    idea is to check how many people would prefer fighting instead of simcity. If idea will work bytro can turn it into completely new branch of supremacy

    short MOBA fighting scenarios for those who want to fight without waiting for army to build.

    initial setup: lets say forts lvl 2 everywhere, capital lvl 5

    1 port, 3 airfields

    12 provinces

    you cannot move capital

    capital taken- all enemy troops disappear ( or join your side)

    army ( we need to ask people but can start from)

    250 infs

    25 arts

    25 fighters

    10 bombers

    5 Balloons

    5 HT

    10 Tanks

    5 RG

    50 cavs

    25 acs

    10 Uboots

    25 LCs

    10 BSes

    vote vote vote

    and supp plz

    let us know what do you think about such a MOBA fight and what would you like see in it.


    many times happens you attack someone on days 1 and he has lvl 5 fort... 0 balance, 0 fairplay and you are out of game.

    What about adding to forts same mechanic as for Factories.

    So you can build/Spawn 1 lvl per day reaching lvl 5 forts only on 5th day of the map?

    This should convince players to build less forts with GMs but more defensive/offensive gold units and hopefully teach them how to use units in battles.



    in general the more units you have on the map- the more mistakes and denial of service actions server does

    i still do not know why selecting 3 units in canada picked also 1 unit in UK

    or why selecting arts in france picked up planes in russia

    also not sure why on random fire mods switch off

    and why selecting units in syberia shows me description of the fleet in the pacific

    I am more than sure those are server problems and when server is overwhelmed it starts to mix things before it stops responding. in worst case scenario it will kick you out of map couple of times in 5 minutes

    i had two games 500 - unplayable in revamp due to lags, server DOS, refreshes, glitches and so on

    i went afk in both trying to ease a pressure on others and they also quit, now when I am back only 1/3 of people stayed on those maps due to huge problems in playing them

    i guess i will wait additional 2-3 months and win without any fight ...