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    data about spy activity of spies coming in newspaper and reports should be accurate. Now I lose 3 spies and is says in newspaper I lost 867 while in reports is says i lost 117

    Reports says I removed 90 % morale while in real I removed more like 30%

    when spies detect armies and those detected armies move - you lose tag on them when they pass nearest town (I believe it works like that now). Screenshot would be better option or seeing those armies as static points in FOW with indication where army was moving

    also I noticed a lot that spies work in groups- one day they focus on doing one activity at the time, not all of them as it was in previous decade of supremacy. I can send 10 military spies and they will not dmg single building but they will reveal armies and close barracks and offices 10 times lets say. Or I will send 20 spies to lower enemy morale and all of them will steal money and resources, not lowering morale even by 5 %. They should be divided equally between different tasks like it was in the last decade. Not sure which patch changed that but I noticed that year ago I think.

    also discovering past trades would be useful. From some time trades are removed after some time from account on both sides so spies of regular players cannot track pushers. I had cases where I was not able to track trades of some shady players so report was made mostly on assumption of push. I hope GOs can track whole history of trades despite those trades being removed from map ( I believe optimization issues are cause of removing old trades) .

    Spies fight like soldiers and they also die like soldiers

    it would be a good addition to see number of killed and lost spies on the bottom of unit roster



    is this strategy still working, im eager to try it out but the flower strategy isnt working and does that affect this strategic also?

    always works

    problem is with fire modes - lately they are glitchy and when you send arts on the offensive fire you may finish with your arts ramming enemy forts. Not sure what is causing that but it could be Fire mode bug, huge lags on he server or simply some other user performing exploit on your army. All 3 are causing your army to ram enemy instead of shooting.

    couple shorts:

    1. if someone is big but never fights with active humans 1 vs 1 - you can be sure he will be an easy target for conquest

    2. if someone is using HNR and hopping for attrition war - avoid his main armies and flank him whenever you can moving sometimes between his armies. Sometimes taking down his factories and double provs is enough.

    3. Fleet save: Take a second breath, withdraw troops to safe locations , add targets to create impression of activity and make a chain of moves that will result in troops being in precise positions where yo uwant them to be when you come back online

    4. If you press an attack make sure not to overextend.. Do not get to far away from you logistic lines, make sure you scouted area around with spies, planes and cars. Only when sure where strong and weak spots are- renew attack.

    5. If you go to war , make sure to have plenty of ress and money. Also do not use whole army as you will not have a bargain chip in peace talks . You will become easy target for backstabbing without secondary army and reinforcements located in multiple rendezvous points.

    6. If you can- create conditions in which Bots and others will fight your wars. No point in wasting your real time if someone else is happy to do the job for you. As long as you have your army - you are in the game even without ress and provs. Keep it safe , especially mechs, by any means as this is the only leverage you have in that game.


    If you were recently banned on map and you have no idea what to do next please consult GOs in private what to do next. They should provide you with information allowing you to appeal.

    If you still feel that something is missing and you want second opinion- talk private with other veteran players or contact me on discord.

    Remember- talking about bans in public game channels is forbidden and most likely will be punished with bans on chat and forum.

    Always explain whole situation with additional details about the gameplay which led to that situation. Do not forget to prepare Game number ID, Case Number ID and ID of players involved. Some screenshots would be useful too so full documentation in a form ow Word/pdf could be useful. If you have seen similar cases or actions- do not forget to mention them with required IDs in your appeal as this shows that you understand your case and are able to compare it with similar situations that happened on same or other map.

    Always use power of arguments not argument of power

    GL HF



    I often find myself wanting to produce balloons but because they require factory i hardly ever am able to sacrifice arty produtcion for Balloon

    What I wanted propose is being able to produce balloons with WS lvl2 and if it is too easy Airfield

    nice proactive buff allowing people to see more in times they have scarce units and resources and any incoming attack means life or death

    at the same time balloons will see more game as you will be able to produce them in WS2 along arts in factories




    i can add GWENT card game - really hard as activity and money do not help anyone and bugs almost do not exist. Only META changes so you need to adjust

    I will start testing Arena Total War . Was playing it 2015-2019 in BETA but now Chinese bought rights to the tile and is way better

    Hello everyone

    another interesting idea for those coalitions which want to see who is the best

    We start a map, similar to those RP maps, with password. But limitation is you can only join with 6 buddies in certain regions, not to close to other players.

    Initially I was thinking countries: germany, japan, India, mexico, france . 7 guys to each country. Trade unlimited within coalition limited to 1-1 between coalitions. We can also forbid any trade between coalition to avoid push from dying coalition or moles ( selling their own coalition and their resources to his real friends)

    we fight 14 days during Covid and obtain medals, gms and Alliance Tournament Pro ribbon:.If this work out and there will more more than 32 coalition interested maybe we can turn it into something like old Players League with top places of each map going higher in playoff ladder?

    Any thoughts guys?


    Yours sincerely

    Golden Buddha

    if you say AYE - please give like and subscribe to a channel for more info

    ability to focus on a single area which improves performance and responsibility

    if you will be able to shrink area you see - that would improve performance, something like a focus circle

    every unit you see thanks to share maps is killing your performance so focusing only on small part like HNR battle would be great

    maybe HC feature first and if it works- free for everyone?

    i am talking about historic europe

    it had all those features till someone decided remove everything and make it regular map

    for sure it worked as a scenario with buildings and units til lat least 2012 or 2013 but i never payed at that time when it disappeared


    Can we restore original look of that map?

    n the original we had preset armies, resources, factories, ships, railways forts and so on

    it was more realistic than building everything from the start

    not sure why that aspect of the map was removed almost 10 years ago but having fully prepared scenario where you just sat back, relaxed and sent ready mechanized troops to fight was something that some people, who like faster games, would enjoy

    sim-city aspect of the ma where you wait over 2 weeks to have mechanized armies is, as it was pointed out by new generation of players, a little bit boring

    Please have a think and check if we have original blueprints for that scenario. If not I can try to write what i remember if someone will be interested in that project