Posts by sandeep32

    • The game has gain weight 8o The browser becomes slower and its tougher to open multiple maps and play them at the same time (might be an issue just with me)
    • I love the home page:love: but the text size in the chat window must be made smaller:rolleyes:
    • Stacks are not represented correctly on map. When heavy tanks , tanks and artillery are stacked together , just a heavy tank with total number of unts is displayed. I loved to see what i and enemy had in disposal on map to prepare my strategy. This may be because the map has been zoomed a little bit more , therefore stacks cover a larger place on the display screen.||
    • When units are going north/upwards . i can not select the units by clicking the units but have to click the number displayed on the right.:(
    • Province administration must be made to be a slider on the left side of the screen like the old days ;(.
    • In the administration tab , there is inflation . i loved to see and give orders to large number of provinces at once. Just think what will happen in the 500p map . we will keep scrolling for most of the game.
    • The forts looks like small walls when compared to the armies icon in it. Buffer forts would look cool8)
    • Planes are flying far way from the the lines showing there destination. I understand that the map view has changed from top view to a tilted view but it might become a problem when too many planes are flying and you need to see the destination.?(
    • Country colors have become way too dull<X. I am proud of my nation and so are my enemy of theirs. we need normal ( if not bright colors);)
    • Country flags are now in circles. I simply ask why? Rectangles made flags look real. What is a better idea is that you put flags on tanks and other vehicles and make soldiers hold the flag of the country. Or at least make it like it is in legacy:)
    • Navy and rail gun looked great in legacy. but they look like toys now. I suggest you make them look buff and great again!:saint:
    • In general, it would be great if soldiers look smaller than tanks and navy( for better 3D/ visual effect):D
    • The province view is gone! When i was bored like hell , I used to see the harbors , railways and cars move.:)
    • The city looked better as white dots in the legacy mode. Black dots makes it a little mind rattling. I don't know why.:SMight be just me again.
    • Harbor isn't just a crane. It has dockyard , dry docks and containers . They must be made bigger
    • Industries must have longer smokestack. These industries make war weapons. We must pay our respect to their contribution in the great war^^
    • Train tracks and ocean looks perfect but the land when compared to them looks a little dull. A little bit of vegetation and mountains will bring out the scenic beauty of the land 8o

    These are just my views. the game now looks more like cow ;( . The difference in interface and surely the ease of playing made me play supremacy and i left cow with time. But i am surely thinking to try cow again with supremacy..