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    I have been playing around with the new province list, but on the 500 map that I am playing it just doesnt work the way it should. Let me list somethings I have run into:

    1. It is now much harder to distinguish between single and double resource provinces, in the old menu the double resource provinces had the double resource Icon, I have no idea why this changed. Double resource provinces have a higher priority for upgrading, so I want to be able to quickly identify and select them.

    2. even when I managed to select the provinces I wanted to upgrade first, having several provinces selected and trying to build something in all of the selected provinces, or adding something to the build que just doesnt work. Now in the old menu it was a bit laggy sometimes, but here there is just no response, even after waiting for a minutes. This is super frustrating.

    3. As also said by Disintegrator , the way the buidlings are sorted in collums, it is now very hard to compare provinces.

    So my main conclusion here is that it does look nicer at first glance, and I also like the fact that it is resizable. However there is a big loss of functionality here, and in my opinion that is the main function of this menu, to be able to organize your empire quicklier and more efficiently. Now this may not be such a big issue in the earlier game or on smaller maps, but I like to play 500 maps, currently I am playing one and have close to 800 provinces. Not being able to relatively efficiently give build orders for certain types of provinces really makes the game unplayable.

    One practical example would be to build artilary units, I currently have the resources to build 80, normally I would then go to my province list, filter on factory, having my factories level 4 at the top, select all the provinces I want to build the artilary in using shift-click and then build the artilary in all the provinces with one click. The only way to do it now seems to be by selecting one province and then build one artilary. See my problem here?

    are you sure it's on offensive mode not on aggressive?

    Yep, I double checked after the fact.

    Ok, Ref, are you sure you opened that firing mode? If you opened that firing mode, was that the AI declared war on your in-game nation first? You can check on the news. Your message of that the AI was of Trade embargo to you also makes this war more easily to happen as AIs often embargo and then attack a certain nation whom they hate. I recommend you have a look at the news, the firing mode set up, if you confirm that is a certain bug, issue a bug report

    No, it was me declaring war.

    And by posting here on this forum section, I am assuming this counts as a bug report? or do I actually have to file a ticket?

    So, I was moving my ships around on with an offensive fire stance (not aggressive) and it opened fire and I automatically declared war.

    It reads: "start bombarding enemy armies in range, even if the execution of other orders has to be deferred."

    It was against a player who went inactive, who had a trade embargo against me, but I put him on peace, so my relation with him was PEACE. I even had artilary also in range of some other lands of him, (also on offensive fire stance) yet my ships opened fire, where my land armies did not.

    Fix please!

    I am a 'newer' player myself here so I dont have access to legacy.

    I have been reading through the comments made here, and I do agree that the revamp mode has a lot of problems and I get frustrated with this from time to time (especially the laggy parts)

    But I do want to point out, that moving everyone to a mode with the same options is a lot more fair. I see these features from legacy, and am jalous about that. But me not having it versus others I am playing against does give others an unfair advantage.

    I'm not saying that this would be a reason to remove legacy (another option would be to give others access to legacy too) but this does make it a more level playing field.

    FYI, I Have done my report, I cited some examples from the newspaper and wrote down what 'day' they where from. I know how the current reporting works, and that is part of my complaint.

    Because of the increased difficulty a lot of abusive behavior goes unreported, and looking at myself I only reported the content after about a week of abuse, because its a lot more difficult. This does however really decrease my in game expirience.... and THAT is the problem.

    Maybe this is just conincidence.. but since the removal of the report button in the newspaper I have seen a exponential increase in abuse in newspaper articles in the few games that I have been playing. So I would also love to hear from other players what their expirience is.

    Now from my perspective this could have one of two reasons:

    1. People are no longer being reported because increase hassle and difficulty. and therefore its just the same few guys that are not being taken care of.

    2. The report button had a discouraging effect, because they knew they can get reported because they actually see the report button.. Now that this is gone, they think if they post anonymously no one will ever find out who they are and they can say anything without it having coonsequences.

    Bring back the report button PLEASE.

    I think the key here is to learn how much forces to commit. What I like to do is put some on the frontline and reinforce when needed. Therefore I can always retreat with the troops I have not yet committed to the melee. I would consider the fact that there is no retreat option a gameplay mechanic, where I try not to get bogged down by my oponent and try to bog down my oponents main army in an advantages position for myself.

    Hey guys,

    Probably something you have all expirienced.. in the mid to end-game stage of 100 and 500 maps the game starts to slow down and lagg A LOT. Also coalition members are complaining about this, over different games. I really like this game and the strategy involved, however this is more and more leaning towards me quitting, its just not worth the frustration that the lagg causes.

    Now from what I hear there is also 'legacy mode' and this doesnt have the same issues because of very basic graphics?! Would be great if this becomes availible to everyone.. so I can switch to that in a stage of the game where I start getting issues.

    Or ofcourse, solve the issues.