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    We figured out who was the game admin,

    If there is no automated post in the News, game admin is going to be the player who created the game.

    This player has an iron cross button when they look at their own diplomacy screen where they can access game admin mode. (thank you Raman)

    Further note is that 100player and 500player maps dont have the option to remove inacctive players.

    I am on day 7 in a game, and some players have been replaced by Ai.

    There are human players who want to replace the ai, but we cannot figure out who the game admin is

    In the attatched .PNG there is a button i can click that seems to indicate that i can invite a new player, however all this button seems to do is to highlight the icon.

    -- I was told Game Admin can be found in legacy mode, but my account is not old enough for legacy :/
    -- Also users that do have the ability to play in legacy mode cannot spectate the game in legacy mode.

    an easy fix,

    would be that planes and range attacks do damage in an area, not specific unit.

    So if the enemy splits into a million different pieces, the damage would spread among those millon different pieces


    but it would make it harder for the hacker to hack, making it a less rewarding experience.

    Atm, its just the click of a button to avoid massive damage, a game breaker imo

    and to the 4 minute to change target? it doesnt work because the hacker pulls his strings in the last second, due to it being so easy, when he sees the planes are close, or the arty is about to shoot.


    Edit: what usually works for me is pinning the hackers army in combat.

    So a common tactic is to split off 99% of your army to avoid range damage, as the attacker will be targeting the 1% original unit

    Now this is bad on its own,
    I ran into a player that can make my planes have "no target" so i cant even do any structure damage.=O

    A fix for this would be that if a stack is split, the planes or arty target the bigger unit
    anotherway around this is so that the bigger stack is the original unit, which makes sense on a realistic level also.:/

    I really want a fix for this because its such an annoying hack,||||

    I wait an entire hour to do some vital damage and in the last second "TARGETING: NOTHING" deals no damage, and flies home.<X

    It would be a kind gesture for economic based play styles to have their remaining resources affecting their points in end game,

    This would allow a player to focus on getting a large sum of resources for extra goldmarks at end game screen, even if they aren't in the winning coalition.

    I understand that this cannot be calculated into victory points, for balance issues,
    but perhaps a goldmark for each 10k resources would keep the market interesting all the way through late, and end game,

    I'm still :/ (unsure) but it would be a nice gesture.

    I have a policy to let smaller player who ask to be let alone a set boundry that im not going to invade
    Example: Yes, englang, you can live, but i will not guarentee you lands past the brittish isles

    If my missing feature would exist, england could farm goldmarks by focusing on amassing resources.

    TLDR; Resources should add to goldmarks earned at end game screen :)<3

    The day timer on 4x maps should be in real-world time,

    I keep accidentaly running 0 on resources because i misscalculate when the resources will run out.

    currently, the timer on resources running to zero is every 6 hours, but it would be more helpful to me and a few others if it counted 24 hours.