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    I have not been playing this game for ages, but now! I have noticed that new game section is full with 1914 historic map, where only 6 players can join. So as far as i see these maps are all killed... 6 player is not enough...

    England, France, Italy, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, Russia butyou can join as Bulgaria, etc.... so if 6 slots is filled, but nobody has choosen England and France...

    i would be happy to join any alliance, which participate in alliance matches!

    I have nice stats, althogh i was away from this game in the last two years.

    I would be happy to play historic map as a team game.

    1. I would like to avoid totally green and incompetent players ( i have not played this game for two years - i played COW)

    2. I would like to avoid gold fighters

    3. I would like to have found.

    I am happy if enter an alliance and as as start I take Bulgaria - to prove my skills.

    i am with Austria-Hungary on a historic map. On day4 i attacked Rumania. There were no fortress.

    Moral on my side around 78, on the enemyies side around 74.

    I attacked rural provinces (all four with similiar result) with 12-15 infantries, defending side had 3-4 infantries. Losses were pretty same on both side!!! WHY?

    At the end i attacked the capital with 22infs, 2 AC, 2 cav, defending side had 6 infantries. I lost 4 infantries, Romania lost all 6 units. Again i had expected less loss on my side!

    Could anybody explain me the reason for that? I haven't played this game for ages, the mechanism maybe changed, but i could not found anything on the forum about it.