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    I agree 100% when hearing it put that way. If I didn't learn from the forums/discord channel and came across some of these exploits and got killed on maps without knowledge of them, I'd probably not be around. Thinking deeper about it, yes, you guys have done the right thing.

    Alliance: Supernova (SUPV)
    Recruiting: Yes
    Discord: Yes
    ID: (how do I get ID, all i see is /my)
    Battle ready: Once first group of alliance members are recruited.

    LOL, I'm not gonna curse at you until you land grab me when we're allies. If you're not this kind of player, you wont receive the curse (both kinds) :/

    While I agree that once you're in alliance then certain things can be shared, I just have an idea that spoon feeding people all the tricks is not the best thing for their own long-term enjoyment of the game.

    On another game I play, there is something called a 'FOBY' culture (Find Out By Yourself) which I strongly agree with. The concept behind it is to have strict moderation on the content provided on the forum so that people will enjoy mastering the game gradually & naturally over time and those who put in effort, and therefore gain the more superior skills, will be rewarded with massive amounts of success which will motivate others to try new techniques to catch those elite level guys.

    I have turned down offers of advice from very good players because I would prefer to figure all of these things out on my own and I wouldn't like some guy who joins today with 10 multis to destroy me with the skillset of a 10 year veteran simply because he read 200 words on a web page. That's not how the real world works, and that's not how a complex game like this should work.

    So I recommend any new player who's here for the magic answer to dominate everyone in front of you to actually store some data in an excel sheet and use it to figure out the domination edge on your own. Doing this is way more rewarding than getting spoon fed every skill you desire......


    - Single artillery is attacked directly and loses x% health (from 10-90)
    - Artillery survives attack, and is added to nearby stack of, for example, 20 artillery units
    - Even if artillery health is at 90% AND 100 GM is used to heal artillery, the entire stack gives a fraction of the damage (30hp per round -> less than 5hp per round)

    I'm on Petruz's discord server and showed SS of events on there. Users such as GB were saying it was a commonly known bug (I couldn't find a similar thread/report despite searching) and the only solution is to kill the damaged artillery. At that point it was already in a stack of 30 and very difficult to single out, especially in heat of war.

    This bug had a major impact on the map in question, and if it's as common as S1914 discord server users were saying, I would imagine a lot of people have lost maps because of this.

    I've recently switched from Mobile to desktop use as I bought a laptop for WFH purposes.

    Biggest issues on mobile:

    - 500p maps are almost impossible to play (as you're aware given the warning before starting it)
    - the + that is supposed to appear when selecting multiple units sometimes doesn't appear. When you instead try to select the unit banner, you need to zoom all the way in otherwise it takes you away from selection process and asks which unit you're selecting
    - province, army (etc) indicators not showing (morale influence, for example, would be very helpful but not shown or found anywhere via mobile)

    Otherwise the app works great considering its memory use.

    If you're looking for an alliance which is very active, March of the Wolves is the place to be.

    Keys13 started this alliance back in February and, as all members, including myself, were winning on all maps we were a part of, we quickly recruited a couple dozen members. We currently have 34 members including 3 officers.

    We have a discord channel in which we have constant discussions on all kinds of subjects including game play, joining maps together, debates, and other interests outside of the game. The explosive activity of recent times will be of value to anyone as we have all sorts of personalities, age groups, professionals, we even have a woman!

    Search alliances for March of the Wolves and message Keys13 about your requirements for joining.

    If you want to have fun on this game and be with friends on every map, consider us :)

    I recently bought a laptop as I'm working from home at the moment during this COVID-19 situation. I have also switched my gameplay to PC after seeing how much better the game is in comparison to mobile.

    My understanding of the game would have never gotten to this level because there are several elements of the game which are not shown on mobile, including the influencing factors for province morale.

    If everything could be added to mobile I reckon more people would keep playing as they would find it easier to gain more knowledge and compete against experienced users. Some exceptions are there of course, but there's definitely benefit in adding it.

    i joined a tutorial map as a level 8 country and was immediately attacked by a new player who had more resources, money, double the army and absolutely smashed me to pieces with goldmark spending.

    It was a great challenge. All 3 provinces he was attacking ended up getting a level 2, then 1 fort damaged & destroyed. I used flower defense to eventually cost him 200,000+ of his infantry, i seized open land after he used add target to his whole stack, then matched half to his capital. I traded grain for our mutual north neighbour share map and sent a stack to one of his x2 provinces, i also weakened his capital morale to 30% with espionage.

    Of course when someone with double of everything + 50k goldmark comes after you with everything they have, you should expect to lose regardless of how good you are. But i enjoyed fighting him as it taught me a lot about how & when to attempt different methods, where to look for weaknesses, and how to weaken the enemy in multiple ways.

    It is unfair to go against them when you have nothing, but I understand it's a company and investors should be rewarded and do deserve a higher chance of winning.

    Btw, i lost in the end but the fight against such odds improved my skills tenfold.

    Next time I'm offered a deal, I'll buy goldmark because you guys do an awesome job using your money earned to better the game.

    people who say "sorry for my english" are very likely to explain what they want in a way most English speaking people cannot.

    I loved this short guide and it will be extremely useful. Thanks.

    very useful. I joined a donut coalition however because I was the strongest country in the coalition I was the only one who didn't get booted & replaced in the second last day after weeks of hard work contributed by the whole group. It's a very sad thing to see happen as friendships are developed and destroyed in days.