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    one more issue, (unless i over read it)

    in the 100 players map i noticed that recruitment time for units in provinces with double resources are the same as those in provinces with single resources (or at least displayed as those).

    ex. Dodoma ( moral 100%, 1 iron : + 1lvl.barrack) time 21 hours, 20 min

    Tanga (moral 100%, 2 fishes : + 1lvl.barrack) time 21 hours, 20 min

    is it a programming bug or just a beauty issue?;)

    has anyone noticed that games in the beta do not run on mobile devices, i admit that my android device is a bit older but the ipad is up to date.

    the website runs fine, yet when i open a game interface on the ipad, it opens, shows troops and than ... reloads the whole website and i even have to log in again. this happens every time.

    on the android device the problem is different, there the game interface loads, sidebars and menu's load, but nor the map nor the troops are displayd, only a vague contour of the teritory is shown.

    has anybody experienced this or are those just problems i have?:?: