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    Okay I think I have one

    "Poland. The state that was founded by Mieszko I of Poland and is a empire that is bigger than France. Is sill surviving after the Austro-Ottoman war and The Great Northern war. But is a puppet to the three powers neighboring them which are the Warmongering Prussia, Messy family Austria, and the filthy expansionist Russia.

    Poland will become a empire that it desires even if it means killing our people. We, Poles will destroy all countries that get near us. The hate is within us forever and we shall bring it to the countries that try to kill us. We will conquer Europe or the world if we have to. A Slavic empire will be on us not in the Russian hands but us, only us.

    And shall we rebel on Augustus II as we don't want a German puppet king who supported the Russian Coalition in the Great Northern War, we want to have Stanislaus I who is a full Polish man and is a noble. He also Supported the Swedish in the Great Northern War and want Poland to be an Empire not a Puppet. Glory to Polska"

    Hope this is better.