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    May I remind you that this is a thread in the Supremacy 1 section and that morale in S1 and S1914 work differently? It was sadly mixed up a lot in this thread.

    We didnt change morale calculations in S1914 btw and also didnt do so in the last months or years. We only adjusted the revolt calculations and revolt settings recently.

    In S1 however a lot of morale settings have been changed.

    Good day to you Mr Freezy,

    I have one concern about SI that I hope you could maybe bring up to the team to fix!

    At the start of a round I feel every country should have a province that creates enough resources for you to start off. Rather in a game I have joined I was missing two of the seven main resources (supplies and chemicals) as they were given to the rebels that each country has to deal with. I think it would be only fair to make sure that the rebels don't start with the only chemical producing province in your country in order to give each player an even starting field. As well At the start of the round I find it odd that since you are at war with the rebels your moral that starts at 50 is already getting negative benefits and is declining because of this lack of resources. Therefore that is another reason why each country should start with at least one of every resource producing province!

    Thank you very much and I hope you can find a way to fix this issue I have noticed!

    Have a wonderful day!

    I have noticed that when trying to scroll down on unit information after clicking on them it does not work. The only stats shown are its "Damage when" and at the bottom of the page you see "Terrain effects" yet when trying to scroll down to see them you can not. The only way to see this information would be to go to the research tab and then click on the troops information there to be able to scroll down.

    I don't appreciate how the AI seems to declare war on me for no reason. Almost seems easier to play and conquer the world when there are real players as IK they won't randomly declare war on me for attacking someone else. I think two suggestions that would be a great improvement to the game are that there should be a system/note to the player alerting them of why an AI declared war on them as well as a way to use diplomacy with one. I don't like how some AI randomly give you right of way while others declare war or impose trade embargoes on you. A better system would allow a player to know why an AI chooses to impose certain diplomatic affairs on them and for the player to influence an AI so that they can either get peace with one or trade certain things.

    The other suggestion would be to change the AI behaviour to that they don't feel as negative towards a player when the player attacks another country. I find it especially odd when an AI seems to declare war on me and when I go to attack them back the other AI in the game get mad at me and declare war on me as well.

    Please LMK how you feel about my suggestions and maybe what you would do to fix this issue!

    Thank you:)

    (p.s. IK that declaring war IRL would make countries choose sides and declare war on the attacking country more often, although this is a game that sure is meant to be realistic, yet should also be fun and help the player focus on fighting battles more instead of staying turtled up.)

    When my buildings or troops finish there seems to be a time afterwards where the game says they are 100% completed yet they have not yet spawned in and you can't start the production of new troops or buildings until then. The only way I have been able to get around this constantly is by reloading the game. This is not a major major bug but certainly one that can be very frustrating!

    One weird bug I find with moral is when one province that was taken over then recaptured by myself seems to lose way more moral then other provinces. I find all provinces around it that I took over are increasing in moral and are doing fine, yet these seemingly random ones keep losing moral and being turned into rebels despite my best efforts to place troops on it and create propaganda offices.

    There seems to be a feature in alliances where it says you can create an internal game for your alliance to play in, yet when it is clicked on there is no option to pick a game and create it for your alliance..

    I agree with DasUb3rn3ss as I as well find the moral in this game quite frustrating. Maybe an improvement would be to have the negative effect for being far from your capital come in play only when the land is not originally part of your country or is not attached by land or is maybe 6 provinces away from your capital? As well I do like the domino effect of neighbouring provinces effecting your own but I think it can get a bit out of hand as it creates a domino effect. Also the negative moral from being neighbours to another country is stupid. The only time that effect should be valid is when the neighbour is at war with you.

    You are unable to scroll down on the tutorial information in game. You are also unable to scroll down on you're troop information when clicking on them. The only way to see the information below on the troop is to go into the research tab.

    Also I don't like how there is no clear war to go up on the popularity list for AI other then to not declare war??? That is stupid since thats the whole point of the game lol

    I totally agree that the moral penalty is fine when you declare war on another country but I think it is stupid when a country declares war on you and your country gets a penalty. I feel it should almost be the opposite.

    I find it silly how at the beginning of the game you have no food fabric or money but an influx of everything else until randomly you have way to much. Any suggestions to how I can get more food money and fabric at the begging of a game? I already have infrastructure btw.

    I find it very infuriating that I can not do any diplomacy with AI countries! They take up a decent portion of the game and being able to maybe create an alliance with them or asking for peace would be amazing. I find it stupid that AI countries get mad at me for declaring war on other countries in this game even though that's the whole purpose. Not only is it annoying when they get mad and put a trade embargo on me but also annoying when a majority of them decide to declare war on me making it impossible for me to win the game as I am swamped with AI. If you look at total war games you can see how they implemented the peace feature in their game. The AI was able to accept your diplomacy offerings and even counter them asking for money. My final suggestion would be to take away the moral penalty for declaring war on a country that has already declared war on you.




    I find the idea go using gold very stupid as thee is no alternative "free" way of doing what gold can do. Maybe a way to balance gold would be to allow for in game coin to be used as the same purpose gold is. Gold would be way easier but players who have dominated the game and made plenty of money throughout it would be able to still speed up buildings without spending real money. Allows players to still be competitive against other who spend a crazy amount of money on gold each game allowing them to unfairly beat their opponents

    Exactly. You wouldn't end up having less players join games as its only a single player experience and it wouldn't replace the multiplayer aspect at all. Allow for maybe beta testing in it to or what not. You can be the admin of your own game. This would attract way more people. It would be kind of like TABS or something where you could make ur own scenarios and mess around while having the main part of the game as multiplayer still.