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    I also want to point out that the objective of alliance games is to pit alliances against each other, and if the opposing alliance wants to surrender, then I would consider that a fulfillment of the initial goal. With that in mind, perhaps it calls into question why 1500pts or any arbitrary number, which is only indicative of performance relative to the rest of the map, is used to end alliance games. (Although this is probably a whole other discussion) If domination maps have an unique objective of capturing a number of "flags"/provinces, I don't see why alliance games can't.

    To add on to what has been said about preserving K/D, perhaps the surrender is conditional on the winning side's acceptance, which would reflect reality, regardless of moral, ethical or statutory obligations to accept it in real life.


    Relatively new player looking to join an active alliance that has at least some veteran players of the game. Major plus for me if you are on Discord.

    Looking over this ..... this reads like a personals ad!

    Anyways .... I am on a lot, enjoy the game, and am eager to learn and play as part of a team.

    Hey you're in luck! Mercator Mortalis is recruiting! We've got a solid mix of vets and newbies, but the most important thing is the drive to learn more about the game! I am on discord, but we have some members that are of the older crowd and weren't comfortable using it so we usually just talk using the alliance chat and make a discord/skype for individual alliance games. Send an application!

    Montgomery I will have one of the Boot Brigade officers contact you for this open challenge, do you want us to make map or do you want to do it, we like to have a gentleman's agreement of NO GOLD USE for any alliance Battle map, do you have authority to abide and enforce this gentleman agreement with your clan?

    If yes then feel free to contact Boot Brigade Officer Hubbahub he has interest and authority.

    Sounds good. I have full authority on this matter. I have an idea of what we want the game rules to be so I will discuss this with Hubbahub.

    we can use

    alliance tournament once a year

    and alliance league that runs whole year long. here it would be good idea to have button Walkover to press if you want to save you ELO and give league points to opponent's alliance without wasting time and ELO.

    Yeah weren't those things already implemented before? Should be little work taking them back out again.

    I heard that after a certain amount of kills in a day, the stats no longer apply, is that true? Does the same apply for deaths? I did a cursory search but nothing came up.



    When choosing to attack a city, it is showing me that the travel time will take 5 days, even though I am already landed and within one cm of screen space away. It's even affecting it so that it automatically reroutes me the long way. The only possible explanation I can think of is that we still have two hours of peace time, but by the time my troops reach the city, this should have expired. Is this a bug?



    I'd like to see the river access granted. The military outpost could be interesting too, but I think the river access should be a higher priority.

    Unfortunately Monty, at the moment I can not think of an alternative that would provide the opportunity to track, research and take actions as deemed necessary. I will ponder it though. Redundancy has it's value too.

    Alright sounds good, I'll just submit additional reports as new evidence comes to light. Although I'm considering just quitting that server, I'm pretty much crippled so I'm not sure if all this work in the name of justice to bring that guy down is worth it. It's also additional workload for you guys. Thanks for answering our questions though!