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    Remember that only PvP military fights are scored (including Elite AI), so, it's possible to have economical score higher than military one.

    Yes it is, however in the example the military score is 3x the economic therefore the military bar should be 3x longer too but the economic bar is longer. I fear you are not quite understanding what the actual issue is we are trying to bring attention to.

    I would have to agree with Golden Frieeza on this (nice kdr btw), I noticed the same thing, the bar underneath the scores does not accurately represent the scores, it's irrelevant what colours each is allocated, the bar beneath should be (in the example above) much longer for the military (blue) score than for the economic (red) score. As it i it makes no sense.

    Mobile version will be better in new UI. Just give them time to clean the version up and 100% will retire will never happen firstly because only a few actually say they'll leave and most of them bark louder then they'll bite onces the new version is finished and cleaned

    I think this is the whole crux of this issue - Bytro want a slice of the mobile market and will butcher a great game to get it. Your current user base are PC gamers, sure some may also play on the mobile platform but will they play supremacy that way? I for one cannot imaging trying to play a game with so much involved as Supremacy has, on a 6" screen, the only way to make it playable will be to cut down much of the interface, make it a game that can be played by prodding on a screen. I've seen other great PC games move to the mobile platform and I have watched 90% of their existing player base leave. It's sad to watch and when it's a game you have enjoyed for years very disappointing. However as Bytro moves on with their pretty new graphics we will also move on to other games.

    More than happy to wait and see if the new look is cleaned up enough to be able to play but as it is if legacy goes I, and many other will be forced to leave - not choose to but if we simply can't play the game any more then our hand is forced.

    Make the game playable and I am sure large numbers will come around but right now, as it is now the new look is not one that we compel people to stay nor I suspect attract new gamers either.

    - When moving troops from water to land, I sometimes need to gather on the coast just outside the water. In legacy we can see if we're still sending them to water or actually on land by the 'embarking for...' that appears in the route. When determining a route in the new UI it doesn't display that message anymore so I don't know wether they're gonna go to the land piece of the coast or the sea piece of the coast.

    This is a pretty important observation, you must be able to see exactly where your troops are sitting especially when on the beaches. The penalty for being in the water is to huge to ignore and when amassing troops especially to defend against a water landing you have to be able to place accurately. if there is no indication as to whether you are embarking or disembarking it will be impossible to stage your troops correctly

    For me I really don't care what the game looks like, as long as they are fun to play. Supremacy in legacy mode is fun to play, the interface is easy to master so you can spend your time thinking about you tactics and they are then easy to implement due to the simplicity of the interface.

    Compare this to the new look and the easy of play has been lost. I can't easily see where all my units are or what my army composition is, the arduous task of clicking on every single army to see what I have is a game killer. Add to that the difficulty in seeing where armies are heading, where borders lie, who my enemy is and where their armies are and it simply is no longer a fun game. I can no longer spend time on strategy as I am spending too much time working out where everything is now to have time to decide where i want it to be in an hour.

    I know a lot of effort has been put into this new look and overall it's fine, it's not as intuitive imo but the placement of menus will be learned and accepted over time but the ease of play is an absolute must if you want to grow your player base. If long term player who know they game are telling you this is not an improvement to game play then you really do need to listen to them. You may well attract a new player base with your new fancy graphic but will they stay? Or will they find the interface just too hard to master with too much time spent searching for armies correct location etc.

    The creation of new games also needs a bit of attention. In legacy when choosing your country you can easily see who is already playing where - now you only get the list of countries that have not already been chosen.

    While this may seem logical I have always based my choice on a number of factors, one being who is playing close by me, is it possible to get the full list of countries back again so we can easily see which countries are already taken without having to click on them all in the map?

    It's a fairly small irritation and I am sure we would get used to it but for me at least I do prefer to have all the information available at a glance to make the best decision regarding country selection.

    It's a shame the Frontline players weren't listened to a bit more before introducing this to everyone - there was always going to be a bad reaction the way it is now - the game is bordering on unplayable and the comments I am seeing on this thread are no different to what was being said on previous threads.

    I have already heard from a number of players they will finish the maps they are in while they can still use legacy mode and then move on to other games. I'd like to say I will be staying but I find no matter how much I try and make myself use the new look I soon find myself reaching for the legacy mode button just to confirm everything is how it should be. Once legacy is gone I really don't know if I will be able to keep playing. As far as mobile & steam platform go - I can't imaging trying to play this on a mobile screen, it is hard enough when I use a 7" tablet in emergencies. Steam - ugh, not a fan, the last game that went to steam I ended up leaving because of other issues. Will we still be able to play through a browser when it is launched on Steam?

    It is still quite buggy too - often I need to refresh a couple of times just to get the units and cities to show on my screen. I'm not going to cover all the points I have already raised other than to say Bytro really need to listen to their consumers and not assume this is what we all want, I acknowledge this has taken a lot of work and probably a kick in the teeth for the dev team to read a lot of negative feedback. It's not all terrible, a lot is just a matter of getting used to the new look and working out where everything has been moved to - but the actual map itself, if we can't tell where our units are or their composition, who our enemy is, where our borders are, what buildings we have etc etc then people will simply stop playing and in many cases not through choice they literally will not be able to play.

    I will say this, and i think it has been lost over time - there is a reason we all play this quaint dated game - we play it because it is quaint and dated. We love the simplicity of the UI which does not detract from the game play. It appeals to us BECAUSE of all the things you are taking away, if you truly don't care about people leaving then carry on but if you want to retain your user base then please listen to us and find a compromise we can all live with.

    In the old look forum it was possible to include your game statistics in your post - a nice feature especially when you have a record to be proud of.

    I was hoping to add the code to my forum signature however I can no longer locate this code. Previously it was in the account set up area but with the new interface I no longer have access to it. There is no equivalent code available in the new look account settings - I do notice some people are still showing their record when they post so either I have missed something or they were sensible enough to have it already saved.

    Are there plans to make this feature available in the new forum maybe with an updated look to match everything else?

    I used rightclick and then duplicate on my browser taps so I had the suprmeacy1914 site open twice

    Ahhh yes, that's what I was talking about having multiple tabs open which really negates the whole single window idea. But that seems to be the only way to have more than one game open simultaneously which is preferable to waiting for games to reload over and over. Much easier if you can just click through them

    I thought it does

    However I do only have 1 game I opened twice

    I am opening the games from the games screen, I have to navigate back to the home page from the map using the arrow top right, open a new map and it replaces the previous map I had open. The navigation with the arrows only goes between the last opened map and the home screen. How did you get 2 open without starting new instances of the game in a new tab?

    So far I had only had one map open and played others on legacy mode, so today is the first time I have tried to open more than one map - but you can't :( I had assumed as you open maps you would then be able to scroll through them giving quick and easy access to all you wanted open - when the action starts you often need to be able to keep checking maps often. My previous way would have been to have each map I wanted to keep an eye on open in a different browser tab. The new interface does not allow this, instead you have to reopen each map in the same window. This is lower, much less convenient and could easily lead to unnoticed attacks / miss opportunities where a map is missed because it was not open.

    I know not everyone plays multiple maps - I will generally have up to 10 on the go and at any given time there are probably 5-6 of those I need to be watching. This new interface will make that much harder for any player who plays more than 2-3 maps at a time.

    You can keep opening the main page in different browsers and then open a different map in each but this is time consuming and completely negates the point of having a single window application which was one of the advertised improvements ........ ideally what we should have is a way to quickly swap from one map to the next without the need to reload each one.

    Another reason this is needed is often is hard to remember which map is which, if you have 2-3 500 maps and then a couple of 31p etc. open each type of map looks the same and has the same name in the list so very easy to lose track of the one you are looking for. It's bad enough I sometimes open 3 maps before I find the one I am looking for but to have to keep repeating it a few times a day will discourage me from starting so many in the first place. If people start playing less maps then that will have a knock on effect to the overall activity in the game.

    Thank you for the fixes so far - pin mode now make sit easier to distinguish between armies (although smaller icons would be nicer)

    I like the new toggle country relations as this has made it much easier to see your enemies, there was not enough red before to easily spot an enemy army heading your way. Although it looks like enemy armies also are much redder than before - thanks for that too!

    I agree about the round flags, they are just wrong and not in the slightest bit realistic.

    Also agree the resource icons need improvements - it is not easy to see what each city will provide.

    The province administration I can imagine will be frustrating the more provinces you have - I agree it is better to see more cities in that list over bigger images spaced out.

    I only have a couple of early stage maps on the go at the moment so not able to test out some of the later game issues, hopefully by the time I get there they will all be fixed :D

    I was waiting for someone to mention it xd, I as mod offcourse use the chat a lot and like the future but maybe it could be an option to hide it for those who wish to not use it. I do however think the set up is to draw the new users to chat.

    Unfortunately the new look chat is even more obtrusive than ever, bigger with no way to resize. The main reason I kept it closed in the legacy environment was because it covered too much of the map, now it covers around 3x more than before even more of a reason not to use it. It might suit people who log simply to chat which I know some do but for me I'm afraid it really serves no use. Almost all groups who play regularly use a different chat application such as skype, discord or messenger so you may be fighting a losing battle to get them to use the in game chat.

    Happy to leave it closed and go to it on the odd occasion I am looking for a mod but that count of unread messages is going to annoy a few I should think.

    ok me again, I agree with most of the comments a lot have already given, but one thing I would like to mention is the chat.

    I am not a big user of the in game chat, and keep it closed almost permanently. However now I have an ever increasing counter of unread posts which is becoming irritating as the only way to remove it (that i can see) is to open the chat and click on each of the channels until you have 'read' them all. I would very much like to see an option to turn off that particular notification as there are 100s of messages each day and it would be very rare any of them are related to a map I am playing. I know I am not the only player who does not use the in game chat.

    I would also like to comment on the new tiled home page. I know tiles are the new way of the world and there appears to be no escape but if that's the way we are going can we also follow the suit of other applications that allow you to chose which tiles you want to see? While I am sure the current player of the week loves being front and centre of everyone's home page, he may well be the only one. I don't mind it being displayed somewhere less prominent but there are more important things I would like to see that relate directly to my own game. There is already a tab for ranking so anyone who is interested can easily click on that. Most gamer's are much more interested in seeing their own personal successes rather than someone else's so maybe more info around the awards earned, or maps being played would be appreciated more.

    First off I want to thank Demonaire for a very well written critique, I have just reactivated FP to take a look and to be brutally honest I am not a fan at all at first glance. I am trying not to have a knee jerk reaction of plain hating it but struggling.

    It is very hard to tell who is enemy/ally, the red & green colour having been diluted. I can't even easily tell which units are my own, and I agree totally with the problem of not being able to identify easily the exact location of a unit.

    I also very much dislike not being able to see exactly what units make up my armies, to have to click on every army to confirm it's make-up will make large games with 100s of armies much harder to play. As will the overall size of the graphics. Often there will be many armies all close to each other I suspect being able to select the one you want is about to become even harder, in the legacy version I would simply toggle to the pin view but this does not appear to be an option any more - instead you can turn the armies off completely - not sure why anyone would want to do that ....

    Whilst I will get used to where everything has been moved to I am not sure I will ever enjoy this fussy overly crowded version. I have always been a fan of the very simple interface - there was something fitting about a game based in the early 19th century having a more basic look and feel about it.

    The new menus I will get used to but the map view will be harder to grow to like.

    I do not have a long term game playing at the moment so will need to play one through for a few weeks or even months to really know the full impact of this interface but I am not sure with what I see right now there will be a favourable reaction to it, others I have spoken to so far think similar to me and find more things annoying about ti than they do an improvement :(