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    I think that there is a lot of gaps between moderator coverage of chat. Earlier today there was tons of help questions being asked in global instead of where it should be asked. I have seen in the past where people will ask the same question across all the different chat windows. I kind of saw having so many chat windows, at first, as a waste but now I see how help questions can really fill up the chat window quickly which, in turn, ruins chat for more seasoned players who like to chat.

    Also, I witnessed someone completely disrespecting a moderator with uncensored vulgar words yet he was allowed to carry on chatting. Something like this should not be tolerated and should be shut down right away. There was no reason for the player to disrespect anyone like he did.

    That's my 2 bits!

    I agree that cheating is a matter of perspective, in the case of GM's, there is a rule book though. I am Canadian and a big hockey fan, the rules are cut and dry and in black and white, however, some players still get away with things due to how the referees handle different offenses through out the game. A solution to this problem would be to handle every offense the same way. If a person is accused of breaking the rules, and found guilty, then game suspensions and eventual removal from the game entirely should be enforced on that player.

    As for weather the accuser should be informed of the decision, well, I think that a simple message to the accuser informing them that he player has been found guilty or not guilty of the offense. Short and to the point answer, more or less a yes or no answer. Nothing else needs to be said to the accuser.

    Refund in GM? Now that's a big stretch. That was your choice to try to fight them with GM so I don't really think you have a case there, that's kind of a live and learn lesson there. After all you are playing with people from all around the world.

    Wolfpacking, I don't really understand the rule. I think I have been wolfpacked several times and I usually come out on top. However, I do use GM's, as well, when I see more than 2 countries challenging me. I don't think that, early on in the game, there is a "strategy" that will work to fend off 3, 4 or even 5 countries without using GM's. I do know, from my experience, that the better a service record gets the more likely you are to get wolfpacked, however, the way I see it is this is good strategy on their part. Would you not want to take out the good players before they get too strong? I find it another challenge in the game that I have to overcome.

    That's my 2 bits!