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    So I have been playing a Germany Game and so far I've done really well. I keep pouring troops into this province and I cant figure out what is there. I literally have a balloon in the same province yet no troops are showing up still? I asked for help in the help chat and Hastings just said "Then they aren't there LOL". So I have come to the forums to ask how to see these spanish troops?

    I am now in my second game of Supremacy 1914. I really enjoyed my first one and so far this second game has been tense but very fun. I have noticed that on some maps/gamemodes the game goes a little slow and I feel like there sometimes isn't enough depth to units. So this proposal is about adding depth to unit combat/mechanics by adding a mechanic I call unit veterancy.

    How it works:

    So the just of it is the more your brigade, corps, army, etc. fights the more experience they gain in combat. Every time they win a battle individually they earn experience. If they get enough Experience then they level up in veterancy. Maybe this would give them a boost in regaining morale or a higher defense/attack value. It could also increase speed of your units. Whatever the developers decide veterancy does it should improves upon the base abilities of units in some way.


    You're playing a country like Norway. Cleary you don't start off as a major power and you have to build yourself there. You plan on taking Denmark then Sweden and if you can Finland too. Pretty much you're going for Scandinavia. This could be difficult to do but with veterancy it would make it so even smaller armies can take down ones much larger than them. If you are playing Norway and you have defeated Sweden and Denmark the armies that survived those battles gain Experience. Then Germany moves into denmark and they are using a much less experienced army. Germany probably has a much larger army than you at this point but because of your veterancy you can take him down.

    Extra Details:

    ‣Veterancy would have a limit to balance the game

    ‣Veterancy would be different for every unit type. Ex(Fighter planes get faster where tanks just gain more defense)

    ‣Veterancy levels go down everytime you add non experienced units to an experienced unit group

    ‣Veterancy would be very easy to see and anyone within the view range can see the veterancy level

    ‣Veterancy would be gained only from battles

    The Display:

    (What Veterancy could look like on your unit groups)

    ‣Yellow Crosses: Current Veteran Level

    ‣Golden/Black Line: Experience towards next Veteran Level

    ‣Everything Else: Already in game

    My bad for the quick sketch I just wanted to show everyone a basic concept of what it could look like.

    Overall: In my few weeks of playing the game I have had lots of fun. I have been thinking of concepts that would add to the game. This has been my favourite so far so I decided to put it here. Obviously this is just an outline on what could be done. Veterancy could be taken so many different ways and it's really up to the developers if they decide to implement this. Anyways good luck to all of those in the trenches!