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    Suggestions: You can battle against Albrecht.von.Roon's alliance. Several alliances have already battled with him, and they all lost. If you think your alliance is stronger, and wants to try a strong enemy, I recommend roon mate's alliance. ^^

    It's not fun. The game was already grindy enough and now it's really just lost all it's appeal for me. I just had a game where my enemy spent somewhere around 15M GM and still managed to lose to my coalition. The premium spies are kind of ruinous to the game. If someone is willing to spend enough money and remove all your buildings and lower all your morale to 0 in over 200 provinces there's really no game left at all. Like most players I'm not a big fan of excessive GM spending but I usually accept it as good for the overall game. That being said even though i still wound up winning the game with my coalition is was really no fun at all once I could no longer build any units. After being in first place for about 40 game days my last 10 games days were spent trying to keep as many provinces as possible from revolting. In the end I lost about half my land to revolts (maybe a little more than half) and ended with 125 provinces that only scored 5 points because I had no buildings and 0 morale.

    I tried the new game but beyond a certain point S1 is almost totally about fighting the morale penalties that are ever increasing as you expand. I have one game here left to finish, should end with a 17 wins in 21 games record and then it's time for me to find something a little more fun or at least something where the design choices don't seem so awful.

    I agree. I was chilling around. This game somehow becomes a "money" game. Bytro now really wants to make more money from the game, so they do not care the joy that previous game brought us for. Like you said, 15M GMs, that really cost the player to buy it, but Bytro would smile at him. But like me, I never buy anything from this game. Just using the free HC or GMs, Bytro is not really love me anymore, which is really sad. :(

    I was saying, we found corruption exists in this game, and we all know that we can't change it. Although we make suggestions here, Bytro would not listen and even take a look at it. Then why we continue feeling angry about it? Since the game is settled already, I guess enjoy the game then. That's all I can say.

    Okay, this disruption to both corruption and morale is beginning to get ridiculous. When we have to leave 15 men behind in a province to ensure it doesn't rebel means taking an already SLOW game and making it even slower. Seriously, we're being PENALIZED because we're trying to expand and win the game. With most 500p games taking around 180 days to win I suspect that number is now going to increase to more like 270 or so with these new morale rules.:cursing::cursing::cursing:

    Isn't that fun? I assume Bytro really love us, wants us to stay in the game a bit longer, benefit the team.

    Also, this game is more like real life simulator thing. They just wanna make it more real. ;)

    Try to refresh your game and delete some caches or history stuff that stored in your pc.

    If that does not work, then I would really think this is some sort of bugs.

    I think "Furry" and "Fury" are also important. Don't mess them up, otherwise Furry is going to kill you.

    One means covered with fur, the other one means anger.


    Yes sorry I mean't for Supremacy 1914, sorry I was being vague and didn't specify in the thread

    It's fine. Your post is in the right position, under Supremacy 1914 discussion. I was refer to the one you posted before, that was under Supremacy 1 discussion, so I got confused. Now you are good to go. A really good suggestion btw, hope Bytro can take a look.

    This is weird. When I click on Goldmark on my iPhone or iPad, High Command isn't an option. As stated previously, I cannot access the game on my Mac. I downloaded the app just to see on a friend's Samsung galaxy tablet and you could navigate between Goldmark and High Command though.

    Hello, if you can play on pc, really recommend you to do that. The game gets more support on pc.

    There is ONE thing, when you attack enemy troops on their land, EVEN if you're on a road and not attacking them in the town, ALL buildings absorb some of the damage you're dealing, so even if they're on the road and there's a fort, you're still having to deal damage to that fort.

    However, with that being said, I UNDERSTAND what you're saying and to be honest, I think Bytro has "modified" the combat algorithm alongside the morale adjustments. And yes, Cavalry definitely take more damage when in reality they're supposed to be a heavy hitting force attacking at 2.4 instead of 1.2 like infantry.

    Way more clear than mine. See, I don't even know buildings can absorb damages. I just play sometimes without a single question. lol I'm wired, that's what people called me.;)

    nope doesnt help, my question is. Why is it that, even with a much bigger army, i sustain as many casualties as my opponent.

    Also, ive often attacked with cavalry on top of a stack and they always die first. hell of an investment, such expensive units only for them to always dsie first in combat and also doesnt really affect the fact that i still fucking lose as many troops as my opponent with a smaller army.

    Then I can't help. Also, please watch your language. Thank you.


    There is some differences between attack damage and denfese damage. I assume you are only talking about infantry. If you mix infantry with other units and put them in one stack. The differences would be huge. Some units like armoured cars have a great defense, but when it comes to attack, it has the same damage value as infantry.

    (I was going to say your enemy may have fortresses, but you mentioned at last. So above is the another possible reason.)

    Check this out:…L94-ZDG1NdPnCEic/pubhtml#

    This file contains all the attacking and defense values of all the units in S1914.

    Hope it helps,


    If the "My Game" is in the actual game itself, I cannot access the actual game from my iMac for some reason as stated in my first post. It keeps wanting to load the page. At the same time, I can't post of the forum from my iPhone. God only knows what would happen if I tried from my iPad (haven't tried) lol

    Hello, you can just click on your goldmarks, then select "buy high command", it works as well.

    I'm unable to access that link. On mobile and on computer the screen just tries to load forever.

    Fine. Another way to purchase, go to "my game" (after long into your account), there is a button said your high command is expired on what date, click that. And you should be able to purchase on the new window that popped up. Or if you click on the goldmark, and then select "but high command", it works too.


    Hello Arcorian,

    Can I ask something here?

    I got many players saying they can't disable and enable the barracks anymore after this new update. I have no idea how this thing happened. Is there a bug problem or anything? If it exists, please fix that as soon as possible.

    Thank you,


    I am facing the same issue mentioned by daj51. Every time I ty to join a new event game it does not move ahead from the loading screen. When I refresh it still just loads and when his the back button I get the same error message but the game has not even been completely full. I am referring to the game No. #3272240 & #3275358.

    Hello, I just checked both game. They seem like no problems at all. Each game only have one player currently. But I've noticed that both games are not front pioneer games, which might be where the problem came from. But they are not private games. So I cannot really explain why you can't log in. Try ask some MODs or GOs.

    Hello daj51,

    The signup figure is always delayed, no matter what. In game info is the correct one. So if in game says the game is full, then it is full. One possible reason could be there are some inactive players, (inactive players won't show on the list) but they still occupied the slot, if the game admin kick those inactive players, then the slot will be open and ready to join. Most maps can join before day 7 except 500 players map, which can join before day 14.

    (Btw, off-topic: I actually know you well. You are a level 18 guy. :) You played a game with me before, hope you still remember (if your in game name is daj51). You controlled German East Africa (country). The game was dominion Mesopotamia (40 players) map. Gladly, I see you here again. I'm still active in that game, only 5 active players remaining. Also, I talked with you several times. I still remember you said that you wanna spank someone.)

    Frank_666 ;)