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    Hi SouthPaw, Kingsman Ghost here.. I Have EPIC Relations with the Players, 7 years experience on and off, Epic relations with moderators, and Roon even follows my YouTube :D omg. ok ok, but anyway, Hastings, Furry and CuriousSquirrel, and other Moderators helped me find this forum. I would like to start out becoming a Moderator and helping the community in any way I can. I also have excellent customer service experience, as well as being able to help with issues in global chat and even making sure debates stay as respectful as possible, with disagreements or not. I can tactically assert myself when needed, and everyone knows me. I think I'd be a great candidate to help facilitate and enforce bytro's rules and, would happily be apart of the team. I actually think the grey area would look nice on me for a change. So how about it boss? :D