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    Hello Everyone,

    As the topic is quite vague I would like to narrow it down here as I didn't want to cramp the subject line.

    All that I am trying to convey is that players can not use Goldmarks while their territory is under the combat area then why can an enemy use Goldmarks to sabotage enemy building features?

    While fighting an enemy army in your territory restricts you from building a fortress using Goldmarks then you should restrict the enemy from using sabotage upgrades feature making it even for both parties to battle it fairly.

    Looking forward to your thoughts and suggestions on the same.

    I am facing the same issue mentioned by daj51. Every time I ty to join a new event game it does not move ahead from the loading screen. When I refresh it still just loads and when his the back button I get the same error message but the game has not even been completely full. I am referring to the game No. #3272240 & #3275358.

    I agree that money is required to thrive in the business industry. Money is required to keep the Servers up and running.

    But there surely must be a way to incorporate the format by not hurting the companies bottom line goal of people expending lot of money.

    Maybe a game where there is No GM spending allowed you reduce the the reward to basic low or do not keep it at all.

    Games with GM's could have a higher reward attracting everyone to play. I have seen people will do anything to win so I am sure people will spend ample amount of money to buy GM's.

    You guys can always research upon the model to improve your visibility to much more audience.

    To begin with, I love this game and hate it too. It is because every game that I have played which has over 100+ players there is always been someone whose a Pay to Win player (GM's user) and has used a lot of GM's to get a strategic upper hand while they are not great at making strategies.

    I suggest the following:

    1) A map with players who can not use GM's and only rely on their strategy.

    2) A map where everyone is free to play and use GM's.

    I believe this would make the game personally fun to play and not make players leave or ghosting their games.


    The placement of using gold mark's on mobile is not convenient cause I have spent more than 5k of Gold marks accidentally when I did not intent to. Would prefer a confirmation or some form of cross check from the Bytro team before we spend any GM's.