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    Hey! It is indeed counter-logical that the game runs worse on a new machine. That shouldn't happen and points rather to a local problem. I am not aware of any recent performance degredation and also not of any noteworthy amounts of tickets in that regard. I myself also did not see any change of game performance in recently.

    One thing that I can imagine is that on your new machine perhaps you onboard graphics card is rendering the game instead of your dedicated graphics card. Check your graphics card control panel (e.g. Nvidia settings) and check the program settings, which determine which program is rendered with which graphics card. Add the browser you run the game in to the programs you want the dedicated graphics card to handle.

    Also check your browser settings if hardware acceleration is enabled. You could also try out a different browser just to rule out some causes. And make sure that your system and graphics drivers are up to date and no other program or browser tab is taking away too much computation time.

    Sone dropped the bonus for capturing enemy capitols long before the Tesla cosmetic name change.

    No longer a penalty for losing a capitol. No real point in building a new capitol after you lose one.

    Capitol has no meaning.

    There is still the distance to capital morale penalty which will affect all provinces with its maximum value if no capital is built.

    But discussing detailed mechanics should probably wait until the new game version is rolled out, because quite some stuff will change.

    Not decided yet, but probably for several months. We added it back in for those who had access to it before because we wanted to give players who struggle with the modern mode the chance to keep playing the game. It also gives us some more time to improve the new mode further and adress some of the remaining issues. This decision creates additional overhead for us and makes updating our systems harder, but we do it for our loyal players. But for sure at some point Legacy will break and won't be compatible anymore. I would guess that at latest at such a point Legacy has to be removed again, but at least for the next months you will be able to use it still.

    I encourage everyone who goes back to legacy to check in with the modern mode again from time to time to get used to it and to provide us with feedback on how to improve it. Let's make the next transition smoother :)

    We simply didn't like that tool in our game. It promoted toxicity and spam. Even if the posting were not directly against the rules, they were most often still trollposts or lies. Plus the aforementioned regular rulebreaks, which also added too much unnessecary support work. I mean players can still post in the newspaper, but without the anonymous feature they usually behave much better :)

    Thanks. I think most of the remaining map problems would be solved if we introduced map filters with which you could disable either all labels or all 3D models, right? And that when disabling 3D models the pointy end of the labels points directly onto the unit position on the map without any gap. This would be really close to the previous army label layout, just using the modern look. Probably the best compromise for this. We already taskified this on our end so hopefully we come around to doing this soon.

    Hey, making every element in the game adjustable is not within the scope right now, sorry. We therefore have to carefully select and tweak the game to find the most common denominator between most users. Yesterday's changes were based on frequent requests. We know that they won't please everyone but I hope that they in general improved the game for most players.

    The big size of the army labels was very often criticized so we listened and made them smaller. In S1914 it is actually not that uncommon to have crowded areas on the map. You can still zoom in to read the numbers properly. There is also a bug that on mid zoom levels the unit icons became too small and blurry, we will fix that soon.

    The lighter green color is to help especially newer players to orient themselves on the map as we often saw less experienced players struggling with spotting their own territory next to allied territories for example. In the low graphics mode the color became too bright though by accident, in that mode we will make it a bit darker again in the next update probably.

    I hope that also all the province list changes are pleasing to most players, they all stem from player suggestions. I also hope that this once again shows that we indeed read all your feedback and try to incorporate it when possible.

    More improvements based on feedback are still lined up for future updates.

    Hey, the changes were implemented based on player feedback.

    In general it is intended that the own nation now has a ligh green color to differentiate it from other countries more.

    However, we accidentally increased the brightness to much in the low graphics mode, this will be decreased again in a future update.

    The decrease of size of the army labels was also a highly requested change. You can still zoom in to see them properly.

    But also here there was an unexpected side effect on mid zoom levels where the unit icons on the labels where displayed too small and blurry, which will also be fixed soon.

    recently one of players who never had possibility to play legacy in supremacy tried legacy in COW.

    Judging COW legacy as 10 he estimated that Supremacy revamp is4/10 comparing to COW legacy...

    maybe we can ask some other new supremacy player to t est legacy in COW- tutorial above.

    Let us know how you judge Revamp comparing to Legacy- that would a very indicative opinion as someone who never used legacy in supremacy would be able to see who it worked

    It is cool if players enjoy the current CoW version. The current CoW live version is labeled "legacy client" if you switched to the CoW "beta client" which is still in development, but it is not to be confused with the S1914 legacy mode. The CoW "legacy" mode is still much different to the old S1914 Legacy client. They are not comparable at all imo. The whole map is rendered in modern WebGL graphics also in CoW Legacy whereas in S1914 Legacy it was not, and even though some parts of the UI are in similar places as in S1914 Legacy, they still look very different and were improved many times over the years in CoW while the S1914 Legacy UI was stagnant.

    The gist of it is that all current CoW versions (including CoW Legacy) look much more modern than the old S1914 Legacy version. So if someone says that they prefer the CoW legacy version over the S1914 Revamp we don't see this as indication at all that they would have liked the old S1914 legacy version better.

    While qualitative feedback is important for us to get the right sense in what areas we should improve, it is not so much relevant in the strategic decision if we should offer the old or new S1914 version. We tracked and compared the performance of players (activity, retention, revenue) in both S1914 Legay and S1914 Revamp for months and saw users performing much better in S1914 Revamp. This enabled us to ramp up marketing again for S1914 which was not possible anymore during the late Legacy times (basically we had to buy new players at a loss which was not sustainable, so the game would have died if we hadn't released Revamp). Revamp also allowed us to implement a mobile version which enabled the next step in S1914's growth. So even if some players prefer S1914 Legacy in qualitative feedback it wouldn't matter much if all quantitative KPIs point to Revamp being better (which they did, hence why we made it default).

    The good thing is that we will continue to improve the revamp version. The Revamp UI will be compatible with the new CoW beta client (actually in both games the new clients are called "ultimate client" by us), so UI improvements in either game will also make it to the other game. So we will have every incentive to keep improving it. And also in terms of the map we have further improvements still planned. Just yesterday we released changes that are based on player feedback, like smaller army labels. We still have more feedback on our list that we wanna implement, hope you look forward to it.

    The province list couldn't be worse than this, its useless and works slow, I have about 500 province in one map and whenever i click the Province List button, game almost crashes. I use Province List screen for doing something faster and it doesnt help to be fast, you dont have to increase options that we can select. Please bring former Province List interface.

    Keep in mind that this news thread is about Supremacy 1 aka Tesla Wars and not about Supremacy 1914 (different games).

    Sone going on 2 years now,

    and still only 2 maps?

    We are currently working on the new version of Tesla Wars which will receive a new map among many other changes.

    It's a team game/round. By definition they are on opposing teams in those games/rounds so showing the other player as "at peace" is misleading as the OP suggested. You can't change teams on team games after all.

    It was always like that, that teams do not start out at war immediately. As long as you are still at peace with those players they are not shown red on the map, it's the expected behaviour. In team games you can just think of any non-blue player as being a potential enemy. In that sense the distinction between "not at war yet" and "already at war" is actually more helpful than displaying all of the other teams immediately as red.

    If you don't like the relation view mode, you can switch to nation color view mode in the view mode settings.

    Also a general reminder once again: Improvements to the province list will come in the next update, also improvements to the army labels, and more improvements to map usability and interface usability are in the works for later updates.

    This is my feedback on this update:

    • Toggles on reports are super useful feature, especially on large maps where so much information is incoming.
    • As far as reports windows go, everything seems alright.

    When it comes to the updated province list window:

    • Resizable windows is a welcome feature, but it is probably a bug that when I refresh or log into other game all resizing resets.
    • One annoying thing is that when I need to sort by buildings, I always need to click on a button which only then provides possible selection. In precious version you only needed one click to sort everything out. Now it requires more time to do the same thing.
    • Another thing which frustrates me is that structures are no longer aligned in the same column. They all go as a sequence and it is very hard to compare different provinces. In previous versions it was very convenient.
    • One thing which could be added is ability to sort buildings from the lowest tier to the highest.

    Other updates:

    • Snapping feature should available as customizable setting. Because 30% increasement is super annoying when you want to disembark artilleries into island and not to attack province directly. Those 30% really decreases precision, but I guess it is more useful to mobile, because "thumb" is not an accurate device like a "mouse".

    Feedback on previous update:

    • Rounding up of available resources is not very convenient, when you try to buy exact amount of resources from the stock market to build a building. I always get myself into situations, where it says 1.5k, so I buy 500 iron for the fort and then I find you that exact amount is 1979, so then I need again to buy iron. It is very annoying and uses a lot of time.

    That's it for now,
    Best regards

    hanks for the helpful feedback! Most of your feedback will be adressed in the next release.

    Thanks for the recent feedback guys! With the next update we will implement further changes:

    For the province list the following adjustments are already on beta:

    - performance will be improved (reduction of lag)

    - double resource icons will be displayed again

    - province list will be movable to the right edge of the screen

    - province list will remember its position and scale when reloading the game, so you only need to place it to your liking once

    - buildings will all be displayed in their own column for easier sorting

    - sorting buttons will be added on top of each building column for easier sorting

    As for the snapping radius, right now we cant offer different settings for it. But you can hold CTRL while dragging your army to reduce the snapping radius (I know we have to communicate this better).

    As for adjusting the rounding: This is also somewhere on our plan but I cant tell right now when we will change it.

    I agree with what others have said above.

    To add to that, when implementing new changes, I suggest that greater consideration should be given to the computation demands (CPU, memory, etc) of these changes. I see that a common complain is that large maps (100-500 player maps) already have horrible lag in late game. If new functions improve gameplay but increase the lag substantially, I really don't see it as an improvement at all. I would rather than have less laggy platform with less functions than an extremely laggy platform with a lot of functions.

    Regarding the point about snapping. I read in the other thread that CONTROL key can disable snapping. This is really good to know (first time I heard about it). I tried it out on my computer (MacOS) and it did indeed seem to reduce the snapping radius, but did not totally disable it. I suggest changing it such that it totally disable snapping.

    CTRL indeed does only reduce snapping and not completely disable it. There was always snapping in the past as disabling it would result in units standing 1px outside of cities without players noticing etc. But we will probably reduce it even more in some future update based on the feedback.

    The performance of the list will hopefully be better after the next release, sorry for the inconvenience.

    Thanks for the recent feedback guys! With the next update we will implement further changes:

    Army Labels:

    - Army labels will be downsized to not block as much screen space anymore

    Province list:

    - performance will be improved (reduction of lag)

    - double resource icons will be displayed again

    - province list will be movable to the right edge of the screen

    - province list will remember its position and scale when reloading the game, so you only need to place it to your liking once

    - buildings will all be displayed in their own column for easier sorting

    - sorting buttons will be added on top of each building column for easier sorting

    maybe more stuff... :)

    New players do not have most of the issues that were raised in this thread. We know that because for 2 years the Revamp mode was the default for any new player and 95% of all Supremacy 1914 players were playing in the revamp mode. Most players do not have issues and regard the game as perfectly playable, we got barely any complaints. Most complaints only started when the other 5% of the remaining Legacy players had to switch as well. But we will work on them.

    Is it possible to save our preferred playing mode as a default for all log-ins rather than each time you log in , and each map you open having to go to turn off sound effects, music, and then toggle to low graphics display and then show nations colors on each map? 4 clicks + wait for map to re-load then another nice if this was saved and not have to go thru same process with opening each map.

    It is like each time I open the ice box to grab a cold drink, I have to first grab ice pick to chip away the frozen ice built up around the drink since last cold drink was grabbed...LOL

    It should actually do that, if it doesnt it is either a bug or has to to with your browser settings (e.g. security settings or deleting cookies). Normaly you should also stay logged in per default. So if you have to login again each time it is a sign that no cookies are saved in your browser. For example for my account the settings are saved that I change. Maybe you can try with another browser to rule out some causes.

    I have to say that the Coke analogy doesn't apply here. The Coca Cola company probably immediately saw in their market data how worse the adoption rates and revenues of the new coke were, and they had to react to them. The situation is exactly the opposite to S1914. S1914's main metrics all improved since we launched the revamp mode and made it the default 2 years ago. Before we launched the revamp mode there were even talks in the company to let S1914 slowly fade out because it was performing worse and worse and didn't meet today's standards anymore. But we decided to give it one more big shot and thus the Revamp was born. The metrics improved after we launched it. If we hadn't done that the game would have died already. Would you have prefered that? I know not everyone is a fan of the new graphics but perhaps it is better than no game at all, right? I can tell you that nowadays with the Revamp S1914 has the best metrics since its inception a decade ago. Most amount of active players, highest revenues. So it was all worth it. And this is not only coming from new users who leave the game after some days, I really have to disagree with the notion that this is our new playerbase. We still have alot of die-hard players and that is backed by metrics, the average account age is actually quite old for our user base. Plus, as I told earlier in this thread, since we deactivated the legacy mode last week we barely see any change in S1914's metrics.

    So yeah, while Coca Cola saw in their data that they made the wrong move and had to react, we are not seeing this in our data - to the contrary. We are making the game ready for the future and our data supports that. We have to constantly improve to stay relevant in today's gaming market. As I said earlier, we also try to incorporate your feedback where we can and you can indeed expect some improvements in the next weeks. I hope you hang in there and continue to provide us with feedback.