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    it works because in original immelmman you wantd to avoid attacking. attacking opponent planes with flwoer was never good idea, but defending with flower- now that this completely different thing which makes whole battle mechanic go south

    so we fly in flower and redirect our planes makign sure they are flyign withotu settign up a patrol anywhere. we want to defend ourselves in flwoer formation without a need to attack. that decimated GO gumba on plane's test map that much he had to ask whole map to help him after he lost all planes.

    so as such basic idea behind immelmman - use flower defense to cause dmg still works but ofc you will take some dmg now. losses should be 10-1 in your favor so I ma completely fine with that.

    Yes flowering is still possible in general, this includes planes. I do not regard flowering as identical to the previously described immelman exploit though. It had a different underlying mechanic. For me it is important to give the same name only to the same mechanic, so that we don't get confused in discussions.

    The flowering issue will only be fixed once we switch to the newer combat system sometime in the future.

    Hey, the feature on PC went back into a testing phase. It will only be available to some players, while other's won't have it. The selection who got it and who doesn't was random. It is no bug. There is nothing you can do about it, you have to wait until the test is over, sorry.

    Hey, the feature went back into a testing phase. It will only be available to some players, while other's won't have it. The selection who got it and who doesn't was random. It is no bug. There is nothing you can do about it, you have to wait until the test is over, sorry.

    I say it does not work anymore since planes are supposed to deal attack damage and receive defense damage with each tick. So pulling them back at certain times would not give any benefit anymore. If it appears to be working in some cases then this is just due to the high random factor in S1914 combat results right now (which can result in sometimes no damage being dealt, but it cannot be controlled which side is affected), which can only be fixed by switching to the CoW combat system.

    The system from some years ago, which is still used today, doesn't scale well. Since S1914 grew alot in that time, the system now just takes too long to finish (multiple days) and even has a tendency to break before finishing.

    We are currently working on a new system that allows for stats updates in realtime, but this still may be some months away.

    Thank you for your patience!

    I don't love this. I guess it's quite easy to see the practical reasoning behind those cutoff times but they seem quite intrusive. Imagine playing a game that is so hard fought constantly that it goes on longer and then suddenly, it just kinda ends. I don't love this. As far as the "future updates" rationale - that hasn't made this change neccessary in over ten years, so I don't know about that.

    Thanks for the feedback. It only worked because Supremacy did not receive many gameplay changes or balancing updates in the last years as we mostly worked on interface and quality of life improcements. But that might change in the future and to be prepared for that we have to cut off games at some point. If we still have super old games running with older versions we can not guarantee that they are compatible to new features, which might break those games.

    Super old games, where 95% of the players are only AI, are also clogging the server, which is another reason to end them at some point.

    The new times should be enough for the majority of games to finish in time. For those that do not - well it can also be an exciting new challenge in the endgame to raise for the most VP before time runs out, adds some spice in the lategame.

    Since games end before day 180 now their stats should be fully counted.

    The music was composed specifically for this game, it was not used anywhere else.

    Here is a playlist of the music on our Youtube channel (click on the link to open the full playlist):

    it would be nice to add more music

    i really enjoyed the music but it becomes repetitive over time

    can the game add any more music ? or it must not have copyright ?

    It must not have copyright. Also it has to be of the same style and quality as the current music. Meaning we would need to create more of it. Currently it doesn't have the biggest priority. Even when we add new tracks they would get stale after a while. If that happens to you I suggest to turn off the music in the settings and turn on your own tracks :)

    Adding too much music would also result in memory issues on mobile devices.

    Hey! It is indeed counter-logical that the game runs worse on a new machine. That shouldn't happen and points rather to a local problem. I am not aware of any recent performance degredation and also not of any noteworthy amounts of tickets in that regard. I myself also did not see any change of game performance in recently.

    One thing that I can imagine is that on your new machine perhaps you onboard graphics card is rendering the game instead of your dedicated graphics card. Check your graphics card control panel (e.g. Nvidia settings) and check the program settings, which determine which program is rendered with which graphics card. Add the browser you run the game in to the programs you want the dedicated graphics card to handle.

    Also check your browser settings if hardware acceleration is enabled. You could also try out a different browser just to rule out some causes. And make sure that your system and graphics drivers are up to date and no other program or browser tab is taking away too much computation time.

    Sone dropped the bonus for capturing enemy capitols long before the Tesla cosmetic name change.

    No longer a penalty for losing a capitol. No real point in building a new capitol after you lose one.

    Capitol has no meaning.

    There is still the distance to capital morale penalty which will affect all provinces with its maximum value if no capital is built.

    But discussing detailed mechanics should probably wait until the new game version is rolled out, because quite some stuff will change.

    Not decided yet, but probably for several months. We added it back in for those who had access to it before because we wanted to give players who struggle with the modern mode the chance to keep playing the game. It also gives us some more time to improve the new mode further and adress some of the remaining issues. This decision creates additional overhead for us and makes updating our systems harder, but we do it for our loyal players. But for sure at some point Legacy will break and won't be compatible anymore. I would guess that at latest at such a point Legacy has to be removed again, but at least for the next months you will be able to use it still.

    I encourage everyone who goes back to legacy to check in with the modern mode again from time to time to get used to it and to provide us with feedback on how to improve it. Let's make the next transition smoother :)