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    Is it planned that a filter be added to the existing ones in order to display or not the symbols of the units on the map so as to keep only the "flags" with the number of units of the army ? (for more readability)

    Yes, it will get released next week with the update, due to popular demand. It will be in the "unit icons" section in the map filters menu.

    Following this change, when a player in the coalition who turned AI subsequently become active again, this player's relation to the coalition members remains at right of way.

    This leads to the situation where coalition members don't have shared maps with each other.

    I am wondering if it makes sense to programme it such that shared maps will be given to coalition mates automatically?

    it will be fixed in a future update, so that the relation wont downgrade to right of way anymore.

    In the past, players going inactive automatically made them leave coalitions. So basically the AIs left the coalitions when taking over.

    This had several downsides and often resulted in complaints:

    - When a player became active again, they had to endure the leave cooldown and couldnt immediately join back, they had to wait several days.

    - joining back in of itself was an extra hassle for both the person coming back and the coalition mates who had to clarify why the person left, "cleaning up after them" etc.

    - it often resulted in the AI turning on their former mates, resulting in sometimes sudden wars that could completely screw the game. By keeping the AI in the coalition they cannot declare war on their mates.

    So all in all I consider it a good change :) It was based on user suggestions.

    Thanks, that's a bug, it will be fixed.

    The white lines connecting the sprite to the actual position are still in the game. Same as the mechanic that visually pushes army images away from eachother, also still in the game (of course not possible anymore at some point when you have 20 armies in the same spot). I can see both of them in effect in my games.

    When I look at those early screenshots the map nowadays looks much more pleasing imo, back then it looked more straining to the eye (too shiny oceans for example), and map icons / army labels were of less quality.

    And you're comparing two spans of time that differ in no other way whatsoever, only the clients that were available? There wasn't like, I don't know, a global pandemic? A much larger marketing push on the company's part? Apparently not then, okay.

    Stuff like this has been accounted for of course, and we looked at many more things. We also saw the better numbers much earlier, before the pandemic, after all the new client is 3-4 years old now. I only gave you the top level reasoning. We have professional marketing people and analysists who's career it is to analyse such data and derive the right decisions from that. So you don't need to worry about it :)

    I also feel like that this discussion is turning in circles now. This will therefore be my last post in this discussion, as I said everything I wanted to say in this thread. You can still continue to post feedback of course, we still read everything and see what we can apply to the game in the future.

    To reiterate the 2 main points a final time:

    - The old client is not coming back. There are many reasons for it which were explained earlier.

    - We are continuing to improve the new client and the game overall. Specific feedback is always helpful for that. Improved usability features like the view option I mentioned are in the works.

    Thanks, and hopefully you will start to enjoy the game again over time.

    Not only that but as they quoted, most players use regular UI instead of Legacy UI, well because vast majority of players DONT EVEN HAVE THE OPTION TO USE LEGACY MODE. They are selling themselves the lie that the new UI is better, its pure garbage and the vast VAST majority of players would opt for the Legacy UI were they given the chance to even try it.

    Well you have to understand that when I say "users prefer legacy" I do not mean that users were presented a choice, I know very well that we restricted access to Legacy. Still it's not a lie. It was proven by quantifiable numbers. And with that I mean data from hundreds of thousands of users, such as retention, activity, revenue, all the major stuff most companies look at when making decisions. Which are much more objective than the subjective opinions in this thread. We compared those numbers to after the new Clients were made the default with numbers when Legacy was the default. The new clients performed better in every aspect (all numbers were better), which allowed us to grow the game since the Legacy days significantly, because we could attract more players and retain them longer. The amount of players and the amount of income is multiple times higher compared to the level it was back in the Legacy days. You can say "the market has spoken" to that if you want.

    At least they are trying to improve it but they should just cut their losses and grant everyone access to Legacy Mode and truly see how many players will prefer it over time. They have fallen trap to their own fallacy.

    We are doing exactly that. Cutting our losses by shutting down Legacy.

    they dont know when to admit defeat

    Hmmm so could this apply to you as well? Beause I have already said there is absolutely no chance that Legacy will return. It already got deleted from the codebase. I think you should put the energy into suggesting specific improvements for the new client.

    The defeat for us is that we cannot retain all Legacy players in the new clients. This is unfortunate and as I said earlier I am sorry for everyone who feels they have to quit now. I really do! But it won't change our decision as we have to think about the bigger picture. We unfortunately cannot please everyone, we will try to invest our resources in a way that it serves the big majority of the current playerbase the best. And that means not splitting time and money into maintaining multiple clients, but spending this on improving just 1 client for everyone.

    Outright making Supremacy 1914 into another one of those posh ugly looking strategy multiplayer games that is pure trash and have they ads plastered everywhere.

    To my knowledge there is no other online game from competitors (not made by Bytro or Dorado) that has exactly the same gameplay of S1914. So even with the new interface the unique selling point of S1914 still remains the unique gameplay that no other successful online game was able to copy yet.

    An option to hide the big unit images on the map is already planned, I expect it in the near future (thanks for your patience on that one!). The labels will also try to point to the exact position of the unit then and not just float in the air. Unless many are in the same area and overlap, in that case labels are spread out for readability and the line connects them to the actual position.

    Thanks for the feedback! We are always striving for improvement, so we still look for feedback. About general taste we can't do much, so if you just dont like the new graphics and get migraine from it, well then we unfortunately we cannot solve this :/

    Legacy was turned off because the costs of maintaining it were higher than the revenue it generated. It also made developing the game more cumbersome as 2 clients had to be maintained in parallel.

    The impact on playerbase from the shutdown is very miniscule, nearly non existent in the grand scale of things, that is because the amount of Legacy users nowadays was tiny compared to the total amount of active users. The very big majority of players was already using the new client and has no issues with it. Legacy won't be turned on again.

    it works because in original immelmman you wantd to avoid attacking. attacking opponent planes with flwoer was never good idea, but defending with flower- now that this completely different thing which makes whole battle mechanic go south

    so we fly in flower and redirect our planes makign sure they are flyign withotu settign up a patrol anywhere. we want to defend ourselves in flwoer formation without a need to attack. that decimated GO gumba on plane's test map that much he had to ask whole map to help him after he lost all planes.

    so as such basic idea behind immelmman - use flower defense to cause dmg still works but ofc you will take some dmg now. losses should be 10-1 in your favor so I ma completely fine with that.

    Yes flowering is still possible in general, this includes planes. I do not regard flowering as identical to the previously described immelman exploit though. It had a different underlying mechanic. For me it is important to give the same name only to the same mechanic, so that we don't get confused in discussions.

    The flowering issue will only be fixed once we switch to the newer combat system sometime in the future.

    Hey, the feature on PC went back into a testing phase. It will only be available to some players, while other's won't have it. The selection who got it and who doesn't was random. It is no bug. There is nothing you can do about it, you have to wait until the test is over, sorry.

    Hey, the feature went back into a testing phase. It will only be available to some players, while other's won't have it. The selection who got it and who doesn't was random. It is no bug. There is nothing you can do about it, you have to wait until the test is over, sorry.

    I say it does not work anymore since planes are supposed to deal attack damage and receive defense damage with each tick. So pulling them back at certain times would not give any benefit anymore. If it appears to be working in some cases then this is just due to the high random factor in S1914 combat results right now (which can result in sometimes no damage being dealt, but it cannot be controlled which side is affected), which can only be fixed by switching to the CoW combat system.

    The system from some years ago, which is still used today, doesn't scale well. Since S1914 grew alot in that time, the system now just takes too long to finish (multiple days) and even has a tendency to break before finishing.

    We are currently working on a new system that allows for stats updates in realtime, but this still may be some months away.

    Thank you for your patience!