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    Only join a 500 Player map if you wish to be able to say later on: "Hmmm... well, there goes 6 months of my life that I won't get back... I'm glad it was a quick game."

    Back in my younger days when I had hair, I was in the Police.

    We were (jokingly) told at the Academy that when we were to give someone a warning before firing at them, the warning was to be:

    "Stop! Or I'll" *Bang!* "shoot"...

    I'm playing just one Dominion map currently and have not attacked any permanent AI. Instead, I've left it until human players have taken oil refineries and the land leading to them. So far, I've attacked two other players (one who went inactive after taking most of the provinces in front of my starting areas) and the second player, who had taken a refinery.

    I've reduced both to their starting areas and taken the refinery. I'm hoping to continue in a similar fashion. It will be interesting to see if, as I get more permanent enemies, the morale penalties become too great. If it's capped at 5 countries, that just might be manageable for the duration of the map.

    There are sufficient refineries already taken by other players in order for me to never have to attack any permanent AI and I've locked in single provinces of 3 permanent AI's within my territory, to try to keep other human players at war (and suffering morale penalties) with them. A lot will depend upon the speed with which the other major players take the other refineries though.

    I've looked quite thoroughly for the answer to this in the Forum and can't find it. My apologies if it's there and I've missed it.

    When we are at war against one or more countries, our provinces suffer a 5% morale penalty per country, i.e. at war with one country means a 5% penalty, two countries, a 10% penalty, etc.

    Is this penalty capped at any stage and if so, at how many countries does it cap? (or does it continue to accumulate, the more countries we're at war with until morale gets to zero?)