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    Reminds me of the wheel of fortune supremacy edition for those old enough to remember that with the blueprints and things.

    I'm not sure how active the alliance scene is these days, I intend to shake off some of this dust and get back into the game. Not looking for anything to serious at first but am open to finding out what groups are out there. :)

    Some like the flashy new interface and slick details and some just want the buttons easy not flashy and right in front of you. I can't help but feel bad watching people talk about it knowing that there is no reason to RESTRICT a mode that works.

    b78//+ Bring Back Legacy Mode For All b78//+

    So I have seen countless people talking in chat about not having access to legacy mode. I honestly don't see the point of allowing the older community to be able to freely access legacy and not just simply give the option to everyone? Since legacy as a feature still works in 2020 why not allow everyone to use it? The only downside I see to allowing the users to use legacy is they might like it more? In the end it shouldn't matter if legacy still works. Let them use the mode they like most. I totally understand if that would be a desktop only mode because of mobile clashes and things like that but if they are using desktop give them legacy! b78//+

    I have yet to get an AI to stop attacking me after making them very upset. So if there is magic to this whole relationship status change please let us know because it doesn't seem to ever work for me.

    500 maps are monumental undertakings, 7 member coalitions, same familiar players always in the fight at the end of the map,

    Mesopotamia map is similar to old control point maps, holding Oil provinces...but you have your own neutral little corner of map you can not be attacked in.

    Couple new small maps, still best game on internet, you can read past years Monthly Updates / Patch-notes to see what Bytro has changed, Biggest thing for someone away for a while is probably (NO UNIT TRADES) other updates are always occurring which we adapt to and look for what new nuance / Exploits might used with each new Update.Welcome , Have FUN and Good Luck :)

    Thanks for the quick updates :D


    I have returned for some bloody S1914 matches. Been a few years so figured I would say hello <3 to the community all the new and old faces. Looking forward to playing against some of you and hopefully winning <3

    Also would someone explain the new maps to me xD

    I haven't played since the 100P map was coming out.

    My best suggestion is changing how you attack.

    Issue long attack orders with multi targets.

    Punch a hole and push as deep as possible knowing your units might not make it to the end target.

    Break into the back line split up and run.

    My defensive suggestion.

    Two layers of defense.

    Expect a breach while you are away.

    Plan around the fact that you might need to counter attack.

    Position your industry well away from the front lines.

    Add extra defense around those industries.

    These things are by far more important in speed rounds for lightning wars can take place.

    In ordinary rounds wars are slow.

    In 4x wars can look decided and change direction extremely fast.

    I have had many players push into my land take 10 provinces while I was sleeping.

    I woke up counter attacked with vicious intent.

    Pushed all the way to their capitals and sunk my fangs into their economy.

    I recovered.

    They did not.

    Always target the enemy capital.

    Morale drops much faster and thus having a by far more important impact in war then before.

    Build central industry around your capital.

    Build sky high forts with rail guns and arty.

    Expect your last stand to be at the capital.

    If they push that deep while you are asleep make sure you have a large force ready to respond.

    They will take losses and morale hits as they push.

    When they reach your high walls they will be at the limit of supply and that is when you hit back hard.

    In a matter of hours the war would have changed sides.

    Push them out of your land and strike deep into their land as they retreat.

    Still adding user suggestions from chat to this forum thread.

    Happy to see so many actually trying the new UI.

    As far as the ship thing.

    Troops lose morale on the water without escort.

    So most likely at sea they wont be able to kill it.