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    My best suggestion is changing how you attack.

    Issue long attack orders with multi targets.

    Punch a hole and push as deep as possible knowing your units might not make it to the end target.

    Break into the back line split up and run.

    My defensive suggestion.

    Two layers of defense.

    Expect a breach while you are away.

    Plan around the fact that you might need to counter attack.

    Position your industry well away from the front lines.

    Add extra defense around those industries.

    These things are by far more important in speed rounds for lightning wars can take place.

    In ordinary rounds wars are slow.

    In 4x wars can look decided and change direction extremely fast.

    I have had many players push into my land take 10 provinces while I was sleeping.

    I woke up counter attacked with vicious intent.

    Pushed all the way to their capitals and sunk my fangs into their economy.

    I recovered.

    They did not.

    Always target the enemy capital.

    Morale drops much faster and thus having a by far more important impact in war then before.

    Build central industry around your capital.

    Build sky high forts with rail guns and arty.

    Expect your last stand to be at the capital.

    If they push that deep while you are asleep make sure you have a large force ready to respond.

    They will take losses and morale hits as they push.

    When they reach your high walls they will be at the limit of supply and that is when you hit back hard.

    In a matter of hours the war would have changed sides.

    Push them out of your land and strike deep into their land as they retreat.

    Still adding user suggestions from chat to this forum thread.

    Happy to see so many actually trying the new UI.

    As far as the ship thing.

    Troops lose morale on the water without escort.

    So most likely at sea they wont be able to kill it.

    I don't think the new UI will bring the player base to 0%.

    I count and I like the new UI.

    It has nasty bugs and is a Ram hog.

    If they can clean up the Ram usage then more players will be able to enjoy it.

    There is many forum threads with suggestions.

    Bytro tends to listen to most of them.

    I will forget the wheel just for that sentence :D

    The province administrator is showing different resources then the actual provinces is.

    I just stopped the construction of a lvl 2 barracks because I thought it was a single coal province and actually it is a double grain.

    Feels bad :D

    Could someone explain everything about spies in extreme detail to me.

    I am looking for tactical ways to use them and what they do exactly.

    I really hate those speed rounds. I'm so used to normal speed that I used to be late when there are critical decisions to be taken.

    Of course, that's my subjective view. Objectively speaking, those round give variety to the game.

    I think for players who are maybe on spring, winter, or summer break will love speed rounds.

    It will give them the option to play the game they love knowing they only have so much time to actually do it.

    I know a good amount of the game population is college students.

    There is a bug for the newspaper for high command users.

    You can upload a picture and it shows as something entirely different.

    Reloaded a few times and it finally fixed it.

    Still a nasty thing.

    I have joined two of these rounds so far.

    Both games are about to open up attacks.

    This thread is to toss idea's back and forth about the mode.

    It is also for discussion about what the community thinks about it.

    So far I have noticed a greater amount of information being gathered much faster.

    Things that are not really noticed in slower modes.

    Like if someone has a barracks on a double resource province.

    I love the fact that I can see things happening much faster.

    Note this round requires more time but that is really up to the user to join a speed round or not.

    As I said before the round is brand new so I will be adding my impressions as it goes forward.

    <3 I hope others have feedback as well. <3

    A button to delete all received messages would be nice :)

    So you could clean up your conversation without selecting all the defeared players.


    I think that will be a good addition as well.

    Sometimes the inbox gets cluttered.