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    could we expect anything less from the year 2020??.. stuck at home and the only game i play is canceled.. sadly ill have to retire because legacy is the only playable mode currently. i hate the look of the new mode and its unplayable on 500 maps for me. ive spent thousands of hours on legacy mode and sad to see it go away.. legacy mode was close to a finished product.. it has a huge following and maybe ppl flocked to it because it wasnt about technology or graphics.. i liked legacy mode because its simple, easy to learn, not very complex but its about skill and strategy.. clicking fast isnt the winning factor lol.. i wanted to bring more friends over to supremacy but they wouldnt be able to access legacy mode with new accounts so why bother.. i guess ill have to find crappy shows on netflix to cure my boredom.. well it was fun well it lasted.. good luck in your gaming adventures everybody!